Friday, February 10, 2012

Justin Lassen & other X1 artists mentioned on Cakewalk Blog!

Thanks Cakewalk for the Justin Lassen mention on “CAKEWALK ARTISTS ON BOTH PC AND MAC ARE OFF TO AN ENORMOUS 2012” along with CW artist pals Murray Daigle, Cori Yarckin, TC Spitfire, Hollywood Undead, Javier Colon and Luigie Gonzalez.

Justin-Lassen-e1328762661102-150x150“[Los Angeles, CA and other parts of the world] Congratulations to Composer/Producer/Songwriter Justin Lassen who had tracks on both the score and soundtrack of Underworld: Awakening which is in theaters now.  Justin relied heavily on the new sound engine of the Z3TA+ 2 synth to keep his work unique and innovative (as always.)  Justin has also been very busy with soundtrack work for Tyra Banks’ book release “Modelland” as well as constant remix work for credible artists such as Lights and LowHero DLL.  It’s always refreshing and interesting to see and hear what he is up to and you can find all the info on his blog.  Check out and experience some of Z3TA+ 2′s innovative sounds here. “ – Jimmy Landry (Cakewalk Artist Relations)