Friday, March 26, 2010

Lassen’s Synaesthesia on Oasis Classical & Instrumental Radio Sampler 2010


Congratulations! Enclosed, I am delighted to say, are your copies of the latest Oasis Classical & Instrumental Sampler(tm). The Sampler will go out to our special list of radio stations within the next week. It also goes to a fantastic “secret” list of industry insiders who may contact you if they like your track, but have asked us not to make their names public for fear of being swamped with inquiries.” – Oasis CD Letter


Track 19 is Justin Lassen’s “Hajieelkhe (Renewed)” a dark classical, epic cello suite, which was the track that accompanied Linda Bergkvist’s CG painting/portrait of the same name in Lassen’s first Synaesthesia series on CGSociety. An interesting number because each Disc in the Synaesthesia Collectors Edition release have 19 tracks each, with 2 hours of music. Check it out for yourself at the official or Buy the CD and own it! Paul Hellard, editor of CGSociety is also mentioned in the booklet of the sampler with his quote:

I recommend everyone to close their eyes, listen to these tracks and see the inspired art inside.” – Paul Hellard,


Thank you very much for participating in our Sampler program and, again, congratulations! Best wishes for your continued success – enjoy the music!” – The Oasis Project Management Team