Sunday, December 25, 2011

Justin Lassen Presents “Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer’s Key” Game Soundtrack & Demo! (Merry Xmas!)


So what is Grimm Quest for the Gatherer's Key?
It's a fantasy hack&slash game with a lot of platforming elements that you might find in games like the Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider (albeit more gothic) series, but from a First Person perspective. The world that players enter is wrought with danger. There are traps and enemies around each corner, coupled with pitfalls and abysses to cross. Cunning is often more important than quick reflexes (but those help too). The world of Grimm offers no remorse! Players will get very basic information and will have to learn how to travel this world by trial and error. Each weapon will require skill and has a learning curve. Most weapons have special attacks that can be used. Download The DEMO HERE!

Make sure to check out the gameplay videos and screenshots in the video and image sections.
You can also take a look at the youtube channel for Grimm.
Did you like what you see? Spread the word!

Based on the award winning Doom3 engine, enhanced with fully customizable features such as Parallax Mapping, HDR, Bloom, SSAO and other high-end features coming from Sikkpin's SikkMod, Grimm looks and plays like a modern game. This mod will move to Doom3 GPL as soon as it is released.

Heaven and Hell are at war and have been closed off to new souls. Human souls now wander in purgatory after death, unable to go up to Heaven or descend down to Hell. The angel, Gabriel, has stolen The Grim Reaper's key of the Gatherer's Keep, the entrance to both Heaven and Hell. He is determined to fight his way through the souls in purgatory and the Demons and Angels in Heaven and in Hell to regain what is rightfully his and restore order.

eventYou are the Grim Reaper.
And Lo those that stand in the way of the Grim Reaper and His Scythe.
For Ever Lasting Death will be their Fate.

Check out an interview with the developer over at PlanetDoom!

Haus of Persian Descent (f. NMERCER) by Justin Lassen

pdoom_logoJustin Lassen and Grimm's soundtrack
Together with the demo release I have another surprise for you guys, in the form of 2 wonderful tracks (that combine classical influences with Persian style instruments, creating a mix I've never heard before but mixes perfectly with the style of the game. Having the music really makes a title come alive and added the depth I needed to set the tone in this title. Justin is one of the most talented musicians I know, check out his work it's simply awe-inspiring) for the game included in this very release! I am just so extremely proud to be working with him and having him work his magic for Grimm!” – Bastian (Developer) [READ INTERVIEW]

ios_picIdiom of Sad naomimercerNMERCER

“I’d like to thank the talented Idiom of Sad and NMERCER for contributing vocals to the tracks in this demo soundtrack! Amazing artists!”

Friday, December 2, 2011

Justin Lassen Nominated for the Square Enix Music Online Game Music Awards 2011!


SEMO is proud to present the nominees of the Annual Game Music Awards 2011. These panel-voted officially recognized awards provide a thorough and wide-reaching recognition of achievement in game music over the last year.

2011A panel have determined the nominations of these awards. All panelists are experienced journalists and reviewers with an expert knowledge of the game music industry. The panelists have selected their choices by carefully considering the artistic, entertainment, and functional value of the game music created this year. All game music released between December 1, 2010 and November 30, 2011 was eligible for consideration, irrespective of the commercial success and production region of their associated games.

Herbert Starts His Day by Justin Lassen

The nominations are listed below. The winners will be announced during the final week of 2011!

2.4 “Outstanding Contribution – Newcomer”

Kan R. Gao (To the Moon)
Taku Inoue (Ridge Racer 3D)
Asuka Ito (Pilotwings Resort)
Justin Lassen (Herbert)
Akiyoshi Manabe (Tale of the Last Promise)
Gordon McNeil (Ctulhu Saves the World)
Yasuyuki Nagata (Shining Force Cross Raid)
Tsutomu Narita (UnchainBlades ReXX)
Brian Reitzell (Red Faction: Armageddon)
Brian Tyler (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

300211_10150298821472663_635957662_8003878_1744188801_nHey guys! This is a pretty cool honor, so thank you so much for whomever thought me worthy enough for a nomination! I was first informed by friend and composer who is also nominated in the chiptune category (Jimmy Hinson). It’s cool to see several friends of mine in various categories too. Herbert Soundtrack for the win!!!! I couldn’t be more happy that it was recognized! It’s surreal/neat to be in the same category with Brian Tyler (Modern Warfare 3!) Wow! I don’t expect to win or anything, but thankful for everyone who downloaded the soundtrack and the REMIX ALBUM, bought the game and supported me along the way! All of us on the Herbert team love you all very much, that our cute little Herbert game is so well received by you lovely people. YOU ARE THE BEST!” – J.Lassen

