Monday, December 10, 2012

Justin Lassen & Alex Ruiz New Synaesthesia Collaboration Artwork + Music!

If you are familiar with my world renowned art/music project “Synaesthesia” (2004-2010), and wondered how some of those images were created. Look no further. Check this out, you’ll no doubt be familiar with my good friend and long-time collaborator Alex Ruiz (cg artist, director, producer, conceptualist), as he’s creating this beautiful concept image “Procession.” He’s one of the most meticulous and thoughtful artists I’ve worked with, which is why we continue to work on more artwork/music projects to this very day. The music is called “Behemoths Must Rise”. The video is just a sneak-peak at the creative process, as he is also working on a full tutorial about digital creation. Enjoy!

“Here's a preview on my next video tutorial for my digital painting, 'Procession.'
The beautiful and haunting music in this video is by brilliant composer and good friend, Justin Lassen.
The video tutorial is next in my series of Environment Design, and will cover topics such as composition, 3 point perspective, digital painting, photography integration and so much more!” – Alex Ruiz

More info on my other videos here:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Justin Lassen producing NMERCER in Seattle!

NMERCER High Dive Show

Where have I been? Some of you know, some of you don't. I've been very quiet the past few months as I've been doing a lot of secret cool projects in film, video games and music (some famous). One that I would like to officially mention is that I've been up in Seattle for a lot of this year on trips to write and produce for up-and-coming artist NMERCER.

I have previously created many tracks of music years ago for her series/show about gadgets that was popular for a while. I also brought her in as guest vocalist on the Grimm video game soundtrack as well as the tracks I did for Underworld Awakening (2012) earlier this year.


She's a great vocalist, writer and lyricist and it's been a pleasure to work with her in the studio! Technically this project has been a nearly 2 year project off and on in LA, Phoenix and Seattle, and wherever I have traveled in the world. Many thanks to Dropbox, Skype and compatible software for digital collaborations! We are both Sony artists and creators, so we go way back in that realm!


We are on Vashon, a seemingly secluded island away from Seattle proper (the amazing house we are recording at and area looks like something out of “secret garden”), which has given us a space to be loud and create music and try out different musical ideas. We're doing music that has a lot of varied influences and experiments, including pop, hip-hop, rap, dub step, electro, dance, soul, etc.


I've never worked on a project quite like this before, so I find it extremely fun and engaging. I'm learning new stuff every single day and it forces me to brush up on my chops in genres I wouldn't otherwise normally compose in (like when the DoD project made me learn Latin influences and Island composition styles)!


She is a natural when it comes to collaborations and working with someone that can take care of their part smoothly and professionally is a real treat for me. Especially finding a girl artist who can ‘comp’ her own vocals! Amazing… I've been helping her get sponsorships and industry support. I'm also brushing off my DJ skills (from the 90') and doing some stage stuff with her.


She's already done over a dozen successful live shows here in Seattle and her audiences are falling in love with her new style wherever she goes. Stay tuned for some more news, photos and stories about this project. We've got some amazing stuff planned! Go like her Facebook page and check out some videos of her rapping in south central, LA! She's got a wide variety of cool music!


Monday, December 3, 2012

The Walking Dead Assault Released!


This year I have had the pleasure of working with Skybound and Robert Kirkman on some of his upcoming projects (stay tuned…). They have just released “The Walking Dead Assault” on iOS which has jumped to #3 in top apps list on iTunes. Pretty cool! They did a great job!

TWD Assualt IconIt’s been really cool working with Skybound on stuff, there is no shortage of cool TWD swag and deliveries to my house these past few months! :) I also tested this game the last few months, so go get it!

“Today marks the official release of The Walking Dead: Assault.  A brand new game based on The Walking Dead comic series for all iOS compatible devices.

The Walking Dead: Assault lets you to build your team of survivors from the likes of Rick, Shane, Lori, Carl, Andrea, Glenn, Carol and Sophia.  Once you've built your team, you'll have to collect supplies, upgrade your stats and kill walkers in various settings pulled from the original comic series.

Collect achievements, unlock bonus content, share your stats with friends in the Game Center.  With 4 levels of difficulty, there's no end to the mayhem.”


