Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Justin Lassen featured in the first issue of Intel Software Adrenaline Magazine August 2012!


At Siggraph 2012 this year, Intel launched their largest-ever Magazine (FULL PDF)! My friends and fellow Intel Superstars and I (Austin Renfroe and Sara Lindsay) were featured as the first story in the issue! “Amplifying Inspiration” where we talk about our creative uses as artists and performers and adventures with the new Ultrabooks on the road with us! It’s packed with all kinds of other awesome articles and stories! Oh yeah, it’s FREE! Grab it while it’s hot!


The premier issue of Intel® Software Adrenaline magazine has a broadened focus that’s filled with information we hope will ignite your creativity and inventiveness. This issue explores sensor technology, cloud computing, the UI advances of Microsoft Windows* 8, the inspiring Ultrabook™ device, tomorrow’s connected car, virtual population growth, and more.
Moving further into the interconnected world, and using technology to turn the dreams of futurists into reality, we hope you join us in exploring the territory defined only by your imagination

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Justin Lassen Present’s Grimm Soundtrack + Game Part 2


For those who remember, late last year in (December 2011 – Justin Lassen Present’s Grimm Soundtrack + Game Part 1), we announced the first alpha of the “Grimm: Quest For The Gatherer’s Key” video game mod. We’re proud to announce the second major installment of the game. I created some new music for these new darker maps to explore! Check out the official announcement over at ModDB (Grimm).

Justin Lassen has done something wonderful. In less than 2 days he has created the most gorgeous and dark soundtrack for Grimm. His sound always grabs me and he captures the mix between Gothic and Persian influences in a truly unique manner. Grimm is not the only game he writes music for, go check out some of his other work as well. Justin, I can't thank you enough!” – Bastian (Developer)


UPDATE: 8.14.2012: “This build should be compatible with any platform that can run Doom 3 mods. That includes any Linux distro that can run Doom 3, Mac and even consoles like the XBox 360 that can play Doom 3 mods” (Linux, Mac and XBOX360 version!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brand New Exclusive Interview at Trailer Music Vibe!


“…Justin who? Well, hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you'll have a better idea of he really is. How Justin Lassen got started, what early gear he had, his inspirations with fairy tales and mythologies. New projects he is working on and more! Check it out in the Trailer Music Vibe interview. Thanks to Mr. Lassen for taking the time to interview with Trailer Music Vibe!”