UPDATE (JAN.1ST): Brian Tyler wins for Modern Warfare 3.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tortured Minds (1995-2002) Soundtrack (all 19-tracks!) Available in JL BC Store!

torturedminds_CDcover_largeambiance, horror, storytelling, organic, live vs. synthesis, tortured minds™... 19 classic Justin Lassen tracks for 9.99! 

Remember this? maybe not, but... it's something really really special to me, considering the tools that were used to make it were not the conventional stuff that composers have available to them today. well, we're coming up on the 14th anniversary of it. It is moments like this, when these kinds of anniversaries arrive that I look back and pause for a moment to see all that i've been through. There are a few more anniversaries coming up too... I'm starting to feel old. I must keep chugging along. Tortured Minds™ was a staple project for me, and continues to be a legacy for those in the know. Hard to believe that back then this thing got over 7 million downloads back when downloading music was still very new! Not to mention the album sales!! This new Black Edition cover, has the more updated look, but still has the vibe of the first two pressings of it (including the D.A.M. version). Listening through it, I still feel the rawness of it, and yet, tons of memories...

Created from 1995-2002, first released on in 2 volumes in 2000 and 2002, re-released on web in 2007, and finally remastered and released in special edition in 2011 for you to buy in the Justin Lassen Store today!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Attack of Lord Retro (2011) and The Rise of Lord Retro (2007) Released Together!


Earlier this month; I had a sneak-peak of “The Attack of Lord Retro” on soundcloud. It was received extremely well with high marks from people in academia, video games, government, music, radio and art industries.The anticipated follow-up of the  2007 release “The Rise of Lord Retro”, a retro sci-fi universe, with an otherworldly story to tell. From epic space aria’s to introspective thought provoking electronica, there's something for everyone within these two distinct releases.

“The Attack of Lord Retro” High Resolution release through BC Music Store today!

"The Attack of Lord Retro", 9-Tracks and 30 Minutes of intricate editing, splicing and storytelling gives you some thought provoking introspective electronica to bring you back in time and home again. Featuring analog synthesis, live european chamber strings, custom sampling and familiar yet distant obscure memories from another time. An exploration album from the mind of Justin Lassen was created in The Year of the Rabbit (2011) as a pure artistic expression. The much anticipated follow-up to 2007's "The Rise of Lord Retro" Original Concept Soundtrack which got great reviews and support from it's initial reception in 2003, world-wide release from Intel in 2005 and it's special re-print in 2007, The multimedia project Lord Retro lives on. Enjoy this freshly released and mastered album (2011).

Also… For the first time-ever, the classic, “The Rise of Lord Retro” (2002-2007) is finally being released in full resolution for .99 a track! Or you can grab all 24 tracks for 9.99! The tracks were originally licensed in a few video games from 2002-2004 with an epic world-wide release by Intel in 2005 with the worlds first Dual-Core processors (multi-core). They remained in the vaults until 2007 for a limited edition release and went back into the archives. Today you can grab this classic JL original concept soundtrack release originally priced at 30.00 and make it apart of your collection! 9.99 for 24 tracks!

Grab both releases today at, listen to all the tracks, buy individually or buy the full albums! Thank you so much for all your support over the years! I’m so proud of these two collections of music. Recorded in Europe & USA.

Justin Lassen feature articles at Akai Professional and PreSonus Audio Electronics!

