Friday, February 11, 2011

Empire of Modern Thought on SoundCloud!

Check out “GOD COMPLEX” and “DANGEROUS DAYS” from EMT on #SoundCloud! These are some of the works from all my analog synth recording and intricate edits lately. Enjoy! :)

GOD COMPLEX by justinlassen
A dark film-noir electro old school track that could fit inside a film like "Dark City" meshed with "Underworld" and "The Matrix". Stutter editing across the entire plethora of tracks (about 70 tracks total). All synthesizers are the pure analog Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08! And no MIDI used, all pure audio. All drums and hits and fx are from one-shots pieced together methodically (no loops)! I wanted to see what I could do with the bare minimum again, bring it back to the old school production days. I hope you enjoy this beast. :) EMT.

DANGEROUS DAYS by justinlassen
I wanted to see what I could do with Dave Smith Instruments Analog Prophet 08, some loops from my own White Rabbit Asylum and my love for Charles Dickens, and the themes of broken hearts in many of his novels. I wanted to piece it together that tells a kind of story along the way. This was a labor of love, I hope you enjoy. :)