Friday, March 25, 2011

New Testube Album featuring Justin Lassen!

Unintentional Packaging

Hey guys, I did a remix and wrote and sang some lyrics for Testube’s new album! Check it out! It was a really fun project and Testube is one of the greatest electronic artists out there in my opinion, and so I’m honored to be apart of it. Enjoy! :)  The packaging looks amazing!! :)'

Here is the track:

From Testube blog/press release:

The new Testube full length titled Unintentional has just been released! Featuring remixes from Type001, Unterm Rad, R010R, Justin Lassen, LowHero.DLL, and In Virus Tandem, this limited release serves as the perfect companion piece to the 2010 Testube album Off Purpose. Also included are several new tracks by Testube and a collaboration with Michael Lauter (White Trash Compactor). The album is available for download from all popular online retailers, as well as the Testube music store. A limited boutique CDr version is also being sold via Glim Records, with unique hand-assembled packaging and a "spontane" game spinner, designed to intentionally incite the unintentional in your life.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get White Rabbit Asylum before it sells out! 75% Off from Sony!


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Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum-1

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Justin Lassen Judging the Visual Life Contest!

Justin Lassen - Visual Life

Intel Visual Life 2011 Contest

Mayan TemplesI've had a lot of adventures over the years, I've done a lot of travel around the world and I've worked on more than my fair share of cool international projects. I've had a mega successful blog and have (thankfully) accomplished a lot in the little time I've been alive. I've been a programmer, a graphic artist, a gymnast, a musician and worn many other hats. I've had a lot of beautiful, happy, sad, angry, mad, lovely, amazing, terrifying, horrific experiences. Above all, i'm visually inspired by art and life in its many forms and locations. Every day I live a visual life and grateful for every moment.

CitadelI feel lucky to know so many talented artists that create beautiful visual worlds, characters and landscapes. I travel the earth but I also get to transport myself to other worlds and create music from it. This is most noticeable in my Synaesthesia art series. I am inspired by the life around me as well as the thoughts and dreams of others. Artists are truly creators of worlds, and the advanced technology that we have today was once dreamed up long ago by nothing more than artists of the past. That's the magic of art  and technology and why it is so important for all of us and our future together on this planet.

DungeonsWhen most people travel or go on vacation they bring cameras and try to capture the moment as best as they can. I love that we can all capture special moments that are just ours alone. When I travel I also capture audio with recording equipment. I like to create an aural scrapbook of the strange, a library of audio of places I've been. Some of it I released in my Sony release "White Rabbit Asylum". I like to remember what a place sounds like, not just looks like and share that sound with the world. Whether i'm underneath a basilica in eastern europe or in the top wing of a castle or perhaps high atop a mountain or deep in an abandoned mine or asylum or swimming deep in the ocean, I like to remember what those places felt like, through audio.

justin_budanight13The senses to me, mingle and blur sometimes. A scent or smell can transport me to far away kingdoms or transport me back in time to memories I thought were long gone. I think its really cool that we live in a time where we are free to create our own worlds, I can compose a symphony based on scents, not just visuals or traditional media, games, film, etc. I can collaborate with all kinds of artists, both big and small and together find some sort of new, some sort of truth, and we can all learn from it.

A Look back on my Visual Life from 944 pictures from over 35,000+ photos I took from 2005-2009 for my retired LJ blog: (peaked 4 million readers)

Justin Lassen on LiveJournal (2005-2009) from Justin Lassen on Vimeo.

I hope that you will enter the Visual Life contest and share a piece of your world. I was asked to be a VIP judge for the contest. Surf on over to the Visual Life website and let’s see the world through your eyes. Good Luck! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Justin Lassen at Game Developer Conference 2011 in San Francisco


Hey everyone, wow, just got back from GDC 2011. The premiere video game conference for developers, nerds and geeks from around the world. San Francisco was awesome, the show was great for me, met a lot of great people. I wish I took more photos!


I was invited to go this year to demonstrate “Making Music with MeeGo” at the Intel Booth and AppUp Developer Event. MeeGo is a Linux distribution that works on touch screen netbooks and tablets. In fact, I walked the show floor and found that I was the only one showing off music creation/composition at the entire show! At the AppUp Event, Intel was giving away really sweet 700 dollar ExoPC tablet PCs!! I used my bad ass Behringer UMA25S portable studio keyboard which I think is perfect when paired with EnergyXT and Meego/Indamixx2 setups. Vincent is an amazing jedi master of MeeGo!! :)


And here is my new 250GB 510 series Intel SSD: Ready to rock my musical sample production at 6Gb/s. :)


I was showing off a specific build of MeeGo called indamixx2, which featured my friend Jorgen’s software EnergyXT 2.5.4 as well as Ardour (a Linux Pro-Tools-like audio production tool) and other software like Renoise and even some spiffy EQ designed by an ex-SSL guy!


I created several (10 or so) music demos in EnergyXT and Ardour for the show because as I dove into it, I realized that it was so easy and so fun to create music in Indamixx that I just couldn’t stop. Really addictive portable music studio. All I need is an Indamixx2 setup and a tiny midi keyboard and I’m ready for sketches on the road. Here is an example of a music track I made with it for my friends new game ZapAttack called ZipZap.

Other than my appearances and talks/presentations, I did I think 7 interviews total at the show with different cameras and companies. I met so many great people, companies and colleagues at the show. Ran into old friends, new friends and found new projects!


I also got to meet the creator/designer/producer/owner/founder of one of my FAVORITE games of all time, “Cave Story” which is a Japanese game converted to english (thank you!) with the most precious story and nostalgic artwork. It is an underground respected cult classic game that was also ported to Nintendo Wii (I met the man who up-sampled all the tiles and graphics, it sounds like it was quite the task!) It was a total honor to be standing near greatness and to meet and befriend Pixel (the creator). I also met the creator/head eagle of Angry Birds!!!!!! I even got a yellow Angry Bird toy!! :)


I was interviewed for the 2nd time on Dave Graveline’s “Into Tomorrow” radio show. It was his birthday so I signed a Synaesthesia CD for him. Just 2 years ago was my first time on his radio show. Really great show and awesome guy! I was ALSO interviewed by the Intel SSD team as well as Arti Gupta (Intel) show “Take Five”, and some others! :)

Broadcasting from the Game Developers Conference. Brought to you in part by intel

Each night I went to different industry parties (Nordic, Microsoft, Pyramind, etc.) and just generally met so many people that I can barely keep track. I met the producer at Square Enix London who approached me digitally, ran into Marty O'Donnell (Halo), Jason Hayes (StarCraft, WoW, etc.), Brian Gomez (Jericho, Silent Hill 8). Gloria Soto (whom I know from back in the Interplay days), and of course I really can’t continue this list ,because it reads like a whose-who, and it was just a humble and honor to go to all the parties and say hello to everyone I ran into. I was being pulled left and right by everyone. It was a magic trip, filled with so many familiar faces and supportive peers of my efforts, adventures and projects.


It was great catching up with composers like Tommy Tallarico (we looked back on 2001 when we first worked together at Studio Voodoo), Tom Salta, Sean Beeson, Steve Ouimette (We judged the Guitar Center Drum-Off 2010 AZ store finals), Chuck Carr, Doyle Donehoo, and on and on and on. The GANG awards/party was great! I used to take pictures with everyone and everything I did, I’ve been really lazy lately but this trip made me realize I should get back into taking more pictures again. Posterity and memorables.

Overall everything was great, I was taken care of, and planted a lot of new seeds. Met some great new people and we’ll be working on some amazing new projects. Thanks for reading. :)