Friday, May 20, 2011

Justin Lassen @ Roland University in Los Angeles!


I had a great time this week at Roland Corporation in Los Angeles. I was invited by Roland to check out the headquarters, meet Roland company people as well as the students/sales people they were training at “Roland University”. We all had a good time! Thanks Andy!

I got to play the new Jupiter-80 synthesizer! It is absolutely stunning! This is the next-gen!


My “hotel room studio” setup. A wonderful Roland Apro300 Midi Keyboard, my new brand new 2011 MacBook Pro 17, with 600GB Intel SSD, running Boot Camp/Windows 7 and Sonar X1 Pro! Also, that’s my talk/session composition that I utilized the Roland R-05 portable recorder and the Roland CS10-EM Binaural Headphones!!


In this photo, Justin Lassen, Seth Perlstein and Brandon Ryan. Love these guys! Here we are in the Roland lobby area saying our goodbyes after all the sessions. :) I got to talk about my White Rabbit Asylum (Sony) release in my session, and even got to show some of my talented singer friends from around the world during the session, like Naomi Mercer and ColeMarie Soleil.


It was an honor to meet Mr. Chris Bristol, the President and CEO of Roland Corporation U.S. Really passionate guy. Straight shooter and a guy that really cares about the people around him and MUSIC. His presentation about Roland in Japan was awesome, and I learned a lot about their history. Thanks Chris. You are the consummate professional with an aura of awesomeness.


This is the amazing Craig (CJ) Jones. I really enjoyed the parts of his session that I witnessed about the Roland VS20. Really warm, genuine guy and talented musician! He gave me a warm invitation to Nashville! CJ toured or performed with Edgar Winter, Tori Amos, Jay Boy Adams, Les Dudek, Leif Garrett, among others. Pretty cool! Check out his page on Myspace.


Here I am in the presentation room with Brian Alli, VP Sales. It was great getting to know him. His stories about Japan were awesome, and I learned a lot about their process. The thing I liked the most about Roland is that they are all passionate about what they do and make their artists and sales people feel welcome. Super pro.


This is Mr Ed Diaz. A Super amazing keyboardist from Roland! We chilled out this week quite a bit, and he did spectacular sessions! I think everyone should check out his YouTube Channel, especially this video at Music Power 2008!!! Witness the genius with your own eyes! That’s us with a Jupiter-80! :)


This is the ever fantastic man Dan Krisher who signed me with Roland. Really great meeting with him in person, a total honor. Takes care of me. :) Check out this video of him talking about the legendary Jupiter 8 the namesake of Roland’s new Jupiter-80!


Here I am in the “Roland Museum”, well, it’s a totally awesome room of working Roland gear throughout the years. I met the wonderful U.S. Customer Support people who help people everyday with their questions about the gear. The keyboard at the top near the orange sign, is the keyboard that got me into Roland, the XP-30! There was a ton more stuff there too… Honestly, it’s like a kid in a candy store… :)


This is the one-and-only David Holloway. We (Ed, David and I) spent several dinners hanging out at the end of session days. David does Director or Sales and Biz-Dev for Roland, He’s got an awesome sense of humor and outlook on things. Got to listen to a bunch of cool tunes they were discussing for an upcoming gig in Nashville. Wish I could be there! David and Ed let me try my first Eastern Indian food and stuff too. :) The trip was awesome. :)