Much respect to the composers of the games and the tv series (Bear McCreary and Stephen Baysted) Also, here are 4 of my TWD tracks I created specifically for Skybound earlier this year, enjoy and play really loud in a dark room, and scare yourself for xmas! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Justin Lassen special guest at Rapture Horror Expo 2012!

2853204I was invited as a special guest to the Rapture Horror Expo, which took place October 5,6 and 7th in Mesa, AZ. There were a lot of special guests, artists, designers invited, including-but-not-limited-to Bill Oberst Jr, Jake Busey, Tony Todd, Brooke Lewis, Addy Miller, Ari Lehman, First Jason, Betsy Rue, Ken Sagoes and Erin Marie Hogan, Monster Man (SyFy), etc.

My music, remixes, scores and soundtracks played all weekend long in the main hall for the guests and attendees. Which brought over a ton of cool people to my table and earned me a bunch of new friends, listeners and fans!

Several screenings, including Brandon Slagles’s ‘The Black Dahlia Haunting’ with Devanny Pinn in attendence, Richard Schenkman’s ‘Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies’ and The Frighteners with Jake Busey.

Another highlight of the weekend was a Zombie Ball’ at Monsterland Bar & Grill in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. It was totally an undead night to remember. That place is cool!


Here I am with Conor McCullagh (Season 1 winner of SyFy Channel’s Face Off) and Tommy Pietch (Current season favorite). They both did the bleeding wounds on my face. That was fun!


Tommy working his magic! We’re going to work on some projects.


Here I am with the one-and-only Addy Miller! Both versions of her! (that’s crazy you can buy her life-size zombie at halloween shops!) She was the creepy little girl zombie in the tv series The Walking Dead with the bunny slippers holding the teddy bear! She’s a sweet normal girl in person (who loves Taylor Swift), but also an amazing actress in her own right, her mom is really supportive and we both signed pictures for eachother too!


Here is Jake Busey. you might know him from The Frighteners or Starship Troopers! both great films. Jake is a cool guy in person, we talked about his motorized bike shop in Santa Monica. He broke his arm and had a arm brace on. Poor guy. We exchanged info and did some pictures!


Here he is! Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies (Bill Oberst Jr)! I finally saw the film on Netflix, it was awesome! Bill is totally an AMAZING actor. He’s got an awesome face that you could do ANYTHING with! His eyes tell stories and his personality was heartfelt, genuine and I think this guy deserves to get any movie roles he wants. He’s ready for the big-time! Any director or producer should feel honored to work with him! We were neighbors (our tables) at the convention! He’s one of those souls that you meet and feel like you’ve known each other forever! I feel like it was meant to be! He’s got some AMAZING projects coming up! Keep an eye out for Bill Oberst Jr!


Addy and Bill signed some awesome pictures for me! Bill is a Nazi Zombie, and Addy is her little girl zombie from The Walking Dead! Awesome!!


This is Len Simon, It was a particular honor to meet this guy because he is one of the lead animators for Fox Animation Studios Titan A.E. and Anastasia! Such a wonderful down to earth guy! I will always respect artists that have worked on hand-animated feature films and projects. His work is stylish and mesmerizing! He signed a sketchbook for me. If you don’t know about this guy, google him because he’s awesome!


My lovely little table in the Rapture Horror universe! :)


The Monsterland Zombie Ball, location!


First Jason, Ari Lehman, performing with his band. He’s got a KILLER KEYTAR that is literally a giant machete blade connected to a keyboard. The guy can totally sing and shred across a keyboard like no-other! Super rad to listen to him perform! Also realy great guy to talk to!


The event was cool, I did a whole bunch of interviews, and photos with different media and blogs, news, etc., I’m sure that stuff will surface here and there! I wish I took more pictures with my camera, but a lot of the pictures are out there on other peoples cameras. Thanks for checking out this entry! Thank you to everyone who attended. I met some great artists, writers and producers that I want to work with now! We’re all going to stay in touch and dream up new nightmares for you all! October continues to bring cool surprises like this! Stay tuned!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Justin Lassen Presents Out of Hell Original Game Soundtrack!

in the woods 7

Leading a lamb to slaughter, Happy Halloween month everyone! I love this time of year! Here’s a cult classic soundtrack for you! Technically this is the 5-year anniversary of this hellish soundtrack! This soundtrack was used in the hit total-conversion mod “Out of Hell” by Long Nguyen exclusively. Long declared it the soul of the game in one of his inspired writings. I’ve never released it before in this way. No doubt it is only for the serious collectors and ambient music lovers. Instead of telling you about it, I thought I’d re-publish a review that OSV did back in 2009 when the game was released. Enjoy!

