Thursday, July 14, 2011

Justin Lassen’s music in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Random House Teaser!


justin_eragon_e3_2006My music composition “Good Morning Bartók!” (my tribute to the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók) was chosen as the music for Random House’s book teaser of author Christopher Paolini’s final book “Inheritance” which comes out November 2011.

This is all too fitting because back in 2006 there was an interesting rumor going around on the Eragon forums by devoted Eragon fans that I was going to be doing the music for the film of the same name for Fox that year. I did not do that music, but kind of interesting trivia; how the past comes back like this. :) I even got to do some sound design and swords and stuff for it. :) Random House and Christopher both loved it!

Inheritance Teaser by Christopher Paolini

And here’s an interview snippet with Christopher about finishing his book:

Christopher handing in his manuscript of his 4th and final book in the series!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Notable selections from a decade of Justin Lassen remixes to listen to on #SoundCloud!


EMT Remix Selections 1999-2011 by Justin Lassen

Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you that there is now one place where you can listen to notable selections from my remix catalog. No longer do you have to surf the net on a thousand websites to find my work here and there. With 150+ official remixes in my career so far from the past 12 years, I’ll be uploading more for your to listen to from time to time. Stay tuned. I hope you enjoy! :)