Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Justin Lassen remixes ‘Lighthouse’ for Third Realms new album “Beyond Good and Evil”


These last few weeks I worked on a truly gothic, darkwave, alternative metal remix for NY artist Nathan Reiner’sThird Realm'” project. My remix dissects his original, adding gothic choirs, fresh guitars, bass, synths, etc. to the mix. There is also some otherworldly vocals by the one and only ‘Idiom of Sad’ as well for good measure!

After turning it into Nathan, he said: "One of the best remixes I have ever heard, I appreciate it so much! Amazing job, absolutely amazing!!"

'Beyond Good and Evil' Album Cover
 Released: May 01, 2012
1 Human Plague
2 Lunatic Asylum
3 Ocean of Dreams
4 Diabolic Crush
5 Falling Down Slowly
6 Anthem for the Brainwashed
7 Self Destruction 1.0
8 Maniac
9 The Everlasting Torture
10 Lighthouse
11 Winter Kills
12 Take Me Back
13 Beyond Good and Evil
14 Lighthouse (Justin Lassen Remix)

"Our new album 'Beyond Good and Evil' is now available! You can currently download the album from Bandcamp or VampireFreaks, links for iTunes & Amazon will be coming in the next couple of days!"




Third Realm began as an experimental project back in 2000. Drawing early influences from artists such as Laibach, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb & Diary of Dreams, front-man Nathan Reiner shaped his sound around the menacing and dark elements of industrial and darkwave music. From day one, the intent of this project was sincere and straightforward: Create from within, shut the eyes to the world of expectation, and let emotions carve the musical journey. “