Get the soundtrack in the Justin Lassen Music Shop for only 14.99 for 27-tracks! [BUY HERE]

"Any of those names look familiar to you? Good. I bet you can guess the general meaning of the ones you don’t know. They probably come from a culture with which you’re unfamiliar, but you can guess the word refers to “a big bad place with fire and brimstone.” So, you get the drift from the names, right?

Now, you should know ahead of time what kind of soundtrack this is. This is extremely dark, ambient stuff that occasionally lacks a melody of any sort. The music is functional, but it is also evocative. This is mood music that I am forbidden from playing around my children. Usually my wife would lay down that injunction for lyrical content. But this? The sounds actually scare my children. Most tracks from, say, Silent Hill, are not able to boast the same claim over my three-year-old.

So I guess, the best way to sum up the soundtrack is that it sounds like 50 minutes of hell. For some people, that will be 50 minutes of boredom. For others, it’s 50 minutes of edge-of-your-seat anxiety. There are certainly plenty of percussive tracks to get your pulse pounding and your head spinning. But other tracks are made up of low drones and creepy sound effects: machines, or perhaps a train, making noise in the distance; a door creaking open; fire crackling. It’s all creepy stuff.

The tracks sometimes transition from one to the next seamlessly, but other pieces have clean breaks. The first three tracks I had mistaken for one fluid piece. But later, I found the eerie tonality of “Limbo” to be a stand-out piece that I could recognize over multiple listens.

I wouldn’t say I “enjoy” the OOH OST so much as I “appreciate” it. But one thing I can say for sure: if I ever throw a Halloween party and want to legitimately scare my guests, this is what I’ll play. And after about 15 minutes of it, people should be plenty terrified, and then we’ll move on to something truly cheesy, like The Monster Mash." - Patrick Gann, Original Sound Vision, 2009 Review (
released 31 October 2009
Composed, Recorded and Produced by Justin Lassen

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Justin Lassen special guest at Comikaze 2012!


jlassen_2012This year I was invited to Stan Lee's Comikaze 2012! It was an amazing time. I met so many incredibly cool people, writers, artists, producers, directors, actors, celebrities, etc. It was a fun time all-around! I signed a bunch of autographs too, which was fun. I also chilled out with my good friend RH Stavis (creator of the back story for Lara Croft/Tomb Raider) who was announcing her project with Elvira (who was a TOTAL sweetheart)!. RH Stavis has some AMAZING stuff in the works for 2013!! She was kind enough to educate me on how the comic world works, and there's even hope for my comic to get published now after some meetings. I love that! Thanks RH!


There was a ton of cool people and artists at the event like Elvira, Linda Blair, Morgan Fairchild, Andy Dick, Amber Benson, Kevin J. Anderson, John Zurr Platten, Andy McKenzie, Olivia De Berardinis, Todd McFarlane, Stan Lee, Alex Ruiz, Shannon Denton, CJ Draden, Jamie Tyndall, Tony Moore (The Walking Dead) etc. This list would be ridiculous to actually complete.. Needless to say, I also became friends with the show-runner and CEO of Comikaze, Regina Carpinelli, who is totally awesome, hard-working and incredibly sweet. Her doggy is also totally adorable . :)


I picked up a few more really cool projects while I was there and I impressed a bunch of new people too. I met Alex Ruiz in person for the first-time ever!! Which I actually consider the highlight of the trip for me! That was awesome! We talked about our exciting new project (that I hinted about in the "It's Art" Interview below). Just overall, it was an awesome show. I was even invited back for next years show, for more panels and stuff. Thanks so much everyone for making my trip so amazing and memorable!


Back to work for me!! I’m working on some COOL projects right now! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Justin Lassen Interviewed at It’s Art Magazine September 2012!


