Monday, November 21, 2011

Tortured Minds (1995-2002) Soundtrack (all 19-tracks!) Available in JL BC Store!

torturedminds_CDcover_largeambiance, horror, storytelling, organic, live vs. synthesis, tortured minds™... 19 classic Justin Lassen tracks for 9.99! 

Remember this? maybe not, but... it's something really really special to me, considering the tools that were used to make it were not the conventional stuff that composers have available to them today. well, we're coming up on the 14th anniversary of it. It is moments like this, when these kinds of anniversaries arrive that I look back and pause for a moment to see all that i've been through. There are a few more anniversaries coming up too... I'm starting to feel old. I must keep chugging along. Tortured Minds™ was a staple project for me, and continues to be a legacy for those in the know. Hard to believe that back then this thing got over 7 million downloads back when downloading music was still very new! Not to mention the album sales!! This new Black Edition cover, has the more updated look, but still has the vibe of the first two pressings of it (including the D.A.M. version). Listening through it, I still feel the rawness of it, and yet, tons of memories...

Created from 1995-2002, first released on in 2 volumes in 2000 and 2002, re-released on web in 2007, and finally remastered and released in special edition in 2011 for you to buy in the Justin Lassen Store today!