Saturday, February 5, 2011

Justin at Intel Atom Developer/AppUp Developer Event in Arizona!


Where's Justin? (*hint* beanie)

On February 3rd 2011 (Year of the Rabbit), I was invited to check out an Intel Atom Developer/AppUp Developer Application Lab in Chandler, Arizona @ Gangplank. I think the idea of an “AppUp Store” for netbooks is a necessary and awesome progression for netbooks as the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace or Microsoft Marketplace were for those devices. There are so many netbooks in the world today and the growth of atom based netbooks and tablets is very impressive. Very cool that Intel created a development community so they can create software and applications for all of us, make money and contribute to a strong growing marketplace. Check it out if you are a developer, the market is strong. :)

Gina and Justin being silly!

Here I am with the one and only Gina B! :) This is the cool backdrop we found to take a photo with our nerd badges. :) They had free Pizza, Beer and deserts for all the attendees, and everyone who went got a free Lenovo S10-3T (touch screen) convertible netbook/tablet with MeeGo operating system. I’ve been using MeeGo for a few days now, getting familiar with it. Learning more about Linux lately as well in general.


Neat little device from Lenovo. Kind of like an iPad and Netbook together in one. :) Here I am in Northern Scottsdale, Arizona, nice brisk chilly weather.

Why am I excited about netbooks/tablets? Portable music possibilities. I’ve always been an early adopter of mobile computing and bringing computers to places they’ve never been before, but with netbooks, I’m curious what is possible and what will be possible for musicians and composers! We all know there are exciting portable music apps, effects and software for the iphone/ipod/ipad, but with more powerful atom based devices with more ram, I’m looking forward to seeing what developers create for us musicians to make our musical dreams come to life! :)