Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Justin Lassen Judging the Visual Life Contest!

Justin Lassen - Visual Life

Intel Visual Life 2011 Contest

Mayan TemplesI've had a lot of adventures over the years, I've done a lot of travel around the world and I've worked on more than my fair share of cool international projects. I've had a mega successful blog and have (thankfully) accomplished a lot in the little time I've been alive. I've been a programmer, a graphic artist, a gymnast, a musician and worn many other hats. I've had a lot of beautiful, happy, sad, angry, mad, lovely, amazing, terrifying, horrific experiences. Above all, i'm visually inspired by art and life in its many forms and locations. Every day I live a visual life and grateful for every moment.

CitadelI feel lucky to know so many talented artists that create beautiful visual worlds, characters and landscapes. I travel the earth but I also get to transport myself to other worlds and create music from it. This is most noticeable in my Synaesthesia art series. I am inspired by the life around me as well as the thoughts and dreams of others. Artists are truly creators of worlds, and the advanced technology that we have today was once dreamed up long ago by nothing more than artists of the past. That's the magic of art  and technology and why it is so important for all of us and our future together on this planet.

DungeonsWhen most people travel or go on vacation they bring cameras and try to capture the moment as best as they can. I love that we can all capture special moments that are just ours alone. When I travel I also capture audio with recording equipment. I like to create an aural scrapbook of the strange, a library of audio of places I've been. Some of it I released in my Sony release "White Rabbit Asylum". I like to remember what a place sounds like, not just looks like and share that sound with the world. Whether i'm underneath a basilica in eastern europe or in the top wing of a castle or perhaps high atop a mountain or deep in an abandoned mine or asylum or swimming deep in the ocean, I like to remember what those places felt like, through audio.

justin_budanight13The senses to me, mingle and blur sometimes. A scent or smell can transport me to far away kingdoms or transport me back in time to memories I thought were long gone. I think its really cool that we live in a time where we are free to create our own worlds, I can compose a symphony based on scents, not just visuals or traditional media, games, film, etc. I can collaborate with all kinds of artists, both big and small and together find some sort of new, some sort of truth, and we can all learn from it.

A Look back on my Visual Life from 944 pictures from over 35,000+ photos I took from 2005-2009 for my retired LJ blog: (peaked 4 million readers)

Justin Lassen on LiveJournal (2005-2009) from Justin Lassen on Vimeo.

I hope that you will enter the Visual Life contest and share a piece of your world. I was asked to be a VIP judge for the contest. Surf on over to the Visual Life website and let’s see the world through your eyes. Good Luck! :)