Sunday, August 12, 2012

Justin Lassen Present’s Grimm Soundtrack + Game Part 2


For those who remember, late last year in (December 2011 – Justin Lassen Present’s Grimm Soundtrack + Game Part 1), we announced the first alpha of the “Grimm: Quest For The Gatherer’s Key” video game mod. We’re proud to announce the second major installment of the game. I created some new music for these new darker maps to explore! Check out the official announcement over at ModDB (Grimm).

Justin Lassen has done something wonderful. In less than 2 days he has created the most gorgeous and dark soundtrack for Grimm. His sound always grabs me and he captures the mix between Gothic and Persian influences in a truly unique manner. Grimm is not the only game he writes music for, go check out some of his other work as well. Justin, I can't thank you enough!” – Bastian (Developer)


UPDATE: 8.14.2012: “This build should be compatible with any platform that can run Doom 3 mods. That includes any Linux distro that can run Doom 3, Mac and even consoles like the XBox 360 that can play Doom 3 mods” (Linux, Mac and XBOX360 version!)