Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Justin Lassen officially starts blogging for Intel ISN!


intelscreenshot2011_stripEarlier this year at GDC (spring 2011), I  was officially invited by Arti Gupta @ Intel to start blogging on their website (ISN). I figured that it would be a good place for me to talk about my-more audio-geek, technical, technology related entries. Also a great place to talk about the various events, tests and experiments with gadgets, industry and software.

ISN's primary web presence at software.intel.com is a collection of sites for the developer community that are authored both by Intel and by the community at large. These sites include forums, documentation and knowledge papers, confidential online support and download areas. Access is available both on a no-charge level as well as a more extensive, subscription level.” – About ISN

My first entry (“Justin Lassen on Creating Music with Netbooks!”)  was published recently and is on the experiments, professional productions and tracks I created with four separate Atom Processor based netbooks and tablets in Linux/MeeGo/Win7 during 2011. From video game soundtracks, electronica albums to movie trailers, I was able to use Netbooks for more than just “checking e-mail and surfing the web.” (a myth that so many people like to perpetuate for Netbooks). Please feel free to read the blog and listen to the examples that demonstrate the potential and future possibilities. I’d like to thank Gina Bovara and Josh Bancroft for helping me get things going!

Creating Music With Netbooks 2011 / Atom Processor / Energy XT 2.5