Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Justin Lassen special guest at Rapture Horror Expo 2012!

2853204I was invited as a special guest to the Rapture Horror Expo, which took place October 5,6 and 7th in Mesa, AZ. There were a lot of special guests, artists, designers invited, including-but-not-limited-to Bill Oberst Jr, Jake Busey, Tony Todd, Brooke Lewis, Addy Miller, Ari Lehman, First Jason, Betsy Rue, Ken Sagoes and Erin Marie Hogan, Monster Man (SyFy), etc.

My music, remixes, scores and soundtracks played all weekend long in the main hall for the guests and attendees. Which brought over a ton of cool people to my table and earned me a bunch of new friends, listeners and fans!

Several screenings, including Brandon Slagles’s ‘The Black Dahlia Haunting’ with Devanny Pinn in attendence, Richard Schenkman’s ‘Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies’ and The Frighteners with Jake Busey.

Another highlight of the weekend was a Zombie Ball’ at Monsterland Bar & Grill in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. It was totally an undead night to remember. That place is cool!


Here I am with Conor McCullagh (Season 1 winner of SyFy Channel’s Face Off) and Tommy Pietch (Current season favorite). They both did the bleeding wounds on my face. That was fun!


Tommy working his magic! We’re going to work on some projects.


Here I am with the one-and-only Addy Miller! Both versions of her! (that’s crazy you can buy her life-size zombie at halloween shops!) She was the creepy little girl zombie in the tv series The Walking Dead with the bunny slippers holding the teddy bear! She’s a sweet normal girl in person (who loves Taylor Swift), but also an amazing actress in her own right, her mom is really supportive and we both signed pictures for eachother too!


Here is Jake Busey. you might know him from The Frighteners or Starship Troopers! both great films. Jake is a cool guy in person, we talked about his motorized bike shop in Santa Monica. He broke his arm and had a arm brace on. Poor guy. We exchanged info and did some pictures!


Here he is! Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies (Bill Oberst Jr)! I finally saw the film on Netflix, it was awesome! Bill is totally an AMAZING actor. He’s got an awesome face that you could do ANYTHING with! His eyes tell stories and his personality was heartfelt, genuine and I think this guy deserves to get any movie roles he wants. He’s ready for the big-time! Any director or producer should feel honored to work with him! We were neighbors (our tables) at the convention! He’s one of those souls that you meet and feel like you’ve known each other forever! I feel like it was meant to be! He’s got some AMAZING projects coming up! Keep an eye out for Bill Oberst Jr!


Addy and Bill signed some awesome pictures for me! Bill is a Nazi Zombie, and Addy is her little girl zombie from The Walking Dead! Awesome!!


This is Len Simon, It was a particular honor to meet this guy because he is one of the lead animators for Fox Animation Studios Titan A.E. and Anastasia! Such a wonderful down to earth guy! I will always respect artists that have worked on hand-animated feature films and projects. His work is stylish and mesmerizing! He signed a sketchbook for me. If you don’t know about this guy, google him because he’s awesome!


My lovely little table in the Rapture Horror universe! :)


The Monsterland Zombie Ball, location!


First Jason, Ari Lehman, performing with his band. He’s got a KILLER KEYTAR that is literally a giant machete blade connected to a keyboard. The guy can totally sing and shred across a keyboard like no-other! Super rad to listen to him perform! Also realy great guy to talk to!


The event was cool, I did a whole bunch of interviews, and photos with different media and blogs, news, etc., I’m sure that stuff will surface here and there! I wish I took more pictures with my camera, but a lot of the pictures are out there on other peoples cameras. Thanks for checking out this entry! Thank you to everyone who attended. I met some great artists, writers and producers that I want to work with now! We’re all going to stay in touch and dream up new nightmares for you all! October continues to bring cool surprises like this! Stay tuned!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Justin Lassen Presents Out of Hell Original Game Soundtrack!

in the woods 7

Leading a lamb to slaughter, Happy Halloween month everyone! I love this time of year! Here’s a cult classic soundtrack for you! Technically this is the 5-year anniversary of this hellish soundtrack! This soundtrack was used in the hit total-conversion mod “Out of Hell” by Long Nguyen exclusively. Long declared it the soul of the game in one of his inspired writings. I’ve never released it before in this way. No doubt it is only for the serious collectors and ambient music lovers. Instead of telling you about it, I thought I’d re-publish a review that OSV did back in 2009 when the game was released. Enjoy!

Get the soundtrack in the Justin Lassen Music Shop for only 14.99 for 27-tracks! [BUY HERE]

"Any of those names look familiar to you? Good. I bet you can guess the general meaning of the ones you don’t know. They probably come from a culture with which you’re unfamiliar, but you can guess the word refers to “a big bad place with fire and brimstone.” So, you get the drift from the names, right?

Now, you should know ahead of time what kind of soundtrack this is. This is extremely dark, ambient stuff that occasionally lacks a melody of any sort. The music is functional, but it is also evocative. This is mood music that I am forbidden from playing around my children. Usually my wife would lay down that injunction for lyrical content. But this? The sounds actually scare my children. Most tracks from, say, Silent Hill, are not able to boast the same claim over my three-year-old.

So I guess, the best way to sum up the soundtrack is that it sounds like 50 minutes of hell. For some people, that will be 50 minutes of boredom. For others, it’s 50 minutes of edge-of-your-seat anxiety. There are certainly plenty of percussive tracks to get your pulse pounding and your head spinning. But other tracks are made up of low drones and creepy sound effects: machines, or perhaps a train, making noise in the distance; a door creaking open; fire crackling. It’s all creepy stuff.

The tracks sometimes transition from one to the next seamlessly, but other pieces have clean breaks. The first three tracks I had mistaken for one fluid piece. But later, I found the eerie tonality of “Limbo” to be a stand-out piece that I could recognize over multiple listens.

I wouldn’t say I “enjoy” the OOH OST so much as I “appreciate” it. But one thing I can say for sure: if I ever throw a Halloween party and want to legitimately scare my guests, this is what I’ll play. And after about 15 minutes of it, people should be plenty terrified, and then we’ll move on to something truly cheesy, like The Monster Mash." - Patrick Gann, Original Sound Vision, 2009 Review (
released 31 October 2009
Composed, Recorded and Produced by Justin Lassen