Thursday, June 23, 2011

Justin Lassen featured in IGDA Perspectives June 2011


“The International Game Developers Association is the largest non-profit membership organization serving individuals who create video games. We bring together developers at conferences, in local chapters and in special interest groups to improve their lives and craft.”
”As an international organization, we use the Internet to connect with each other on a wide range of projects. This is a snapshot of what we're doing right now.”

Some of you may be familiar with the IGDA Perspectives Newsletter - it goes out to over 74,000 people each and every month! I feel honored to be in the June 2011 Issue about Audio!


Game Audio Above & Beyond

By Justin Lassen

“We’ve all seen the game audio landscape change over the years from obscure after-thought to full on planned productions. The first game soundtrack I heard that really made me feel it was as good as a movie soundtrack was Jeremy Soule’s Icewind Dale 1 soundtrack. A fully digital orchestra, but still capable of transporting me into that fantasy world. Game audio has always had the potential for appreciation in more mediums than games alone.”

“Here I want to highlight how I’ve utilized game audio in 4 of my projects that were not explicitly games alone, but brought it into new territories and industries. First and foremost, I consider myself a game composer, so when I get asked to do projects in other industries besides games, I can’t help but naturally bring those game composing methodologies and techniques with me. Whether it is film soundtracks, loop libraries, art galleries, I just can’t shake that I have game composing in my blood. Why fight it? I embrace it and utilize my game audio in those projects to further blur the lines and break new ground on what is acceptable and where things can go in the future.” [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Check out our iPad/iPhone/E-reader-Optimized version here (PDF): IGDA Perspectives June 2011.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Robert Miles–Antimony (Justin Lassen Remix)


Antimony (Justin Lassen Remix) by justinlassen

Thirteen (Deluxe Edition), Robert Miles - Buy on iTunesOver the past 10 years I have done 150 remixes. This being my 150th major [remixed] contribution to the earth (finished it last year). This is special to me because Robert Miles was also my FIRST official remix so many years ago... I took all that I learned from remixing and producing over the years and just made a track that I like listening to, something that made me think about things... I also used a bunch of loops from my White Rabbit Asylum collection on this as well. I think it was neat to merge me and Robert together in that way to create this Ambient/Electronic experience from sounds collected around the world. My undying respect goes out to Robert Miles, the man who helped give me my start in the music industry. Thank you Robert! (yes, that’s me singing in the shower!)

I hope you enjoy! :)