Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NAMM 2012: a few highlights and images from Justin Lassen


Here I am with long time friends and world renowned DJ Shortee and DJ Faust! I love these talented producers/turntablists a LOT. So many awesome memories. Their label got “Label of the Year” award, which is so cool! They deserve it, super hard working, with 100 artists!

"Justin’s taking the remix world by storm, his stellar music vision and creative genius electrify anything he touches, don’t sleep on this guy!!" - Faust & Shortee


Here I am with BT again! Really cool guy! We first met in-person at the Stutter-Edit Launch last year. One of my childhood inspirations! Perhaps something is possibly in the works?!. :)


This is my good friend and fellow epic orchestral composer; Doyle S Donehoo. Not only is he incredibly talented and skilled, but he’s a gigantic source of fantastical knowledge about composing techniques and technologies, and I’m proud to know him.


This is Sean Murray, brilliant video game composer of such things as Call of Duty: Black-Ops. We talked about doing some remix projects things.


This is Alex Strong, from OurStage.com. A very cool company that has put on many industry-wide competitions (like Intel Superstars whom I’ve helped on), as well as being a strong platform for musicians. Alex is a lot of fun, super amazing and inspiring to talk to. In the background walking up is the one-and-only Tyler Barth, VP at Blue Microphones. :)


Ed Diaz needs no introduction, but if you YouTube his stuff, you will be blown away. He is a mad scientist of keyboard wizardry, over at Roland U.S. He takes care of me over there and I feel blessed and honored to know this musician (and all of the amazing people at Roland US and Roland Japan whom take care of me!)!


Here’s the one-and-only Cori Yarckin. She did some demos of her X1 tracks on the Roland stage, along with TC (whom chatted with me about doing some stuff with Oakenfold), Jimmy Landry (AR at Cakewalk) and Brandon Ryan (Sonar MASTER). We met being fellow Cakewalk artists.


Nick Dika is the man. Look at that awesome beard! He’s one of the masterminds over at iZotope, and PM of Ozone 5 Mastering Suite! He’s the one who got me involved in iZotope in the past and doing factory presets for their plugins in the past.


Here I am with the Intel Superstar 2011 winner (Yep, he got 10 G’s on a giant golf check from Intel.) Austin Renfroe (left) and Intel and photography extraordinaire Mike G. This has become a tradition that I meet and have dinner with the Intel Supestar winners (like Sara Lindsey last year!)


This is Mike Rivet and his son and wonderful Jazz/Classical pianist/musician Mitch Rivet. Watch out for this guy, he’s an amazing talent and I see a bright future for him. I’ve been working with him and helping him get his foothold in the industry, as I’ve done for many young talented people over they ears. I believe in this guy.


Here is Austin Renfroe performing at the Orange booth in Hall C. He’s a super multi-instrumentalist performer/songwriter, and he did some performances at the Blue Microphones and Orange Amps booths.


And here is Mitch Rivet, just killing it on this super expensive piano. :)


Here’s Norman Mathew from Murder FM, imitating his poster (behind us). Reminds me of when I imitated my poster in the same booth in a previous year. :) Fun times.


You can see Drew Hollis (sitting) and Nate Lane (with his hands up) at this final NAMM, celebratory dinner for Akai! It was an honor to be the only artist invited to this dinner of 31 people. :) For those that want to take a look, I was also the first artist to be featured in 2 newsletters for Akai (in a row!!) December 2011 and January 2012!

(Numark/Alesis/Akai) brought me on as one of their premier artists and a consultant/advisor/artist-relations mid-2011-present to further build their Artist roster and department and bring in cool musicians, A-Listers and known creatives to represent and show off the gear/brands they hold in exciting ways. It’s been an interesting process.


Here’s Jordan Roe (Austin Renfroe’s Manager, from Atlanta) I brought him around and made some introductions for him, to get Austin some sponsors and such, like I did for Sara last year.


Me and Mitch. Bad Ass. I can say I knew him when!


