Friday, April 22, 2011

It’s Art Magazine & Justin Lassen Presents “Human Nature” CG Contest for $35,000 in Prizes!


Hey everyone, I’m super proud to announce a new CG (computer generated art) competition for artists around the world! We got some really exciting sponsors and more than $35,000 in Prizes!! And some really spectacular judges for the jury that I’m honored to be seated with! We’re looking forward to see what you create!


From April 22nd to August 31st, IT’S ART is holding a contest called “Human Nature ”. In either 2D or 3D, Animation or Video you must try to portray what sort of situation, real or imaginary, the following concept can inspire you to create : "Human nature is the concept that there is a set of inherent distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking , feeling and acting, that all humans tend to have". The Challenge will start April 15th and will end August 31st. The challenge will be divided in two categories :

2D & 3D Stills Pictures
Animation / VFX ( movies )

Awarded compositor Justin Lassen has provided two music tracks for the animation / VFX section and artists will be asked to use it ( or part of it ) in their production. ( see Tracks Section for details)


Alex Ruiz is currently a freelance concept artist/illustrator lending his talents to the film, television, video game, publishing, and music industries. Clients include 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Sony, Radical Comics, Virgin Comics, and visual effects houses Perspective Studios and S4 Studios. He is also an art instructor at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and Studio Arts in Los Angeles, teaching classes in conceptual design, painting, and anatomy

Neil Blevins is working as a Technical Director for Pixar. In his spare time, he makes sci-fi 3d/2d hybrid artwork, author tools and writes art related lessons and tutorials for his website.

Peter Miller, Peter has just completed almost two years worth of work as Sound Designer and co-Supervising Sound Editor on the Paramount Pictures animation epic Rango, directed by Pirates of the Caribbean helmer Gore Verbinski.

Paul Gerrard : A career spanning over 15 years, as an art director for numerous successful computer games and a lead concept artist and pre-visual consultant  for some of hollywoods largest  movies. Including the recently trailered BATTLE LOS ANGELES for SONY PICTURES.

Justin Lassen, Composer. Remixer. Sound Designer. Visionary. With 15 years of experience in the music, film, and video game industries, Justin Lassen is well versed in all aspects of the creative arts, and his blend of classical technique and modern methodology has defined his success in all manner of genres. His wildly popular instrumental series, Synaesthesia, has been highly praised by everyone from EQ to Playboy Magazines. Likewise, his dark, symphonic masterpiece, And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly, has seen over 100 million downloads since its release in 2003.

To read more about the contest, submission details, guidelines, rules, prizes information, tracks, jury, etc. please visit the official It’s Art Magazine website portal: