Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where has Justin Lassen been?


I have been jet-setting like crazy and working on so many projects with sponsors, labels, companies and clients since the last update here these last 3 months. I use to have someone update this blog for me more regularly, but it looks like it’s mine again. They became busy, and I wanted to drop in and say hello. I’m alive.

To sum everything up; amidst all the usual day-to-day operations and travel, meetings, interviews, etc., I’ve been working hard on new video game soundtracks, tv show licensing, singing/songwriting stuff (that I’m excited to share soon!), remixes and collaborations with cool artists around the world (India, Scandinavia, Europe, etc.). Also some soundtrack stuff in Japan and even soundtrack for a cool game for service members with PTSD for the Department of Defense. Not enough words to go into detail, been really busy. :)

I should note that I’ve been tweeting more than any other social-networking, and I’m starting to lose faith in blogs, which is one of the reasons I ended my LJ adventure blog last year. My official websites have all been mal-nourished as well. I am working on this, new content is on it’s way, thank you all for hanging in there with me and I hope your year has been going good too!

A stream of new releases will show themselves in the following months. Stay tuned. Thank you!

Friday, August 6, 2010

White Rabbit Asylum news & JL in Hawai’i Summer 2010

A free gift from Justin Lassen & Sony on!! Their famous 8-packs have been going on since the 90’s, and now for the first time ever, this week, there is a special 8-pack called “Last Night I Dreamed of a Watery Demise”. The sample song is pretty awesome! You can even download Acid Express 7.0 free and play with it! Have fun! Get it while it’s hot!

Listen: play
Download:  (58MB)
Download our free version of ACID: ACID XPress 7.0

White Rabbit Asylum seems to be doing quite well out there in the wild. The name “White Rabbit Asylum” was deliberately chosen amongst other artistic reasoning, because it also had ZERO hits in Google and other search engines. Not only a few weeks after it’s release it has over 189,000+ hits on Google. :)

is now also available for purchase through the Sounds/To/Sample website, which also has a sweet demo track they made showcasing some of the samples in the collection. It’s always nice to hear what other composers out there do with it. If you’ve done something with it, send us a link!

Sony Creative Software has a Justin Lassen section now. Check it out! It also has a link to the Interview that went out in the newsletter and showcase.

Aloha!! Amidst all this wonderful news, Justin Lassen has been living out on the Hawaiian islands this summer. “I got to swim with eels, octopuses, puffer fish, parrot fish, sea turtles, all kinds of fish!” says Justin. It was a summer filled with hiking, camping, cliff jumping, surfing, road trips, snorkeling, exploring lost ruins and waterfalls and relaxation in the ocean. Justin is all recharged and ready to take on the fall season ahead. Mahalo!

Until next update, take care!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4 BRAND NEW Justin Lassen Interviews @ Sony, OSV, Sonoma WireWorks and iZotope!

wra_post Justin’s been very busy this month after the launch of his highly anticipated release “White Rabbit Asylum” with radio, website, magazine and live interviews everywhere (more to come!). Here are 4 new interviews from June 2010 that give new insight into the mind, spirit and creative process of Justin Lassen. Thank you Sony, OSV, Sonoma Wire Works and iZotope for your continued support and for getting the word out in your world class newsletters and websites!


izotope_interviewjune2010_3 "The multifaceted Justin Lassen has over ten years of experience composing for the music, film, and game industries. His resume includes sound design for artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Garbage, Blue Man Group, Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, and Evanescence. We caught up with Lassen to talk about his work composing for video games get an update on recent projects." - Read Full Interview @ iZotope (June 2010)