justinlassen_presonus2011That Justin Lassen is highly successful with his musical projects is no surprise to those who know him. He has long found ways to succeed in whatever interested him. As a youngster, he dove into scientific research, won gymnastics competitions, learned multiple computer-programming languages, and learned to create quality home videos, all before he was in his mid teens. But around age 16, he dedicated himself to music. He had been playing for years, of course, but from then on, he was a musician first. He put in the endless hours of hard work, and he persisted. The result has been a fascinating career and a range of musical accomplishments. He creates his musical magic beautifully, distinctively, intelligently, and passionately, and he believes in his artistic vision.” – PreSonus (2011) [READ FEATURE]

justinlassen_akai2011The consummate creator, Lassen is credited with a number of full-length recordings under various guises since he began his career at the age of 15. As Omnicron, a brooding electronica project with cinematic undertones, Lassen released 11 albums through a fledgling, quickly gaining notoriety as a musical prodigy with a penchant for classical composition. Next to break through was the industrial rock outfit Digital Dirt Heads, which featured Lassen in a multi-instrumentalist, Trent Reznor-like role, writing and producing hard edged material with the occasional collaborative element. But it was 2003 that saw Lassen’s star rise to new heights. And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly, his dark, symphonic chamber suite, cemented his status as one of the premier players in a budding video game scoring industry thirsty for crossover talent. With over 100 million downloads to date, it also set the tone for what would become a fiercely independent career, unfettered by major label methodology.” – Akai Professional (2011) [READ FEATURE]

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Justin Lassen Presents Herbert Original Soundtrack Remixes 2011 [FREE ALBUM]


You didn’t think we were done with Herbert music, DID you!? The 12-track Original Soundtrack (which you can get FREE by liking our Facebook page!) was released in August with the iOS game (.99cents), but we’ve been secretly working away on a special present for you… Bad ass, amazing Herbert REMIXES!! and… of course, FREE (again)! ;-> Yep, Herbert rocks like that. :)

Ladies and Gentleman!! We are proud to present to you the Justin Lassen Presents Herbert Original Soundtrack Remixes Album 2011! Now that's a long title! And… JUST as much work went into it from amazingly talented musicians. It was a carefully crafted global effort from amazing bands, artists and composers all over the world! Everything from dub step to metal to industrial to pop to orchestral, drum n bass, IDM, Glitch-tech, this remix album covers the whole spectrum in a way that only a project named "Herbert" could do. :) From San Francisco to Finland to Boston to Italy and several places in between! We’re so proud of these amazing artists for helping little Herbert out! They compliment the Herbert OST perfectly well, bringing the concepts even further 'out there'….

“I gave no rules, expectations, no guidelines, I let the artists do exactly what they wanted to do with each track! All of them sound so cool and collectively they are a fun mix of audible art for our brave little game! Thank you LXT, Jimmy Hinson, Iconcrash, Myc Wyse, Testube, Rich Curtis, DLP, LabRat for being apart of this release! Now everyone, download and enjoy! Curious what the original versions sounded like? That's still free too! Herbert has been a special project, and I couldn't be more proud of this group of artists for giving me their time, patience and hard work! Make both albums apart of your collection today! Free! :)” – Justin Lassen


That’s not all, my friends. Some recent updates that you should know about is that recently the code was revamped to run even better with a huge performance boost and game balancing in version 1.2! We were featured in a bunch of respected euro game press, even got a soundtrack review of the OST! On top of that, in Switzerland we got our own storefront window decoration! The stickers keep showing up all over the place too! So proud of all the wonderful people who downloaded the game and the soundtrack and supported our humble effort! Thank you everyone! There’s always more news on our Facebook page!

Now, Go check out the REMIX ALBUM!!! Thanks and Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Justin Lassen officially starts blogging for Intel ISN!

intelscreenshot2011_stripEarlier this year at GDC (spring 2011), I  was officially invited by Arti Gupta @ Intel to start blogging on their website (ISN). I figured that it would be a good place for me to talk about my-more audio-geek, technical, technology related entries. Also a great place to talk about the various events, tests and experiments with gadgets, industry and software.

ISN's primary web presence at is a collection of sites for the developer community that are authored both by Intel and by the community at large. These sites include forums, documentation and knowledge papers, confidential online support and download areas. Access is available both on a no-charge level as well as a more extensive, subscription level.” – About ISN

My first entry (“Justin Lassen on Creating Music with Netbooks!”)  was published recently and is on the experiments, professional productions and tracks I created with four separate Atom Processor based netbooks and tablets in Linux/MeeGo/Win7 during 2011. From video game soundtracks, electronica albums to movie trailers, I was able to use Netbooks for more than just “checking e-mail and surfing the web.” (a myth that so many people like to perpetuate for Netbooks). Please feel free to read the blog and listen to the examples that demonstrate the potential and future possibilities. I’d like to thank Gina Bovara and Josh Bancroft for helping me get things going!

