Friday, September 16, 2011

The Herbert Red Bull European Guerilla Tour 2011



By now maybe you’ve got our Herbert iOS game on your device and perhaps you downloaded the absolutely free totally cool original soundtrack? No? Shame on you. Get the game here (.99 cents), we even updated with a performance boost in 1.1! Join Herbert’s Facebook and get the full soundtrack to keep for yourself FREE!

Herbert Trailer 3 (swiss edition) from ETITE on Vimeo.

I bet you’re wondering what is going on now with our dear friend Herbert? Well you are in luck. Herbert just completed his first Swiss Red Bull Sponsored guerilla tour with the awesome guys from waschgang and premiered a BRAND NEW KICK ASS TRAILER on the tour too! (even projecting on the treasured Swiss “white house”) We think you’ll love it! This is hopefully the first of many exciting adventures for Herbert around the globe.

birdie4 birdie3
birdie1 birdie2

We are so proud of our game and our little yellow birdie... which EVERYONE is falling in love with all over the world! It’s just too cute. Herbert is making a mark all over the place! It doesn’t stop there, we have more exciting news, announcements and special presents JUST for you around the corner! Thank you for giving our new game such a warm reception, we’re so thrilled by your support! Stay tuned… bzzzZZZzzz…