Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Attack of Lord Retro (2011) and The Rise of Lord Retro (2007) Released Together!


Earlier this month; I had a sneak-peak of “The Attack of Lord Retro” on soundcloud. It was received extremely well with high marks from people in academia, video games, government, music, radio and art industries.The anticipated follow-up of the  2007 release “The Rise of Lord Retro”, a retro sci-fi universe, with an otherworldly story to tell. From epic space aria’s to introspective thought provoking electronica, there's something for everyone within these two distinct releases.

“The Attack of Lord Retro” High Resolution release through BC Music Store today!

"The Attack of Lord Retro", 9-Tracks and 30 Minutes of intricate editing, splicing and storytelling gives you some thought provoking introspective electronica to bring you back in time and home again. Featuring analog synthesis, live european chamber strings, custom sampling and familiar yet distant obscure memories from another time. An exploration album from the mind of Justin Lassen was created in The Year of the Rabbit (2011) as a pure artistic expression. The much anticipated follow-up to 2007's "The Rise of Lord Retro" Original Concept Soundtrack which got great reviews and support from it's initial reception in 2003, world-wide release from Intel in 2005 and it's special re-print in 2007, The multimedia project Lord Retro lives on. Enjoy this freshly released and mastered album (2011).

Also… For the first time-ever, the classic, “The Rise of Lord Retro” (2002-2007) is finally being released in full resolution for .99 a track! Or you can grab all 24 tracks for 9.99! The tracks were originally licensed in a few video games from 2002-2004 with an epic world-wide release by Intel in 2005 with the worlds first Dual-Core processors (multi-core). They remained in the vaults until 2007 for a limited edition release and went back into the archives. Today you can grab this classic JL original concept soundtrack release originally priced at 30.00 and make it apart of your collection! 9.99 for 24 tracks!

Grab both releases today at, listen to all the tracks, buy individually or buy the full albums! Thank you so much for all your support over the years! I’m so proud of these two collections of music. Recorded in Europe & USA.