Friday, September 2, 2011

Justin Lassen Presents Herbert Original Soundtrack + iOS Game!


I’m super proud of my good friends ETITE. A year in the making, the talented swiss developer ETITE have release their first iOS game (iPhone/iPod/iPad) “Herbert : The Misanthropical Fly” for only .99 cents! Go check it in the App Store today! Fun way to spend a few minutes when you have spare time with your iDevice. 10 really fun weapons including but not limited to rainbow guns!, loads of killing and oddity and music genuinely set for a starry eyed trippy party.

herbert_icon_iosNot only is the game released, but I proudly present to you the full original soundtrack for this game, and we’re giving it away completely free. yep, the whole album, free to you! :) All you have to do is “Like” the Herbert Facebook page and grab yourself a free download of the full soundtrack and add it to your library, no e-mails, no zips, no hassle, just free. The game is cool and very unique and the soundtrack hopefully matches those qualities. We hope you like it! :)

budapest_bird_sticker_2011budapest birdie bird_herbert_stickers2011box of birdies

Both ETITE and NIhil Studios are proud of this launch! Yellow bird stickers are showing up everywhere from Budapest to Switzerland to USA! :) More goodies and stuff coming soon… stay tuned! :)