Sunday, September 11, 2011

Empire of Modern Thought & The Attack of Lord Retro Sneak Preview Listening Party

The Attack of Lord Retro by Justin Lassen

A set of 9 tracks that I handcrafted throughout The Year of the Rabbit 2011 in my spare time. GOD COMPLEX, DANGEROUS DAYS, LIKE EMPTINESS, THE PROPHECY, WHITE LIGHT, REGRET NOT, LIFE FLASHES, MAGIC PLACE, HUMAN FRAILTY (31 Minutes of intricate storytelling). All were recorded in the beginning of the year with some cool analog synths in LA to keep it warm and authentic. I did final touches recently and happy to share with the world this special sneak preview. Each tells a different story or a set of stories in memorable shards, fragments, edits and analog synthesizers. Live strings and beauty from my beloved White Rabbit Asylum with a personal narrative of my own design. Enjoy and share. :) You wanna listen to them all in the right order? Click here for the official soundcloud player!