Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Konami Releases Special Edition 5-Disc Original Soundtrack for “Otomedius-X”!


430px-Otomedius_ExcellentNAIn 2010 I was asked by the respected Japanese composer/musician Norihiko Hibino to do some soundtracks for Konami’s “Otomedius Excellent”, an XBOX360 title that was quite successful in Japan. I was one of only 3 American game composers carefully selected for the project that merged east and west musicians/composers for the first time on a groundbreaking massive soundtrack that brought the best of Gradius ships and hot anime girls together. :). It was an honor to be chosen alongside both famed game composer (and hero of mine) Jeremy Soule (Skyrim, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, etc.) and prolific composer extraordinaire Jake Kaufman, as well as Hibino-san’s other amazing global composers in China, Japan, etc.


otomedius-x-box2012Yesterday I got sent a copy of the special edition release of the soundtrack. 5-discs! 120-tracks! tons of amazing composers from all over the world! I’m incredibly honored to be apart of the project to this day. Even if you never play the game, the music stands on its own. Special thanks from me to Norihiko, Gem Impact, Konami, Jayson Napolitano (mad props!) and everyone else on the project. :) Love this music!! Enjoy!!