Monday, September 10, 2012

Justin Lassen Interviewed at It’s Art Magazine September 2012!


"We’re proud to feed our interview series with Justin Lassen, the awarded and talented artist we follow since the early day of IT’S ART."

"My own story is filled with tragedy and heartbreak. However, I try to tell a story of hope. I believe in happy endings, even if you have to get through the sad parts first. I try to be optimistic. Realism is over-rated. Live in the imaginary."
- Justin Lassen

"It's Art" has started a new Interview section to their website and have previously interviewed Michael Fink (Blade Runner, Batam Returns, The Goldem Compass, Avatar), Jordu Schell (Avatar, Men in Black 3, The Thing, 300, Cabin in the Woods), Sue Rowe (Prince of Persia, John Carter) and David Luong Senior Cinematic Artist II at Blizzard Entertainment. I'm honored to be interviewed next in this cool interview series at (There is also a great new iPhone app for website and all cg news and updates!)

“Justin Lassen’s music showcases a dynamic blend of next generation savvy and timeless messaging. It is obvious that Justin Lassen has storytelling in his blood, and he brings to that art the sort of primal skills once celebrated around ancient campfires along with a cleareyed vision of how stories can be compellingly told in the rapidly evolving media landscape. His continuing collaboration with the makers of new technologies and the leading artists who employ these innovations keep him relevant. Justin’s creative range, positive attitude, communication skills and eagerness to plunge into any challenge make him the perfect partner for directors and producers of films, games, web experiences, specialty installations and themed attractions. Justin Lassen has generated an intriguing buzz among fans and industry peers alike, and for all the right reasons.”
- Jerry Rees, Producer/Director/Imagineer, Disney

“What are your future projects ?”

Find out in the full interview at It's Art! [FULL INTERVIEW]