Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Justin Lassen featured on the ‘Underworld: Awakening’ Original Motion Picture Score


Over the holiday break in 2011 I worked on a cinematic, darkly-inclined Lassen remix/re-interpretation of a track called “Corners” (original version here) from Underground rock/industrial artist Bret Blue Stahli. The label asked me to do an Awakening inspired remix, so I kept it true to the storyline and vibe of the films but still respectfully kept the soul of the original artist intact. My remix is track 23 on the Score! It was a pleasure to work on, and again, really great to be apart of the Soundtrack AND Score releases! Many thanks to everyone! Thanks for checking it all out! Much respect to Bret Blue Stahli for such solid material to start from!

“Lakeshore Records has revealed the details of the score release for the action horror sequel Underworld Awakening. The album features the original score from the movie by Paul Haslinger who previously scored the original film in the series, as well as the 2009 prequel Rise of the Lycans. Also included are three tracks by Blue Stahli, Aesthetic Perfection and Angelspit. The soundtrack will be released digitally on January 24, 2012 and the CD will be out on February 14. To pre-order the CD version, visit Amazon and check back on this site for audio clips. A separate soundtrack featuring the movie’s songs has previously been announced here. Underworld Awakening directed by Mans Marlin & Bjorn Stein and starring Kate Beckinsale, Sandrine Holt, Michael Ealy and India Eisley will be released in theaters on January 20. For more information about the film, visit the official movie website.”

Official Trailer–Sony Pictures (01.20.12)

Here’s the score album track list:

01. The Purge
02. Underworld Awakening Main Titles
03. Raiding the Army Surplus Store
04. Non-Human Aggressor
05. I Was Subject 2
06. Arriving at the Coven
07. I’ve Never Seen a Child Like This
08. This Is Not One of Us
09. I Know Exactly What You Are
10. If You Knew Him As I Did
11. Prepare the Armory
12. The Uber-Lycan
13. Reanimation
14. Then Came the Purge
15. Selene Returns to Antigen
16. Find Her and Destroy Her
17. The Lycan Van Escape
18. I Heal Instantly
19. You Came Back
20. Reclaiming the World
21. The Melancholy of Resistance
22. A New Dawn
23. Corner (Justin Lassen Remix) – Blue Stahli
24. Under Your Skin – Aesthetic Perfection
25. Sunrise – Angelspit