Monday, June 18, 2012

Justin Lassen Presents Treasure of Bell Island Original Game Soundtrack!


Here it is! After two years, Blue Marble Game Co. has finally presented “Treasure of Bell Island” (TBI) at the Games for Health 2012 conference in Boston this June! They were also featured in the business section of The Boston Globe in an article called “New video games can help people recover from injuries” by Dan Adams (global correspondent).

From The Boston Globe:

"...The Treasure of Bell Island, a game featured at the conference, was developed for the Department of Defense by Los Angeles-based Blue Marble Game Co. to help victims of brain injury. The game is an app that runs on tablet computers using Google Inc.’s Android operating system. Players strategically explore an island, playing a variety of mini-games along the way, such as tapping on berries to drop them into a moving basket. Each exercise is meant to challenge a specific cognitive ability that may be impaired by a concussion or other mild brain injury.

The game collects data on a player’s motor response times and other mental functions, which can then be reviewed by a clinician or therapist. For example, a player with a brain injury might be easily distracted by butterflies that appear during the berry mini-game. The program would count how many times the player tried to touch the butterflies, which are irrelevant to the task.

“In Afghanistan, soldiers with concussions get brain rest, and then they play XBox games,” Flynn said. “Unlike those games, it actually gives [caregivers] data about how the soldier is doing.”

It was really great to get a chance to work with Sheryl Flynn and her very creative and driven team on this project. You can learn more about Sheryl from this Sharp Brains article about her and her inspiring work! I got to work on the soundtrack for the game from 2010-2011. Getting a chance to work closely with the team was a big help, and getting to test the games and sound, music, together was awesome!

I went for a very friendly and reassuring but still adventurous tone throughout my chord choices, instruments, progressions, and paid close attention to not only the games and mechanics but also the storylines and characters. They really liked the soundtrack and I am proud of how it all came together! Check out the Facebook page for some more info and screenshots from Blue Marble!

You can check out the official “Treasure of Bell Island Original Game Soundtrack” below! Hope you enjoy!