Friday, August 6, 2010

White Rabbit Asylum news & JL in Hawai’i Summer 2010

A free gift from Justin Lassen & Sony on!! Their famous 8-packs have been going on since the 90’s, and now for the first time ever, this week, there is a special 8-pack called “Last Night I Dreamed of a Watery Demise”. The sample song is pretty awesome! You can even download Acid Express 7.0 free and play with it! Have fun! Get it while it’s hot!

Listen: play
Download:  (58MB)
Download our free version of ACID: ACID XPress 7.0

White Rabbit Asylum seems to be doing quite well out there in the wild. The name “White Rabbit Asylum” was deliberately chosen amongst other artistic reasoning, because it also had ZERO hits in Google and other search engines. Not only a few weeks after it’s release it has over 189,000+ hits on Google. :)

is now also available for purchase through the Sounds/To/Sample website, which also has a sweet demo track they made showcasing some of the samples in the collection. It’s always nice to hear what other composers out there do with it. If you’ve done something with it, send us a link!

Sony Creative Software has a Justin Lassen section now. Check it out! It also has a link to the Interview that went out in the newsletter and showcase.

Aloha!! Amidst all this wonderful news, Justin Lassen has been living out on the Hawaiian islands this summer. “I got to swim with eels, octopuses, puffer fish, parrot fish, sea turtles, all kinds of fish!” says Justin. It was a summer filled with hiking, camping, cliff jumping, surfing, road trips, snorkeling, exploring lost ruins and waterfalls and relaxation in the ocean. Justin is all recharged and ready to take on the fall season ahead. Mahalo!

Until next update, take care!