Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Justin Lassen special guest at Comikaze 2012!


jlassen_2012This year I was invited to Stan Lee's Comikaze 2012! It was an amazing time. I met so many incredibly cool people, writers, artists, producers, directors, actors, celebrities, etc. It was a fun time all-around! I signed a bunch of autographs too, which was fun. I also chilled out with my good friend RH Stavis (creator of the back story for Lara Croft/Tomb Raider) who was announcing her project with Elvira (who was a TOTAL sweetheart)!. RH Stavis has some AMAZING stuff in the works for 2013!! She was kind enough to educate me on how the comic world works, and there's even hope for my comic to get published now after some meetings. I love that! Thanks RH!


There was a ton of cool people and artists at the event like Elvira, Linda Blair, Morgan Fairchild, Andy Dick, Amber Benson, Kevin J. Anderson, John Zurr Platten, Andy McKenzie, Olivia De Berardinis, Todd McFarlane, Stan Lee, Alex Ruiz, Shannon Denton, CJ Draden, Jamie Tyndall, Tony Moore (The Walking Dead) etc. This list would be ridiculous to actually complete.. Needless to say, I also became friends with the show-runner and CEO of Comikaze, Regina Carpinelli, who is totally awesome, hard-working and incredibly sweet. Her doggy is also totally adorable . :)


I picked up a few more really cool projects while I was there and I impressed a bunch of new people too. I met Alex Ruiz in person for the first-time ever!! Which I actually consider the highlight of the trip for me! That was awesome! We talked about our exciting new project (that I hinted about in the "It's Art" Interview below). Just overall, it was an awesome show. I was even invited back for next years show, for more panels and stuff. Thanks so much everyone for making my trip so amazing and memorable!


Back to work for me!! I’m working on some COOL projects right now! :)