Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Justin Lassen scores iOS game “Ow my Balls” (4.1 Million downloads!)

Hey guys. Quick update of a funny game “Ow My Balls XL” you can check out by my friend Josh at Jetson Creative LLC. You basically kick these guys off buildings and try to hurt their balls as much as possible before they land. You even have the option to record your own sound effects within the game! There’s even fart flying?! Really simple, clever little game. It’s free, but also there's a character pack and new music for .99 cents. :) I even did some dubstep for it! I did some of the production while in Portland, Oregon earlier this year at his studio and finished up in Chandler, Arizona.


Check out the trailer for the iPad XL version here:

trailer for iPad XL version of “Ow my Balls”

Check out the tracks from these links:
Original MP3Extreme MP3


Enjoy! :)