Creating Music With Netbooks 2011 / Atom Processor / Energy XT 2.5

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Herbert Red Bull European Guerilla Tour 2011



By now maybe you’ve got our Herbert iOS game on your device and perhaps you downloaded the absolutely free totally cool original soundtrack? No? Shame on you. Get the game here (.99 cents), we even updated with a performance boost in 1.1! Join Herbert’s Facebook and get the full soundtrack to keep for yourself FREE!

Herbert Trailer 3 (swiss edition) from ETITE on Vimeo.

I bet you’re wondering what is going on now with our dear friend Herbert? Well you are in luck. Herbert just completed his first Swiss Red Bull Sponsored guerilla tour with the awesome guys from waschgang and premiered a BRAND NEW KICK ASS TRAILER on the tour too! (even projecting on the treasured Swiss “white house”) We think you’ll love it! This is hopefully the first of many exciting adventures for Herbert around the globe.

birdie4 birdie3
birdie1 birdie2

We are so proud of our game and our little yellow birdie... which EVERYONE is falling in love with all over the world! It’s just too cute. Herbert is making a mark all over the place! It doesn’t stop there, we have more exciting news, announcements and special presents JUST for you around the corner! Thank you for giving our new game such a warm reception, we’re so thrilled by your support! Stay tuned… bzzzZZZzzz…

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Justin Lassen Remixes “Toes” and “Everybody Breaks A Glass” for ‘Lights’!


Lights - Everybody Breaks A Glass (Justin Lassen Remix) by Justin Lassen

Lights - Toes (Justin Lassen Remix) by Justin Lassen

I got an interesting opportunity to remix two tracks especially for Canadian synth pop artist 'Lights' a couple weeks ago. Her label asked me to remix "Toes" (original) and "Everybody Breaks A Glass" (original). I brought "Toes" into outer space and "Everybody Breaks A Glass" into the industrial underground...

Juno Awards. Press room. Lights, New Artist of the Year.  March 29, 2009. General Motor Place. Vancouver, British Columbia. (Caras/iPhoto)"Canadian songstress LIGHTS was crowned Canada’s best new artist at the 2009 JUNO Awards, which took place in Vancouver, BC, on Sunday, March 29th.  The 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist won the prestigious New Artist of the Year award, joining past winners Feist, Avril Lavigne, and Michael Bublé" - skopemag (2009)

I have liked her music since her earlier EP days and am happy to see she's doing so well not only in the music world but the art world too (painting, drawing, designing, etc.). I am happy to present to you my 2 special edition Lights Remixes! Thank you Lights, her amazing manager Amanda and Wonderboy Entertainment (Canada). Cheers and I hope you all enjoy my work, eh? :) Also example of White Rabbit Asylum in action in pop music. :) I even sang some vox in some of it for layers.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Justin Lassen completes new soundtrack for Tyra Banks’ Modelland Release!

ModelLand1I’m happy to finally announce that I created a soundtrack for Tyra Banks’ new Modelland teaser! After a dozen or so variations and directions over the last couple of weeks, we were able to nail it perfectly for the vibe of her exciting fantasy series. I gave it an ambient/suspense/sci-fi/horror vibe… :)

The official teaser for Modelland! :)

ModelLand21The book is scheduled for release Tomorrow! September 2011, and they're already planning to turn it into a movie franchise.

"The story happens in a make-believe place called Modelland," says Tyra. "Every girl in the world wants to go there because it's where 'intoxibellas' are trained. Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce, and yeah, maybe they have some powers too. The story follows a teen girl and her friends who find themselves magically transported to Modelland, even though they're really not supposed to be there."

