Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Justin Lassen’s White Rabbit Asylum reviewed in Wusik Sound Magazine May 2011!


Thank you Wuzik Sound Magazine for a great review of White Rabbit Asylum in May 2011 issue! You can check it out in their interactive magazine via this link!

[review]: “If you've seen movies such as The Grudge, Silent Hill, The Fog or 30 Days of Night you know that those types of spine-tingling, heart-stopping flicks demand strange and creepy soundtracks. Not to mention the work of an experienced composer in front of his orchestra or behind his mixing desk.

Such soundtracks create a sense of anticipation; give films a "tension and release" aura and put viewers on the edge of their seats. In other worlds, it'll make scary films scarier.

If you are a film composer or a desktop musician desperate for the right feel, composer and sound designer Justin Lassen has cut the work out for you.

White Rabbit Asylum is a construction kit library that contains 470 WAV files and is delivered in pristine 44.1Khz/24-bit formats. You'll get plenty of esoteric beats, odd FX loops, haunted melodies, drone-y beds, otherworldly ambiences & soundscapes to match and mix in Acid Pro sequencer or any other software that supports the WAV file format. WRA,  for short, is an intriguing sample library.

Many of the 1.2GB of samples were recorded between 2002-2010. The recordings took place in some of the most unusual places  imaginable using almost-unplayable instruments. Broken sounds? You get all kinds of them with just the right amount of twist. Some of the  best loops in this sample pack are the heavily processed beats and the atmospheric beds are tops. WRA has all the starter ingredients ready to take your composition to the next level.”
- Wuzik Sound Magazine, Canada, May 2011 Issue