"We’re proud to feed our interview series with Justin Lassen, the awarded and talented artist we follow since the early day of IT’S ART."

"My own story is filled with tragedy and heartbreak. However, I try to tell a story of hope. I believe in happy endings, even if you have to get through the sad parts first. I try to be optimistic. Realism is over-rated. Live in the imaginary."
- Justin Lassen

"It's Art" has started a new Interview section to their website and have previously interviewed Michael Fink (Blade Runner, Batam Returns, The Goldem Compass, Avatar), Jordu Schell (Avatar, Men in Black 3, The Thing, 300, Cabin in the Woods), Sue Rowe (Prince of Persia, John Carter) and David Luong Senior Cinematic Artist II at Blizzard Entertainment. I'm honored to be interviewed next in this cool interview series at (There is also a great new iPhone app for website and all cg news and updates!)

“Justin Lassen’s music showcases a dynamic blend of next generation savvy and timeless messaging. It is obvious that Justin Lassen has storytelling in his blood, and he brings to that art the sort of primal skills once celebrated around ancient campfires along with a cleareyed vision of how stories can be compellingly told in the rapidly evolving media landscape. His continuing collaboration with the makers of new technologies and the leading artists who employ these innovations keep him relevant. Justin’s creative range, positive attitude, communication skills and eagerness to plunge into any challenge make him the perfect partner for directors and producers of films, games, web experiences, specialty installations and themed attractions. Justin Lassen has generated an intriguing buzz among fans and industry peers alike, and for all the right reasons.”
- Jerry Rees, Producer/Director/Imagineer, Disney

“What are your future projects ?”

Find out in the full interview at It's Art! [FULL INTERVIEW]

Lord Retro™ Prelude (Unwind Remix)


I’ve been digging through the Lord Retro™ vaults from 2007. I found this never-before-released remix by good friend and musical collaborator DLP of “Prelude” from my “The Rise of Lord Retro” Soundtrack releases.

The artwork on the Lord Retro™ cards above was created by world renowned artists Martin Bland and Alex Ruiz, whom I consider the soul of my LR universe.It’s hard to believe it’s been over 5 years in the making! I thought this would be the perfect track to release to announce that we’ve got a beautiful project in the works together (separate from Lord Retro), brand new concept. It’s going to be amazing.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Presenting Long Nguyen’s “Out of Hell” Post-Mortem 2012!

outofhell_postmortem1I am so proud to share a Post-Mortem that my good friend Long Nguyen created for his indie-mod success zombie horror survival video game "Out of Hell". This is a classy and super honest read, all the way to the end! I think new modders, and artists in general on all levels can really appreciate and benefit from what he went through to create the game. [READ THE FULL POST-MORTEM HERE]

The blood, the sweat and the tears. He opens up and tells about the ups and downs of the development process, in this extensive look-back on the making of the mod that won best original art direction in 2009 when it was finally released! Lots of cool artwork, funny comments and classic “CRC” (his modding nickname) moments, i love it!


Over the years It has been truly an honor to help him get coverage in magazines, trade shows (thanks Seth Perlstein), blogs, industry events and face-time meetings with big companies and celebrities. I know the guys at Epic Games and Valve are fans of his work to this very day! He's definitely earned the status of "Omega Man." but on a deeper level, you can see all the careful attention to detail he puts into every scene in his games. Everything is so well thought-out and breathtaking considering the engine (ut2k4). if you haven't tried the mod yet, even just for artistic reasons, it's worth checking out and its free!. I loved when people thought he made UT2k4 look like UE3 when the mod came out. Now that he's working in UE3, he's already impressing the world with his new darker visions!

oohI have found it a privilege and adventure to know him and be a part of his work. He is a true artist and visionary. I created 58 tracks of music for that game, which was narrowed down to about 27 for the game itself in a darker period in my life, so it seemed to fit the mood of the environments quite well. I remember him telling me that the music really brought the game to life and gave it a soul, and as a composer, I couldn't have asked for more than that (and I didn't). :)