Interview with Tyra Banks about Modelland

It's for all the girls and guys who want a lot more FANTASY in their lives … and some fierceness and magic, romance and mystery, crazy and wild adventures, and yeah, some danger too…” –

You can check out the video, and her book at the Random House website (which has my music playing in the background!). I learned a lot on this production, and it was a neat opportunity to get a chance to do some work for a super model / actress/ mogul / talk show host and now fantasy writer. :) Congratulations Tyra!! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Empire of Modern Thought & The Attack of Lord Retro Sneak Preview Listening Party

The Attack of Lord Retro by Justin Lassen

A set of 9 tracks that I handcrafted throughout The Year of the Rabbit 2011 in my spare time. GOD COMPLEX, DANGEROUS DAYS, LIKE EMPTINESS, THE PROPHECY, WHITE LIGHT, REGRET NOT, LIFE FLASHES, MAGIC PLACE, HUMAN FRAILTY (31 Minutes of intricate storytelling). All were recorded in the beginning of the year with some cool analog synths in LA to keep it warm and authentic. I did final touches recently and happy to share with the world this special sneak preview. Each tells a different story or a set of stories in memorable shards, fragments, edits and analog synthesizers. Live strings and beauty from my beloved White Rabbit Asylum with a personal narrative of my own design. Enjoy and share. :) You wanna listen to them all in the right order? Click here for the official soundcloud player!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Justin Lassen track “Cold & Blue” (featuring CoMa)


Cold & Blue (featuring CoMa) by Justin Lassen

Check out my new song “Cold & Bluefeaturing CoMa! Currently residing in Germany, long-time friend, ColeMarie has quietly made a name for herself as a multi-hyphenate artist / designer / machinimist / songwriter / performer. She’s been making some splashes as Soleil (a global collaboration between her and Japanese composer Tasuku Arai) as well as working with a lot of talented Dubstep artists around the world.

"Like the winter cold and deep, my eyes awaken, as from a sleep, it gets so cold, outside my door, and now you see, eternally, forever... there is no truth, you’re open to falling." - CoMa

We’ve always talked about having her sing on a track, and it finally came to fruition recently. She gave the track some beautiful soul. I sang in it with her towards the end of the track as well. Please enjoy and feel free to share! CoMa and myself appreciate it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Justin Lassen Presents Herbert Original Soundtrack + iOS Game!


I’m super proud of my good friends ETITE. A year in the making, the talented swiss developer ETITE have release their first iOS game (iPhone/iPod/iPad) “Herbert : The Misanthropical Fly” for only .99 cents! Go check it in the App Store today! Fun way to spend a few minutes when you have spare time with your iDevice. 10 really fun weapons including but not limited to rainbow guns!, loads of killing and oddity and music genuinely set for a starry eyed trippy party.

herbert_icon_iosNot only is the game released, but I proudly present to you the full original soundtrack for this game, and we’re giving it away completely free. yep, the whole album, free to you! :) All you have to do is “Like” the Herbert Facebook page and grab yourself a free download of the full soundtrack and add it to your library, no e-mails, no zips, no hassle, just free. The game is cool and very unique and the soundtrack hopefully matches those qualities. We hope you like it! :)

budapest_bird_sticker_2011budapest birdie bird_herbert_stickers2011box of birdies

Both ETITE and NIhil Studios are proud of this launch! Yellow bird stickers are showing up everywhere from Budapest to Switzerland to USA! :) More goodies and stuff coming soon… stay tuned! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Justin Lassen's first Symphony (2003) Re-Released FREE full Chamber Suite Download!


It’s hard to believe that it has been 8 years since the release of “And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly” [2003], some of my most treasured work, which Billboard and Playboy called “…a masterpiece.” and put me on the map so many years ago. It helped open up all sorts of opportunities over the years. It’s thanks to this 17-track, 35 minute dark chamber symphonic masterpiece that I am where I am today.

“ANWSBTAGD” not only helped my career, but earned me some of the coolest fans and listeners around the world and got me featured in notable magazines like Playboy, Billboard, ReGen, etc. It was my first iconic effort into dark classical music, specifically chamber music, chamber recording and romantic raw classical instrumental and performances. Also my first time playing violin! It was one of my first solo experiences with live orchestra and well, orchestrating! I sang all the layers of vocals in it, and used quite primitive equipment!


I had no big intentions for it, it just sort of took on a life of its own over the years. The original limited edition 1,000 copies sold out in 2003 faster than I could have imagined! I put it up for download free after, with no commercial intentions and I just wanted to get the music out there! And out there it did! I could have never dreamed that by now it received over 105+ Million downloads world-wide and got me interviewed in top magazines, radio stations and shows around the planet… not to mention helped me meet a lot of my heroes in the music industry and supportive fans all over!

40MB Download Below!

