Monday, February 21, 2011

Justin Lassen composed soundtracks for Otomedius Excellent from Konami!

excellent2011-boxWelcome to Otomedius Excellent, a (boxed/physical) XBOX360 Konami game where really hot anime chicks from famous Japanese franchises in sexy revealing outfits, ride on rockets from Gradius and conquer level after level with waves of enemies and twists and turns! This is the follow-up to the famous Otomedius G. :) If you like shooters, you will love this game! :)

Well it has been unofficially announced for a while now, but this just means I can finally talk about my involvement. I composed cool soundtrack work for it last year (2010) over the summer before I went to Hawaii. Like all projects, I had to stay quiet about it until given their blessings and permission. :) I’m so proud and happy that it’s finally coming out!


It was my first time working with Konami and my dear friend and world renowned composer Norihiko Hibino (lead composer and producer at Gem Impact). Noteworthy interest, is that I also got to meet and befriend the composer of Gradius as well (Hitoshi Sakimoto), it is an honor to know them both to this day and getting to work with Norihiko and the other talented composers and world-wide effort like this is priceless! Thank you so much for having me on the project!

This was a really cool team-effort of composers around the world, an east meets west unique partnership of some really amazing talent lead by Gem Impact, that I am honored to be apart of!

From Japan: Yuzo Koshiro, Michiru Yamane, Motoi Sakuraba, Noriyuki Iwadare, Shinji Hosoe, Motoaki Furukawa, Kenichiro Fukui, Manabu Namiki

China: Roc Chen

USA: Jake Kaufman, Bently Jones, Jeremy Soule, Justin Lassen

The Official Trailer from Konami (2011)

and if you would like to see some footage of “stage 1” that I found on youtube. Enjoy and hope you like!

Stage 01–Otomedius Excellent (XBOX 360)