Saturday, May 7, 2011

Enhancing Music Production with Solid State Drives: An Intel Case Study with Justin Lassen & Doyle W. Donehoo


“For musicians who rely on digital audio workstations for composing and recording, traditional hard disk drives can produce significant bottlenecks in the creative workflow. Composers Justin Lassen and Doyle W. Donehoo found that Intel® SSDs could help accelerate sample library load times and eliminate dropped notes, enabling them to capture creativity whenever it strikes.”

Check out the Case Study in PDF format here.


Spotlight on Justin Lassen
”Justin Lassen is a composer, remix engineer, and multi-instrumentalist with a varied array of credits to his name, including the symphonic suite “And Now We See But Through a Glass Darkly”; remixes for artists such as Lady Gaga, Garbage, and Linkin Park; and a collection of samples and loops produced for Sony called White Rabbit Asylum. He recently contributed to a video game produced by Blue Marble Game Co. and funded by the U.S. Department of Defense that helps with rehabilitation and therapy for service members returning from combat zones.”

Spotlight on Doyle Donehoo
”Composer Doyle W. Donehoo has scored a wide variety of popular and award-winning video games including Warhammer* 40,000: Dawn of War* II, America’s Army* 2 and 3, Savage* 2, and more. A former software engineer, Donehoo is deeply involved with integrating music and technology to deliver exciting orchestral works that could be equally at home in game, film, or television productions.”