"...It was about this time that I became friends with a fellow artist named Justin Lassen. I met him online through a series of pretty fortuitous events which you can read about in the archives. He was a composer and was eager to make a soundtrack for Out Of Hell and offered his services without so much as demanding a cent. He worked purely from inspiration and out of his love for creating art. I had finally met someone who I could relate to on that level and I took him up on his offer." - Long Nguyen, Out of Hell (Post Mortem 2012)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Justin Lassen featured at Blue Microphones!

bluemic_justinlassen_ces2011Cool! I’m featured up on the Blue Microphones (MOB) page in the producer/composer section! I’ve been using Blue Microphones for a while now, and I’m proud to mixed in with such a cool group of artists and friends!

justin_lassenThe Musicians Of Blue, or as we like to call it, The Blue MOB, is an exclusive community of artists, engineers, producers, composers and DJs who are users and fans of Blue (Microphones). This specially selected group of artists uses any number of our mics whether they are performing live with the en•CORE mics, recording in the studio with our Application Specific Series or capturing sounds on the go with our USB and iPhone mics. All artists specifically chosen for Blue’s MOB are very active in the studio, online and on the road, flying the Blue Flag wherever and whenever they can.”

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Justin Lassen featured in the first issue of Intel Software Adrenaline Magazine August 2012!


At Siggraph 2012 this year, Intel launched their largest-ever Magazine (FULL PDF)! My friends and fellow Intel Superstars and I (Austin Renfroe and Sara Lindsay) were featured as the first story in the issue! “Amplifying Inspiration” where we talk about our creative uses as artists and performers and adventures with the new Ultrabooks on the road with us! It’s packed with all kinds of other awesome articles and stories! Oh yeah, it’s FREE! Grab it while it’s hot!


The premier issue of Intel® Software Adrenaline magazine has a broadened focus that’s filled with information we hope will ignite your creativity and inventiveness. This issue explores sensor technology, cloud computing, the UI advances of Microsoft Windows* 8, the inspiring Ultrabook™ device, tomorrow’s connected car, virtual population growth, and more.
Moving further into the interconnected world, and using technology to turn the dreams of futurists into reality, we hope you join us in exploring the territory defined only by your imagination

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Justin Lassen Present’s Grimm Soundtrack + Game Part 2


For those who remember, late last year in (December 2011 – Justin Lassen Present’s Grimm Soundtrack + Game Part 1), we announced the first alpha of the “Grimm: Quest For The Gatherer’s Key” video game mod. We’re proud to announce the second major installment of the game. I created some new music for these new darker maps to explore! Check out the official announcement over at ModDB (Grimm).

Justin Lassen has done something wonderful. In less than 2 days he has created the most gorgeous and dark soundtrack for Grimm. His sound always grabs me and he captures the mix between Gothic and Persian influences in a truly unique manner. Grimm is not the only game he writes music for, go check out some of his other work as well. Justin, I can't thank you enough!” – Bastian (Developer)


UPDATE: 8.14.2012: “This build should be compatible with any platform that can run Doom 3 mods. That includes any Linux distro that can run Doom 3, Mac and even consoles like the XBox 360 that can play Doom 3 mods” (Linux, Mac and XBOX360 version!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brand New Exclusive Interview at Trailer Music Vibe!


“…Justin who? Well, hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you'll have a better idea of he really is. How Justin Lassen got started, what early gear he had, his inspirations with fairy tales and mythologies. New projects he is working on and more! Check it out in the Trailer Music Vibe interview. Thanks to Mr. Lassen for taking the time to interview with Trailer Music Vibe!”

Monday, June 18, 2012

Justin Lassen Presents Treasure of Bell Island Original Game Soundtrack!


Here it is! After two years, Blue Marble Game Co. has finally presented “Treasure of Bell Island” (TBI) at the Games for Health 2012 conference in Boston this June! They were also featured in the business section of The Boston Globe in an article called “New video games can help people recover from injuries” by Dan Adams (global correspondent).

From The Boston Globe:

"...The Treasure of Bell Island, a game featured at the conference, was developed for the Department of Defense by Los Angeles-based Blue Marble Game Co. to help victims of brain injury. The game is an app that runs on tablet computers using Google Inc.’s Android operating system. Players strategically explore an island, playing a variety of mini-games along the way, such as tapping on berries to drop them into a moving basket. Each exercise is meant to challenge a specific cognitive ability that may be impaired by a concussion or other mild brain injury.

