Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Los Angeles Studio Work and Collaboration


Hey everyone, an update, the last couple of weeks, I’ve been in LA since NAMM, doing lots of meetings and business as well as studio things. :) I was in south central working on some hip-hop/rap beats for some super talented rappers and artists. And I’m working with my other clients on lots of cool new stuff in the works.


Up in silver lake, I’ve been working a lot on the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08 on a couple dozen new songs and concepts for various game and music projects. I’ve been having a lot of fun with all the things you can tweak, and just the cool sounds this thing makes in general. Super warm analog goodness. :) It’s been interesting and therapeutic to work through emotions with a synthesizer like this. I’ve also been able to get pages of new poems/lyrics and melodies completed. Making progress.


I’ve met so many new amazing artists and performers at CES and NAMM, and many collaborations are being worked out. I love working with fresh unknown and up-and-coming as well as obscure and avant-garde artists. So many great inspiring people out there in the world, creating beautiful art. Keep creating, stay inspired, never relent. – j :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

NAMM 2011–StutterEdit Launch / iZotope


BT, Justin Lassen & Richard Devine. :) #wicked! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Justin Lassen’s White Rabbit Asylum reviewed in EQ Magazine (February 2011)


Check out demos of these libraries at EQ Magazine’s website! Thank you Craig Anderton!

This library has already been used in tons of video games, films, interactive projects, tradeshows, slot machines, radio sequences, animations and a cornucopia of random projects around the world since it’s release! If you also used it, keep sending in your stories! As one of Sony’s more unique offerings, it continues to get a lot of press and respect for it’s depth and usability.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

CES 2011: A few memories & highlights from Justin Lassen

CES 2011Pretty neat that an entire performance studio can fit into a laptop and still sound as huge as a Hollywood film soundtrack. :)CES 2011Alex Ruiz and Sapan Narula really did an amazing job and I must thank them eternally for helping make the show a success! Phil, the MC was amazing to work with! And all the sound engineers and techs were awesome!CES 2011Really great to meet the worlds fastest guitar player. Tiago Dela Vega is a really cool guy and a total showman! :)CES 2011It was neat to see him break his own Guinness World Record, playing flight of the bumblebees at 340BPM, which is 22~ notes per second! Tiago asked me to sign official papers as the “Musician Witness”for that spectacle.CES 2011This is Nicole, she made everything great for me while I was in Vegas and CES. She encouraged me back stage and her whole team was amazing to work with. Go LeadDog! :)CES 2011This is the one and only Sara Lindsay! She is one absolutely amazing musician, singer, songwriter and performer. She won the Intel contest where 6,000+ artists/bands all over the world submitted over 13,500+ tracks for a chance at $50,000 in prizes. Sara won the grand prize and had the most votes, she got a trip to Vegas, a bunch of gear and $10,000 bucks. I’m so proud of her. She also won a Justin Lassen collaboration though, I feel more like I won the chance to work with her!. :) We’ll be making waves…IMG_7367Here I am at Sara’s congratulations and welcome to the family dinner. :) She’s got such a sweet heart, humble demeanor and packs a punch of talent in her musical fingers and voice.IMG_7376I was so happy that one of my sponsors iZotope showed up to watch one of my performances. They sat right in the front. It was so cool to talk to them about fun secret stuff too. :) Mark (CEO) says I am the first person in the world to perform the iZotope StutterEdit plugin to the world, and he texted BT right from his seat to let him know! What an honor! :)IMG_7378Here I am with the 2 and only “iJustine” and her sister Jenny. Such sweethearts, and fellow gadget nerds, perusing the many neat toys at the show. We first met a few years back at a Richard Branson party in San Diego.IMG_7383Here I am at the SCS section of the Sony booth at CES. I had to say hello to one of my favorite companies in the world. Here they were showing off Vegas Pro 10 and I even shared some tips and tricks with some passer-byers! Which is AMAZING video editing software. I used it in making videos for the show!IMG_7390Here I am with the amazing independent Avante-gard cellist and composer Zoe Keating. We will be doing a remix/collab together soon. I made #cellobaby smile and laugh a few times. :) She said “we both did our artist mugs. “ :)

CES 2011

Here is Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas checking out some new technology at the Intel booth. That awesome smiley lady is the amazing Kellie!!! Mike G who took all these photos did such great shots!! A true master photographer!

There were many more stories, photos, adventures and stuff to share, but thought I’d give a little look at just some of the people that were there with us as wowed the world with nerd magic powers! :) Even co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen showed up and played some guitar on the Orange Amp OPC!

Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Justin Lassen performs at CES 2011 @ Intel Stage in Las Vegas


CES 2011

In case you missed the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas, it was incredible. Lots of neat new gadgets and technology coming out on the market! Here’s a re-cap of Justin Lassen’s performance and what he used and why. In 4 days Justin had a total of 9 performances with thousands of warm receptive CES Attendees! He even did meet-and-greet, photos, etc. with them after each show.

CES 2011

Justin Lassen showed his groundbreaking “Synaesthesia” art series to an unsuspecting audience to great applause, appreciation and interest all around. On stage he had a prototype brand new HP laptop with Intel’s 2nd Generation Core mobile technology (Sandy Bridge), with 8GB ram, 2 Intel SSD 160GB X25M’s, Windows 7, 2nd Gen Core i7 2.8Ghz (8-thread). A Roland A-500Pro midi controller (49 key) and a Roland UA25EX audio interface as well as BlueMic’s Encore 200.

With these minimal and mobile technologies and instruments, Justin was able to create hollywood sounding music for the audiences in real-time, showing off sample streaming/loading of instruments (SSD), massive track-count 64-bit performance and effects and the convergence of music and art and multi-core parallelization.

An excerpt of one of the performances from IntelChannel.

World renowned and awe inspiring artist Alex Ruiz created a special, high resolution matte concept painting entitled “Convergence” that had everyone's eyes glued to the 103” screen on stage during the performance. His image became a frontpage “Daily Deviation” on DeviantArt which garnered over 17K+ views!

Alex Ruiz created this sped-up video sequence of how he made “Convergence”

Justin also worked with extremely talented videographer, director, photographer, artist Sapan Narula from India, yet again, on the teaser video, showcasing all the amazing artists that inspired the Synaesthesia music/art series. He worked hard into the night and got the project done and delivered for the show in Vegas which impressed everyone!

Sapan Narula created this video in 1080 HD specifically for the 103” HD Screen at CES!

Since there were 9 separate performances, there were 9 variations to the composition “Convergence” for the painting of the same name. To hear one of the versions in all it’s glory, please check out Justin’s SixtyOne page for a listen! Stay tuned for more news! Intel also used compositions from Justin Lassen’s “White Rabbit Asylum” throughout the entire show between demos and artists!