Monday, January 9, 2012

Justin Lassen on the ‘Underworld: Awakening’ Motion Picture Soundtrack


Towards the end of 2011, I was working on new gothic/electronic/rock remix/music for the official Underworld: Awakening Motion Picture Soundtrack, and it was announced last week finally to the world. There are trailers, tv teasers and videos of this movie and soundtrack on YouTube.

I mixed in vocals from Silent Fury’sExit Wounds” to the final remix composition for the soundtrack. My reinterpretation is the final closing track on the release!! We all hope you dig the full soundtrack and movie! A lot of work and time went into the making of it. Thank you everyone, and it’s a complete honor to be a part of this awesome project with all these cool bands and artists!

“Linkin Park and Evanescence are among the artists featured on the upcoming Underworld: Awakening soundtrack. The Cure and Lacuna Coil will also appear on the album for the fourth movie in the Underworld series starring Kate Beckinsale. Many of the tracks receive a remix from Renholder (Danny Lohner), who had also produced remixes for the previous Underworld film, as well as being a member of Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.”

Teaser Clips from songs from the official soundtrack.

Underworld: Awakening is released at cinemas on January 20, with the soundtrack released three days earlier.

The tracklisting in full:

1. Evanescence - 'Made of Stone' (Renholder Remix)
2. Lacey Sturm - 'Heavy Prey'
3. Linkin Park - 'Blackout' (Renholder Remix)
4. The Cure - 'Apart' (Renholder Remix)
5. Stella Katsoudas - 'Killer & a Queen'
6. Ministry - 'Watch Yourself' (Renholder Remix)
7. Lacuna Coil - 'Trip The Darkness' (Ben Weinman Remix)
8. The Naked and Famous - 'Young Blood' (Renholder Remix)
9. Black Light Burns - 'It Rapes All In Its Path'
10. William Control - 'The Posthumous Letter'
11. Civil Twilights - 'How I'm I Supposed To Die'
12. & Sons - 'Consolation Prize'
13. 8MM - 'Liar'
14. Ryan T. Hope - 'You Won't See the Light'
15. Combichrist - 'Bottle of Pain'
16. Collide - 'Intruder'
17. Justin Lassen feat. Silent Fury - 'Exit Wounds' (Justin Lassen Remix)