Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winners of the Intel Visual Life Contest!


  • Grand Prize Photo Winner - Doggie Heaven
    ”This photo was taken at Pajaro Dunes which is adjacent to the mouth of the Pajaro river south of Santa Cruz, CA. (Pajaro by the way means bird in Spanish). My dog Duffy is a half breed retriever and just about my best friend. When I'm out taking pictures he's almost always with me and almost always manages to get in the way and mess up what might have been a good landscape. Over time we've learned to forgive one another our trespasses…[read more].”
  • Grand Prize Video Winner - My Mini-Minneapolis in HD
    ”I'm Ray Rolfe, a visual artist from Minneapolis. I grew up in an extraordinaraly beautiful city, and so my life is very visual. Since digital photography has become very accessible, I've been making photos of my city, art gallery exhibitions, and fun events. At the time I made this video, I was enjoying a new camera I bought for myself pre-Christmas.
    I was inspired by experiencing my city…[

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