Thursday, September 6, 2012

Presenting Long Nguyen’s “Out of Hell” Post-Mortem 2012!

outofhell_postmortem1I am so proud to share a Post-Mortem that my good friend Long Nguyen created for his indie-mod success zombie horror survival video game "Out of Hell". This is a classy and super honest read, all the way to the end! I think new modders, and artists in general on all levels can really appreciate and benefit from what he went through to create the game. [READ THE FULL POST-MORTEM HERE]

The blood, the sweat and the tears. He opens up and tells about the ups and downs of the development process, in this extensive look-back on the making of the mod that won best original art direction in 2009 when it was finally released! Lots of cool artwork, funny comments and classic “CRC” (his modding nickname) moments, i love it!


Over the years It has been truly an honor to help him get coverage in magazines, trade shows (thanks Seth Perlstein), blogs, industry events and face-time meetings with big companies and celebrities. I know the guys at Epic Games and Valve are fans of his work to this very day! He's definitely earned the status of "Omega Man." but on a deeper level, you can see all the careful attention to detail he puts into every scene in his games. Everything is so well thought-out and breathtaking considering the engine (ut2k4). if you haven't tried the mod yet, even just for artistic reasons, it's worth checking out and its free!. I loved when people thought he made UT2k4 look like UE3 when the mod came out. Now that he's working in UE3, he's already impressing the world with his new darker visions!

oohI have found it a privilege and adventure to know him and be a part of his work. He is a true artist and visionary. I created 58 tracks of music for that game, which was narrowed down to about 27 for the game itself in a darker period in my life, so it seemed to fit the mood of the environments quite well. I remember him telling me that the music really brought the game to life and gave it a soul, and as a composer, I couldn't have asked for more than that (and I didn't). :)

"...It was about this time that I became friends with a fellow artist named Justin Lassen. I met him online through a series of pretty fortuitous events which you can read about in the archives. He was a composer and was eager to make a soundtrack for Out Of Hell and offered his services without so much as demanding a cent. He worked purely from inspiration and out of his love for creating art. I had finally met someone who I could relate to on that level and I took him up on his offer." - Long Nguyen, Out of Hell (Post Mortem 2012)