Sunday, December 25, 2011

Justin Lassen Presents “Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer’s Key” Game Soundtrack & Demo! (Merry Xmas!)


So what is Grimm Quest for the Gatherer's Key?
It's a fantasy hack&slash game with a lot of platforming elements that you might find in games like the Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider (albeit more gothic) series, but from a First Person perspective. The world that players enter is wrought with danger. There are traps and enemies around each corner, coupled with pitfalls and abysses to cross. Cunning is often more important than quick reflexes (but those help too). The world of Grimm offers no remorse! Players will get very basic information and will have to learn how to travel this world by trial and error. Each weapon will require skill and has a learning curve. Most weapons have special attacks that can be used. Download The DEMO HERE!

Make sure to check out the gameplay videos and screenshots in the video and image sections.
You can also take a look at the youtube channel for Grimm.
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Based on the award winning Doom3 engine, enhanced with fully customizable features such as Parallax Mapping, HDR, Bloom, SSAO and other high-end features coming from Sikkpin's SikkMod, Grimm looks and plays like a modern game. This mod will move to Doom3 GPL as soon as it is released.

Heaven and Hell are at war and have been closed off to new souls. Human souls now wander in purgatory after death, unable to go up to Heaven or descend down to Hell. The angel, Gabriel, has stolen The Grim Reaper's key of the Gatherer's Keep, the entrance to both Heaven and Hell. He is determined to fight his way through the souls in purgatory and the Demons and Angels in Heaven and in Hell to regain what is rightfully his and restore order.

eventYou are the Grim Reaper.
And Lo those that stand in the way of the Grim Reaper and His Scythe.
For Ever Lasting Death will be their Fate.

Check out an interview with the developer over at PlanetDoom!

Haus of Persian Descent (f. NMERCER) by Justin Lassen

pdoom_logoJustin Lassen and Grimm's soundtrack
Together with the demo release I have another surprise for you guys, in the form of 2 wonderful tracks (that combine classical influences with Persian style instruments, creating a mix I've never heard before but mixes perfectly with the style of the game. Having the music really makes a title come alive and added the depth I needed to set the tone in this title. Justin is one of the most talented musicians I know, check out his work it's simply awe-inspiring) for the game included in this very release! I am just so extremely proud to be working with him and having him work his magic for Grimm!” – Bastian (Developer) [READ INTERVIEW]

ios_picIdiom of Sad naomimercerNMERCER

“I’d like to thank the talented Idiom of Sad and NMERCER for contributing vocals to the tracks in this demo soundtrack! Amazing artists!”