Brian Desmond from Cakewalk. Super cool guy to talk to, and brainstorm with! I met a bunch of the CW guys, but didn’t take pics. but lots of neat brainstorming happened. :)


JUSTIN wine. :) So basically it was a pretty rocking show, LOTS of celebrities I ran into and met up with, lots of cool meetings, was totally back-to-back-to-back-to-back one-after-the-other for 4 days in a row. I signed a bunch of autographs on the showroom floor as well as being asked to take pics with lots of random cool amazing people. I’m humbled by you all for the support and love! Signed a few new deals too with some companies and such. Someone is even going to name a Cupcake after me at their cupcake shop/company! More on all of this later… Stay tuned! :) (honestly, I wish I took more pictures!! and for everyone who took pics, feel free to send my way.) Thank you everyone for the new introductions to new people as well. Back to work now!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Justin Lassen on ‘Underworld: Awakening’ Score and Soundtrack Releases!


I’ve got killer new dark/industrial/electronic tracks on BOTH the Soundtrack and Score to Underworld: Awakening (Coming to Theaters January 20th!)!! You can check out the full album on AmazonMP3 (Soundtrack) and iTunes (Soundtrack) as well as the full score on AmazonMP3 (Score) and iTunes (Score). Make them part of your collection today! Lots of good bands, music and score, for a very cool dark action movie! It was an honor to be asked to be included. Much respect to the label and other artists involved!


Physical CD orders on Amazon:
Underworld: Awakening Original Motion Picture Score).
(Underworld: Awakening Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

Thank You and Enjoy!

UPDATE #1 (JAN. 17th): “Underworld Awakening Soundtrack Album Debuts #10 iTunes #Soundtrack

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Justin Lassen featured on the ‘Underworld: Awakening’ Original Motion Picture Score


Over the holiday break in 2011 I worked on a cinematic, darkly-inclined Lassen remix/re-interpretation of a track called “Corners” (original version here) from Underground rock/industrial artist Bret Blue Stahli. The label asked me to do an Awakening inspired remix, so I kept it true to the storyline and vibe of the films but still respectfully kept the soul of the original artist intact. My remix is track 23 on the Score! It was a pleasure to work on, and again, really great to be apart of the Soundtrack AND Score releases! Many thanks to everyone! Thanks for checking it all out! Much respect to Bret Blue Stahli for such solid material to start from!

“Lakeshore Records has revealed the details of the score release for the action horror sequel Underworld Awakening. The album features the original score from the movie by Paul Haslinger who previously scored the original film in the series, as well as the 2009 prequel Rise of the Lycans. Also included are three tracks by Blue Stahli, Aesthetic Perfection and Angelspit. The soundtrack will be released digitally on January 24, 2012 and the CD will be out on February 14. To pre-order the CD version, visit Amazon and check back on this site for audio clips. A separate soundtrack featuring the movie’s songs has previously been announced here. Underworld Awakening directed by Mans Marlin & Bjorn Stein and starring Kate Beckinsale, Sandrine Holt, Michael Ealy and India Eisley will be released in theaters on January 20. For more information about the film, visit the official movie website.”

Official Trailer–Sony Pictures (01.20.12)

Here’s the score album track list:

01. The Purge
02. Underworld Awakening Main Titles
03. Raiding the Army Surplus Store
04. Non-Human Aggressor
05. I Was Subject 2
06. Arriving at the Coven
07. I’ve Never Seen a Child Like This
08. This Is Not One of Us
09. I Know Exactly What You Are
10. If You Knew Him As I Did
11. Prepare the Armory
12. The Uber-Lycan
13. Reanimation
14. Then Came the Purge
15. Selene Returns to Antigen
16. Find Her and Destroy Her
17. The Lycan Van Escape
18. I Heal Instantly
19. You Came Back
20. Reclaiming the World
21. The Melancholy of Resistance
22. A New Dawn
23. Corner (Justin Lassen Remix) – Blue Stahli
24. Under Your Skin – Aesthetic Perfection
25. Sunrise – Angelspit

Monday, January 9, 2012

Justin Lassen on the ‘Underworld: Awakening’ Motion Picture Soundtrack


Towards the end of 2011, I was working on new gothic/electronic/rock remix/music for the official Underworld: Awakening Motion Picture Soundtrack, and it was announced last week finally to the world. There are trailers, tv teasers and videos of this movie and soundtrack on YouTube.