It’s raw, it’s dark, but most importantly ,it’s really genuine, and it really defines me in a big way. It’s still kind of a puzzle that many have left to solve. These mp3s have been circulating on dozens of websites, P2P networks, pirate sites, FTPs, and I wanted to re-release it in a easy to find friendly site. I found and wanted to give it a try, it seemed really easy and I liked their mission… free music! If you already have the symphony, cool, if not, re-download and enjoy all over again, this timeless suite. Thank you all!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Justin Lassen featured in August Siggraph 2011 Visual Adrenaline Magazine!

va10-magazine-32Intel® Visual Adrenaline magazine has tracked the career of digital musician Justin Lassen since our earliest editions. For this issue, we checked back with Justin and talked to his artistic friends to learn what technology has done for them lately. Justin introduced three of his digital heroes: Kirsi Salonen, Alex Ruiz, and Erlend Mørk.” – VA Magazine, August 2011

pages_siggraph_visualadrenaline_2011I’m happy to say that I got featured in this months Visual Adrenaline Magazine and share the pages with DreamWorks, World of Warcraft, The Creators Project and other amazing creators of fine digital artwork and technology!

I brought along a few of my talented friends into the spotlight with me! I’m proud and honored to share the limelight with the lovely and gifted Kirsi Solonen from Finland (whom painted that monster on my shoulder up above!), the mega talented Alex Ruiz from Los Angeles, CA (whom is a constant collaborator of music/art with me) and the uber-darkly inclined and otherworldly Erlend Mork from Norway (apart of the Synaesthesia series!)!

Great little read, with a group of cool artists that I respect immensely. Enjoy!

The magazine is distributed at Siggraph 2011 by Intel this year in Vancouver, B.C., Canada but YOU can download a PDF (15MB) of it anytime you want!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Justin Lassen Remixes for Shawn Clement’s Quantum Quest Motion Picture Soundtrack!

Quantum_Quest_BSXCD8884I'm super proud of my good friend Shawn Clement, composer and musician extraordinaire who created a beautiful and magnificent score with an 80 piece Skywalker Symphony Orchestra up in San Francisco at the Skywalker Scoring Stage for this movie. He asked me to do a special Justin Lassen remix for the soundtrack release which I am honored to be apart of! Thank you Shawn and everyone should go check this movie out! My remix is Track 24: “The Quest (Justin Lassen Remix)”!* – preview clip below!

Quantum_Quest_(2009)QUANTUM QUEST: A CASSINI SPACE ODYSSEY is set in a scientifically accurate rendering of our solar system in 3D stereoscopic. The audience is taken on a simulated solar safari, exploring the outer planets and moons of our solar system.

BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the original soundtrack to QUANTUM QUEST: A CASSINI SPACE ODYSSEY, featuring music composed by Shawn K. Clement for the 2009 animated science fiction/adventure film from Jupiter 9 Productions and Digimax, Inc., featuring the voice talents of actors Chris Pine, Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Christensen, Amanda Peet, Robert Picardo, Jason Alexander, Sandra Oh, Brent Spiner, James Earl Jones, William Shatner, Mark Hamill, Doug Jones, Abigail Breslin, Spencer Breslin, Gary Graham and astronaut Neil Armstrong.


1. Cassini (0:45)
2. Anti-Matter (1:32)
3. Sun City / The Game (3:09)
4. Opportunity To Serve (0:43)
5. Departure Station (1:43)
6. The Core (1:09)
7. The Battle (1:12)
8. Ignorant Moronic Fools (1:03)
9. The Void (1:37)
10. Ghost Fight (0:42)
11. Incoming (0:53)
12. Fate Of Trillions (2:04)
13. Dave in Space (1:03)
14. Fear / The War Machine (3:23)
15. Ring City (0:33)
16. Are You Milton? (1:16)
17. Destroy The Dave, Destroy The Light (1:52)

18. Cassini Commander (0:42)
19. Flipping Switches (1:23)
20. Destroy Me (1:00)
21. Operation Photon Extermination (3:15)
22. The Message / Dave Delivers (4:16)
23. Universe of Possibilities (2:14)
24. The Quest (Remix)* (5:21)
25. The Message / Dave Delivers (Demo) (4:10)
26. The Message (Remix)** (6:32)
* - Remix by Justin Lassen
** - Remix by Audnoyz
Published by Clemistry Music Publishing, ASCAP
Total Time: (54:38)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Justin Lassen’s music in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Random House Teaser!


justin_eragon_e3_2006My music composition “Good Morning Bartók!” (my tribute to the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók) was chosen as the music for Random House’s book teaser of author Christopher Paolini’s final book “Inheritance” which comes out November 2011.

