Sunday, April 22, 2012

Justin Lassen at ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo 2012: Highlights


Hey everyone! Just got done with ASCAP’s “I Create Music” expo from here in Hollywood, CA. It was a lot of fun this year, I got to goto a master session with one of my favorite composers (Mark Isham), meet a lot of cool people, musicians and songwriters as well as check out new technologies, processes, industry panels and even was honored with some new sponsorships. Very good show! :) I even ran into Chris Bristol (CEO, Roland US) again, with a warm invitation to their new artist location in burbank. I didn’t take many photos, but just wanted to post up a couple of them.


(above) This was an interesting panel from the head’s of the 4 biggest publishers (Danny Strick - Sony/ATV, Greg Sowders – Warner, Lionel Conway – BMG, Monti Olson – Universal),  talking about the past and present of how publishers and labels work. They’ve been in the business a while, and it showed (good and bad things.) :)


This a picture of Mark Isham being interviewed, about his creative processes, teams, business, history with anecdotes and thoughts from his work on Warrior, Dolphin Tale and my favorite TV series “Once Upon A Time”, which has a gorgeous under-score. He uses a 34 piece orchestra each week, and ABC/Disney have trusted him deeply on the project. The things he said, just confirmed my own thoughts and suspicions. Good talk!


Here I am with the creative director, Christian Henson (right) of Spitfire in England, makers of “The World’s Finest” virtual instruments and samples of orchestral ensembles. They are between 5,000 and 40,000 dollars. The samples were fresh and exciting. I’m excited to start using these tools. Really majestic and epic, heartfelt performances. both of them were great players and genuine spirits.


Me and the Artist/Sales at Steinberg, Brian McGovern. Really wicked cool guy, and I’m honored to get a chance to work with him and be welcomed to the family. I’m already learning a lot. We first met at NAMM, and now again at ASCAP.


This guy was a total surprise to meet at the conference. I was introduced to him by Steinberg as a kindred spirit. His name is Allen Morgan, and he’s quite the amazing remixer/producer/mixer. He’s done work for for Taylor Swift, NIN, The Rasmus, etc. His sessions are clean, slick and super pro. I’m honored that we met and look forward to future projects! We both have Finland in common in more ways than one.


To help out my good pal Carl Jacobson, we watched the Nimbit fort while he went to the industry round tables for a little bit. This was a lot of fun, as we (naomi and i) got to meet a lot of variously genre’d musicians, singers and songwriters. I even met this young guy who was in the choirs for Men In Black 3 (Danny Elfman) new soundtrack. Some world, jazz, pop, rock, alternative, hip-hop and other artists.


Here’s the one-and-only NMERCER. You’ve probably seen her name on a few of my latest video game and film productions (Grimm Quest, Underworld: Awakening etc.) She’s a super talented singer/songwriter/performer AND good friend I’ve known for many years, and she’s got an album in the works. She picked me as the producer for her album, which has been turning out awesome. Stay tuned for something new and original.


Great show.  Also ran into all my people and exec friends of the ASCAP staff, and saw a few cool heroes of mine.  Happy I went, learned a lot. Thanks for reading! :)