Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Justin Lassen track “Cold & Blue” (featuring CoMa)


Cold & Blue (featuring CoMa) by Justin Lassen

Check out my new song “Cold & Bluefeaturing CoMa! Currently residing in Germany, long-time friend, ColeMarie has quietly made a name for herself as a multi-hyphenate artist / designer / machinimist / songwriter / performer. She’s been making some splashes as Soleil (a global collaboration between her and Japanese composer Tasuku Arai) as well as working with a lot of talented Dubstep artists around the world.

"Like the winter cold and deep, my eyes awaken, as from a sleep, it gets so cold, outside my door, and now you see, eternally, forever... there is no truth, you’re open to falling." - CoMa

We’ve always talked about having her sing on a track, and it finally came to fruition recently. She gave the track some beautiful soul. I sang in it with her towards the end of the track as well. Please enjoy and feel free to share! CoMa and myself appreciate it.