This is all too fitting because back in 2006 there was an interesting rumor going around on the Eragon forums by devoted Eragon fans that I was going to be doing the music for the film of the same name for Fox that year. I did not do that music, but kind of interesting trivia; how the past comes back like this. :) I even got to do some sound design and swords and stuff for it. :) Random House and Christopher both loved it!

Inheritance Teaser by Christopher Paolini

And here’s an interview snippet with Christopher about finishing his book:

Christopher handing in his manuscript of his 4th and final book in the series!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Notable selections from a decade of Justin Lassen remixes to listen to on #SoundCloud!


EMT Remix Selections 1999-2011 by Justin Lassen

Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you that there is now one place where you can listen to notable selections from my remix catalog. No longer do you have to surf the net on a thousand websites to find my work here and there. With 150+ official remixes in my career so far from the past 12 years, I’ll be uploading more for your to listen to from time to time. Stay tuned. I hope you enjoy! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Justin Lassen featured in IGDA Perspectives June 2011


“The International Game Developers Association is the largest non-profit membership organization serving individuals who create video games. We bring together developers at conferences, in local chapters and in special interest groups to improve their lives and craft.”
”As an international organization, we use the Internet to connect with each other on a wide range of projects. This is a snapshot of what we're doing right now.”

Some of you may be familiar with the IGDA Perspectives Newsletter - it goes out to over 74,000 people each and every month! I feel honored to be in the June 2011 Issue about Audio!


Game Audio Above & Beyond

By Justin Lassen

“We’ve all seen the game audio landscape change over the years from obscure after-thought to full on planned productions. The first game soundtrack I heard that really made me feel it was as good as a movie soundtrack was Jeremy Soule’s Icewind Dale 1 soundtrack. A fully digital orchestra, but still capable of transporting me into that fantasy world. Game audio has always had the potential for appreciation in more mediums than games alone.”

“Here I want to highlight how I’ve utilized game audio in 4 of my projects that were not explicitly games alone, but brought it into new territories and industries. First and foremost, I consider myself a game composer, so when I get asked to do projects in other industries besides games, I can’t help but naturally bring those game composing methodologies and techniques with me. Whether it is film soundtracks, loop libraries, art galleries, I just can’t shake that I have game composing in my blood. Why fight it? I embrace it and utilize my game audio in those projects to further blur the lines and break new ground on what is acceptable and where things can go in the future.” [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Check out our iPad/iPhone/E-reader-Optimized version here (PDF): IGDA Perspectives June 2011.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Robert Miles–Antimony (Justin Lassen Remix)


Antimony (Justin Lassen Remix) by justinlassen

Thirteen (Deluxe Edition), Robert Miles - Buy on iTunesOver the past 10 years I have done 150 remixes. This being my 150th major [remixed] contribution to the earth (finished it last year). This is special to me because Robert Miles was also my FIRST official remix so many years ago... I took all that I learned from remixing and producing over the years and just made a track that I like listening to, something that made me think about things... I also used a bunch of loops from my White Rabbit Asylum collection on this as well. I think it was neat to merge me and Robert together in that way to create this Ambient/Electronic experience from sounds collected around the world. My undying respect goes out to Robert Miles, the man who helped give me my start in the music industry. Thank you Robert! (yes, that’s me singing in the shower!)

I hope you enjoy! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Justin Lassen’s White Rabbit Asylum reviewed in Wusik Sound Magazine May 2011!


Thank you Wuzik Sound Magazine for a great review of White Rabbit Asylum in May 2011 issue! You can check it out in their interactive magazine via this link!

[review]: “If you've seen movies such as The Grudge, Silent Hill, The Fog or 30 Days of Night you know that those types of spine-tingling, heart-stopping flicks demand strange and creepy soundtracks. Not to mention the work of an experienced composer in front of his orchestra or behind his mixing desk.

Such soundtracks create a sense of anticipation; give films a "tension and release" aura and put viewers on the edge of their seats. In other worlds, it'll make scary films scarier.

