Saturday, January 23, 2010

Justin Lassen at NAMM 2010 and Intel Feature!


Justin Lassen – NAMM 2010: Thursday 2PM, Friday 5PM
”[[ (January 14th-17th) SONAR user Justin Lassen is a well respected multi-instrumentalist, composer, remixer and producer. ]]”

“[[ In this special session, Justin will be going over some of his latest tracks, dissecting the SONAR projects themselves. He'll highlight features in SONAR 8.5 that speed the creative process and aid in crafting his own particular sound. (prepares) (appearances) (harmonycentral) ]]”

Press: Justin Lassen was also interviewed by several magazines, websites and journalists at various booths during the show. stay tuned! (note: He was also featured in a bunch of the Cakewalk and Intel literature, catalogues and articles distributed at NAMM 2010, and a large sign/pic at the side of the booth!)

NAMM 2010 and Los Angeles 016

Announcements: The Sony Premium Collection “Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum” was announced this year at NAMM 2010! Justin’s presentations showcased some of the content from the library for the audiences as well as the flagship composition of the series!

Meetings: Justin got to meet a lot of famous visionary and legendary artists, producers, remixers, performers, singers, companies and musicians during the 4 days from LA and around the world! Lots of neat new projects, contracts and magical collaborative possibilities. (Justin even got to sign his Limited Edition “Synaesthesia” for David Lynch, and got a signed copy of Mulholland Dr!)

Cakewalk says: “Power SONAR user and well-known composer Justin Lassen discussed his journey to Belgium to record in a 17th century castle.  Justin emphasized that with SONAR 8.5’s virtual instruments, Session Drummer 3, True Pianos and the new A-PRO Keyboards there is no need for hiring a full orchestra to create full-bodied compositions.” [picture]

Justin Apro800

Intel says: “Meet Mr. Industrial: Justin Lassen is living the dream. As a pioneering digital musician, Lassen is well-connected and in high demand. He’s also demanding of himself and his PCs, because creating high-end audio requires tons of raw – and smart – compute power. Recently, Lassen upgraded to the Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition. Read why he was blown away.” [check out the full intel article]


Stay tuned for more photos and videos and some surprise announcements!