Saturday, November 5, 2011

Justin Lassen Presents Herbert Original Soundtrack Remixes 2011 [FREE ALBUM]


You didn’t think we were done with Herbert music, DID you!? The 12-track Original Soundtrack (which you can get FREE by liking our Facebook page!) was released in August with the iOS game (.99cents), but we’ve been secretly working away on a special present for you… Bad ass, amazing Herbert REMIXES!! and… of course, FREE (again)! ;-> Yep, Herbert rocks like that. :)

Ladies and Gentleman!! We are proud to present to you the Justin Lassen Presents Herbert Original Soundtrack Remixes Album 2011! Now that's a long title! And… JUST as much work went into it from amazingly talented musicians. It was a carefully crafted global effort from amazing bands, artists and composers all over the world! Everything from dub step to metal to industrial to pop to orchestral, drum n bass, IDM, Glitch-tech, this remix album covers the whole spectrum in a way that only a project named "Herbert" could do. :) From San Francisco to Finland to Boston to Italy and several places in between! We’re so proud of these amazing artists for helping little Herbert out! They compliment the Herbert OST perfectly well, bringing the concepts even further 'out there'….

“I gave no rules, expectations, no guidelines, I let the artists do exactly what they wanted to do with each track! All of them sound so cool and collectively they are a fun mix of audible art for our brave little game! Thank you LXT, Jimmy Hinson, Iconcrash, Myc Wyse, Testube, Rich Curtis, DLP, LabRat for being apart of this release! Now everyone, download and enjoy! Curious what the original versions sounded like? That's still free too! Herbert has been a special project, and I couldn't be more proud of this group of artists for giving me their time, patience and hard work! Make both albums apart of your collection today! Free! :)” – Justin Lassen


That’s not all, my friends. Some recent updates that you should know about is that recently the code was revamped to run even better with a huge performance boost and game balancing in version 1.2! We were featured in a bunch of respected euro game press, even got a soundtrack review of the OST! On top of that, in Switzerland we got our own storefront window decoration! The stickers keep showing up all over the place too! So proud of all the wonderful people who downloaded the game and the soundtrack and supported our humble effort! Thank you everyone! There’s always more news on our Facebook page!

Now, Go check out the REMIX ALBUM!!! Thanks and Enjoy!