If you are a film composer or a desktop musician desperate for the right feel, composer and sound designer Justin Lassen has cut the work out for you.

White Rabbit Asylum is a construction kit library that contains 470 WAV files and is delivered in pristine 44.1Khz/24-bit formats. You'll get plenty of esoteric beats, odd FX loops, haunted melodies, drone-y beds, otherworldly ambiences & soundscapes to match and mix in Acid Pro sequencer or any other software that supports the WAV file format. WRA,  for short, is an intriguing sample library.

Many of the 1.2GB of samples were recorded between 2002-2010. The recordings took place in some of the most unusual places  imaginable using almost-unplayable instruments. Broken sounds? You get all kinds of them with just the right amount of twist. Some of the  best loops in this sample pack are the heavily processed beats and the atmospheric beds are tops. WRA has all the starter ingredients ready to take your composition to the next level.”
- Wuzik Sound Magazine, Canada, May 2011 Issue

Friday, May 20, 2011

Justin Lassen @ Roland University in Los Angeles!


I had a great time this week at Roland Corporation in Los Angeles. I was invited by Roland to check out the headquarters, meet Roland company people as well as the students/sales people they were training at “Roland University”. We all had a good time! Thanks Andy!

I got to play the new Jupiter-80 synthesizer! It is absolutely stunning! This is the next-gen!


My “hotel room studio” setup. A wonderful Roland Apro300 Midi Keyboard, my new brand new 2011 MacBook Pro 17, with 600GB Intel SSD, running Boot Camp/Windows 7 and Sonar X1 Pro! Also, that’s my talk/session composition that I utilized the Roland R-05 portable recorder and the Roland CS10-EM Binaural Headphones!!


In this photo, Justin Lassen, Seth Perlstein and Brandon Ryan. Love these guys! Here we are in the Roland lobby area saying our goodbyes after all the sessions. :) I got to talk about my White Rabbit Asylum (Sony) release in my session, and even got to show some of my talented singer friends from around the world during the session, like Naomi Mercer and ColeMarie Soleil.


It was an honor to meet Mr. Chris Bristol, the President and CEO of Roland Corporation U.S. Really passionate guy. Straight shooter and a guy that really cares about the people around him and MUSIC. His presentation about Roland in Japan was awesome, and I learned a lot about their history. Thanks Chris. You are the consummate professional with an aura of awesomeness.


This is the amazing Craig (CJ) Jones. I really enjoyed the parts of his session that I witnessed about the Roland VS20. Really warm, genuine guy and talented musician! He gave me a warm invitation to Nashville! CJ toured or performed with Edgar Winter, Tori Amos, Jay Boy Adams, Les Dudek, Leif Garrett, among others. Pretty cool! Check out his page on Myspace.


Here I am in the presentation room with Brian Alli, VP Sales. It was great getting to know him. His stories about Japan were awesome, and I learned a lot about their process. The thing I liked the most about Roland is that they are all passionate about what they do and make their artists and sales people feel welcome. Super pro.


This is Mr Ed Diaz. A Super amazing keyboardist from Roland! We chilled out this week quite a bit, and he did spectacular sessions! I think everyone should check out his YouTube Channel, especially this video at Music Power 2008!!! Witness the genius with your own eyes! That’s us with a Jupiter-80! :)


This is the ever fantastic man Dan Krisher who signed me with Roland. Really great meeting with him in person, a total honor. Takes care of me. :) Check out this video of him talking about the legendary Jupiter 8 the namesake of Roland’s new Jupiter-80!


Here I am in the “Roland Museum”, well, it’s a totally awesome room of working Roland gear throughout the years. I met the wonderful U.S. Customer Support people who help people everyday with their questions about the gear. The keyboard at the top near the orange sign, is the keyboard that got me into Roland, the XP-30! There was a ton more stuff there too… Honestly, it’s like a kid in a candy store… :)


This is the one-and-only David Holloway. We (Ed, David and I) spent several dinners hanging out at the end of session days. David does Director or Sales and Biz-Dev for Roland, He’s got an awesome sense of humor and outlook on things. Got to listen to a bunch of cool tunes they were discussing for an upcoming gig in Nashville. Wish I could be there! David and Ed let me try my first Eastern Indian food and stuff too. :) The trip was awesome. :)