The game collects data on a player’s motor response times and other mental functions, which can then be reviewed by a clinician or therapist. For example, a player with a brain injury might be easily distracted by butterflies that appear during the berry mini-game. The program would count how many times the player tried to touch the butterflies, which are irrelevant to the task.

“In Afghanistan, soldiers with concussions get brain rest, and then they play XBox games,” Flynn said. “Unlike those games, it actually gives [caregivers] data about how the soldier is doing.”

It was really great to get a chance to work with Sheryl Flynn and her very creative and driven team on this project. You can learn more about Sheryl from this Sharp Brains article about her and her inspiring work! I got to work on the soundtrack for the game from 2010-2011. Getting a chance to work closely with the team was a big help, and getting to test the games and sound, music, together was awesome!

I went for a very friendly and reassuring but still adventurous tone throughout my chord choices, instruments, progressions, and paid close attention to not only the games and mechanics but also the storylines and characters. They really liked the soundtrack and I am proud of how it all came together! Check out the Facebook page for some more info and screenshots from Blue Marble!

You can check out the official “Treasure of Bell Island Original Game Soundtrack” below! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Justin Lassen post “Creating Music with Ultrabooks” on Intel’s blog!


Justin Lassen on Creating Music with Ultrabooks! – Blogs - Intel® Software NetworkLast year I was invited to start officially blogging for Intel’s site. My first post was about all my experimentations with Atom processors and netbooks. This year, my newest post is about Ultrabooks and creating music and remix productions with these devices.

I tested a LOT of industry standard software on them (FL Studio, Cubase, Acid Pro, Sonar X1, Studio One Pro, etc.), and it all ran pretty great. I tested out the Amplitube suite, Guitar Rig as well as the new iZotope Iris synthesizer, which also ran stellar. We are living in exciting times thanks to mobile technology becoming even more mobile! Please check the Intel site for more information!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Justin Lassen invited to speak at Greenlight Summit Online Conference 2012!


I’m honored to have been invited by Jason Manley (CEO, Conceptart.Org and Brilliant Colors; President, The Art Department; Founder, Massive Black) to speak/interview at the Greenlight Summit 2012, from TAD (The Art Department). I’ll be speaking May 24th 2012, 10AM about music and cg, with Jason. It’s cool to see a ton of my good friends in the fellow speaker list as well. Hope you can make it!

“The Greenlight Summit creates a direct worldwide connection to important leaders from the evolving entertainment industry, including games, film, and associated trans-media fields. This global conference provides brilliant daily keynotes, over 100 speaker presentations, concentrated departmental talks, as well as secure greenlight pitch and mentor sessions. The program includes gripping discussion, informative Q&A periods, shared post-mortems and career days too.

Track topics include I.P. Development, Production, Art, Design, Technology, Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Media and Business, This important event is brought to life within an easy, proven, secure, online tool suite that is conveniently available 24/7. This allows even the busiest professionals to match their schedules, catch the talks live or On Demand, set their meetings and connect in a meaningful way.” – Greenlight Summit

Check out some of my CG inspired musical compositions:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Justin Lassen remixes Dubstep artist Blackburner’s song “Dust Eater” with Ultrabook!


Take a listen to my new remix for Blackburner, a pretty cool band with a darkly apocalyptic gas-mask rabbit theme. I couldn’t resist. I respect anyone who respects bunnies. I went for an “Industrial Dubstep” sound for my remix. I hope everyone enjoys it! This particular remix was made purely with ONLY an Intel® Ultrabook!

Blackburner - Dust Eater (Justin Lassen Remix) by Justin Lassen

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Justin Lassen remixes ‘Lighthouse’ for Third Realms new album “Beyond Good and Evil”


These last few weeks I worked on a truly gothic, darkwave, alternative metal remix for NY artist Nathan Reiner’sThird Realm'” project. My remix dissects his original, adding gothic choirs, fresh guitars, bass, synths, etc. to the mix. There is also some otherworldly vocals by the one and only ‘Idiom of Sad’ as well for good measure!

