Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NAMM 2010: Justin Lassen’s White Rabbit Asylum Sonar8.5/Apro800 Demo

From Roland Cakewalk: SONAR User Justin Lassen is a well-respected multi-instrumentalist, composer, remixer and producer. He has produced remixes for artists such as Madonna, Garbage, Blue Man Group, Lenny Kravitz, The Killers, Lady Gaga, NIN, Evanescence, as well as numerous projects for the film and game industries. In this video, Justin takes you track by track through his latest project, as arranged in SONAR 8.5 Producer.

"Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum" is Justin's premiere Signature Sony Premium Collection Loop Library about Sorrow, Heartbreak and most importantly, Hope. It is a 2-Disc collection of samples, loops, sound design and performances that Justin composed and sampled / collected / created over the past several years all over the world on his many adventures.

"Sonar 8.5 really is like a whole new version, Step Sequencer, Groove Clips are some of my absolute favorite features that really came in handy on this new project. A-PRO 800 is a fantastic Roland board that reminds me of my treasured Roland XP-30 in a lot of ways. I adore that." – Justin Lassen

Justin has journeyed to places like cathedrals, basilicas, World War II crawl spaces, catacombs, forests, mansions, castles, asylums, opera houses, concert halls, empty stages, hospitals and abandoned buildings in the USA, UK and Europe for inspiration. It even contains some of his lost live orchestral sessions and magic treats. It is rich with ideas and concepts that will inspire you to step into the world of Justin Lassen and see and hear through his eyes and ears.

Part 1: 9:02

Part 2: 8:25

Part 3: 8:52

Thank you Roland/Cakewalk!

Click Here to listen to the Full Version of the Song from the demo!