I mixed in vocals from Silent Fury’sExit Wounds” to the final remix composition for the soundtrack. My reinterpretation is the final closing track on the release!! We all hope you dig the full soundtrack and movie! A lot of work and time went into the making of it. Thank you everyone, and it’s a complete honor to be a part of this awesome project with all these cool bands and artists!

“Linkin Park and Evanescence are among the artists featured on the upcoming Underworld: Awakening soundtrack. The Cure and Lacuna Coil will also appear on the album for the fourth movie in the Underworld series starring Kate Beckinsale. Many of the tracks receive a remix from Renholder (Danny Lohner), who had also produced remixes for the previous Underworld film, as well as being a member of Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.”

Teaser Clips from songs from the official soundtrack.

Underworld: Awakening is released at cinemas on January 20, with the soundtrack released three days earlier.

The tracklisting in full:

1. Evanescence - 'Made of Stone' (Renholder Remix)
2. Lacey Sturm - 'Heavy Prey'
3. Linkin Park - 'Blackout' (Renholder Remix)
4. The Cure - 'Apart' (Renholder Remix)
5. Stella Katsoudas - 'Killer & a Queen'
6. Ministry - 'Watch Yourself' (Renholder Remix)
7. Lacuna Coil - 'Trip The Darkness' (Ben Weinman Remix)
8. The Naked and Famous - 'Young Blood' (Renholder Remix)
9. Black Light Burns - 'It Rapes All In Its Path'
10. William Control - 'The Posthumous Letter'
11. Civil Twilights - 'How I'm I Supposed To Die'
12. & Sons - 'Consolation Prize'
13. 8MM - 'Liar'
14. Ryan T. Hope - 'You Won't See the Light'
15. Combichrist - 'Bottle of Pain'
16. Collide - 'Intruder'
17. Justin Lassen feat. Silent Fury - 'Exit Wounds' (Justin Lassen Remix)

Justin Lassen remixes LowHero.DLL on ‘Worse Than Digital’ New Album Release!


The 4th official release from LowHero.DLL, Worse Than Digital is a cold exploration of uncertain relationships in the digital age as the objects of our affections and intrigue become less tangible.

Loaded with ominous electro bass lines, strong rhythms, and edgy, noisy synths, LowHero.DLL continues to find some gray area between catchy pop song and the proverbial head-thumper. Lyrically, Worse Than Digital uses scientific and technological themes as a metaphorical means of tapping into the more organic and ethereal human condition as can be felt in the enigmatic line, "electron meets a positron and they do the dance of annihilation", which alludes to a volatile and tenuous relationship between man and woman in this fast and frenzied "always on" society.

Worse Than Digital, with over 60 minutes of play, is comprised of 6 original tracks, one cover (The Ballad - originally by Snog), and 5 remixes by some excellent indie-electronica acts: Testube, Type001, Polluted, Digital Dirt Heads, and R010R.

1. Annihilation Dance 05:22
2. Worse Than Digital 04:37
3. Chartreuse 05:58
4. The Ballad 04:08
5. Roman Holiday 05:37
6. Annihilation Dance (Remixed by Type001) 04:37
7. Unique Perspective ("Pristine" remix by Polluted) 06:56
8. Worse Than Digital (Testube Treatment) 06:17
9. Roman Holiday (Wreckstep Remix by R010R) 05:25
10. Chartreuse (Remixed by Digital Dirt Heads) 05:26
11. Unique Perspective 04:14
12. Much Worse (Outro) (free) 01:39

Available for sale at Bandcamp 1/8/2012
Available for sale at Google Music Store for Android on 1/9/2012

released 08 January 2012
Written, produced and recorded by Jonathan Chalker as LowHero.DLL. Original music and lyrics on The Ballad by David Thrussell as Snog. Remixes by Testube (Jeff Danos), Type001 (Matt Ossen), Polluted (Cameron R), Digital Dirt Heads (Justin Lassen), and R010R (Michael Renfield).