After turning it into Nathan, he said: "One of the best remixes I have ever heard, I appreciate it so much! Amazing job, absolutely amazing!!"

'Beyond Good and Evil' Album Cover
 Released: May 01, 2012
1 Human Plague
2 Lunatic Asylum
3 Ocean of Dreams
4 Diabolic Crush
5 Falling Down Slowly
6 Anthem for the Brainwashed
7 Self Destruction 1.0
8 Maniac
9 The Everlasting Torture
10 Lighthouse
11 Winter Kills
12 Take Me Back
13 Beyond Good and Evil
14 Lighthouse (Justin Lassen Remix)

"Our new album 'Beyond Good and Evil' is now available! You can currently download the album from Bandcamp or VampireFreaks, links for iTunes & Amazon will be coming in the next couple of days!"




Third Realm began as an experimental project back in 2000. Drawing early influences from artists such as Laibach, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb & Diary of Dreams, front-man Nathan Reiner shaped his sound around the menacing and dark elements of industrial and darkwave music. From day one, the intent of this project was sincere and straightforward: Create from within, shut the eyes to the world of expectation, and let emotions carve the musical journey. “

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Justin Lassen at ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo 2012: Highlights


Hey everyone! Just got done with ASCAP’s “I Create Music” expo from here in Hollywood, CA. It was a lot of fun this year, I got to goto a master session with one of my favorite composers (Mark Isham), meet a lot of cool people, musicians and songwriters as well as check out new technologies, processes, industry panels and even was honored with some new sponsorships. Very good show! :) I even ran into Chris Bristol (CEO, Roland US) again, with a warm invitation to their new artist location in burbank. I didn’t take many photos, but just wanted to post up a couple of them.


(above) This was an interesting panel from the head’s of the 4 biggest publishers (Danny Strick - Sony/ATV, Greg Sowders – Warner, Lionel Conway – BMG, Monti Olson – Universal),  talking about the past and present of how publishers and labels work. They’ve been in the business a while, and it showed (good and bad things.) :)


This a picture of Mark Isham being interviewed, about his creative processes, teams, business, history with anecdotes and thoughts from his work on Warrior, Dolphin Tale and my favorite TV series “Once Upon A Time”, which has a gorgeous under-score. He uses a 34 piece orchestra each week, and ABC/Disney have trusted him deeply on the project. The things he said, just confirmed my own thoughts and suspicions. Good talk!


Here I am with the creative director, Christian Henson (right) of Spitfire in England, makers of “The World’s Finest” virtual instruments and samples of orchestral ensembles. They are between 5,000 and 40,000 dollars. The samples were fresh and exciting. I’m excited to start using these tools. Really majestic and epic, heartfelt performances. both of them were great players and genuine spirits.


Me and the Artist/Sales at Steinberg, Brian McGovern. Really wicked cool guy, and I’m honored to get a chance to work with him and be welcomed to the family. I’m already learning a lot. We first met at NAMM, and now again at ASCAP.


This guy was a total surprise to meet at the conference. I was introduced to him by Steinberg as a kindred spirit. His name is Allen Morgan, and he’s quite the amazing remixer/producer/mixer. He’s done work for for Taylor Swift, NIN, The Rasmus, etc. His sessions are clean, slick and super pro. I’m honored that we met and look forward to future projects! We both have Finland in common in more ways than one.


To help out my good pal Carl Jacobson, we watched the Nimbit fort while he went to the industry round tables for a little bit. This was a lot of fun, as we (naomi and i) got to meet a lot of variously genre’d musicians, singers and songwriters. I even met this young guy who was in the choirs for Men In Black 3 (Danny Elfman) new soundtrack. Some world, jazz, pop, rock, alternative, hip-hop and other artists.


Here’s the one-and-only NMERCER. You’ve probably seen her name on a few of my latest video game and film productions (Grimm Quest, Underworld: Awakening etc.) She’s a super talented singer/songwriter/performer AND good friend I’ve known for many years, and she’s got an album in the works. She picked me as the producer for her album, which has been turning out awesome. Stay tuned for something new and original.


Great show.  Also ran into all my people and exec friends of the ASCAP staff, and saw a few cool heroes of mine.  Happy I went, learned a lot. Thanks for reading! :)