"The world of real-time game audio effects has yet to pick an industry leader, and I think iZotope is poised to be that leader." – Justin Lassen (June 2010)


osv_reviewjune2010  "We’re huge fans of Justin Lassen’s work in games and film. From his work on Midnight Meat Train with Jason Hayes and Gerard Marino to his disturbing Out of Hell soundtrack and Synaesthesia solo album, his dark cinematic compositions have kept us at the edge of our seats on more than one occasion. Well, for musicians and composers out there who are looking to explore this  dark orchestral style for themselves, it just got a lot easier to venture into these haunted soundscapes with White Rabbit Asylum, a new loop and sample library overseen by Lassen himself." - Read Full Review @ OSV (June 2010)


sonoma_interviewjune2010  "Some have said that advancements in technology were killing the music industry. They've claimed that the internet and file sharing have destroyed the music industry and eliminated people's desire to pay for music. Others have said that creativity has been lost and bands are not trying anything new. Justin Lassen shatters these views in almost everything he does. His rise to fame was not because of a some pop hit or jingle, it was millions of downloads of his classical-electronic symphonies. With remixes for Lady Gaga and Linkin Park, he earned the respect of the music industry, but it was his innovative use of computer generated art that earned him the accolades of the visual art world. Justin broke new ground by creating original music inspired by and matched to still CG imagery. A passionate DrumCore and KitCore user, Justin took time out of his incredibly busy schedule to let us know what he's working on, how he gets inspired, and how DrumCore helps his workflow." – Read The Full Interview @ Sonoma Wire Works (June 2010)


sony_interviewjune2010  "A self-proclaimed "old school user" at the age of 28, Justin Lassen has been using the tandem combination of Sound Forge and ACID since the early days, and his work can be seen (and heard) in a bevy of different places. His maudlin sojourns into soundtrack creation (Midnight Meat Train) and symphony composition (And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly) have resonated with thousands of gothic and indus-trial fans, while his remix work for Top 40 bands like Lady Gaga and The Killers flex his penchant for twisting up pop melodies into new sonic landscapes. He's also just released a Sony Creative Software Premium Collection loops and sample library, White Rabbit Asylum. We spoke with Justin about how ACID Pro compliments his workflow as a producer, a remixer, and a composer, and why he's stuck by the software since its first iteration back in 1998." – Read The Full Interview @ Sony (June 2010)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum Released by Sony Today!

 Sony Sound Series: Loops & Samples


Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum:
A Dark Cinematic Construction Kit

“A forgotten old piano played by ghostly hands. A porcelain doll with eyes that blink. A painting that watches you, a secret passage in the depths of an abandoned insane asylum – these are a few of the things that keep composer and sound designer Justin Lassen awake deep into the long night – not trembling with fear, but inspired by the dark side as he dreams up soundtracks for inexplicable and unsettling affairs. White Rabbit Asylum is a complete construction kit for making strange and creepy soundtracks. Immerse yourself in field recordings captured in dusty and forlorn spaces, haunted melodies played on decaying instruments, strange murmurings and more, delivered in pristine 24-bit sound on this exclusive Sony Sound Series Premium Collection title. Justin’s sojourns into soundtrack creation and symphonic composition have resonated with thousands of gothic and industrial fans, while his remix work for acts like Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and The Killers flex his penchant for twisting pop melodies into epic sonic landscapes. White Rabbit Asylum capitalizes on the remix aspect of Justin’s portfolio as well, with an array of beat and FX loops that fit right in with all the deep, otherworldly, sad, scary, and emotional soundscapes drawn from his private aural scrapbooks of the strange. Don’t be afraid of the dark – enter the Asylum and take control of the grim forces within!” – Sony (June 2010)

2-CDs: 470 (1222 MB) original, royalty-free WAV files.


Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum

Deep, otherworldly, sad, scary, and emotional soundscapes drawn from Justin Lassen’s private aural scrapbooks of the strange. A complete construction kit.”
$69.95 (DL)
$73.95 (Packaged)
Buy Here

Read Sony’s Showcase about Justin Lassen. “Years of work finally completed! Enjoy! Let me know what you do with it! Looking forward to hearing everyone's’ creations.” – J. Lassen

Friday, June 4, 2010

Synaesthesia in new media, films, projects, World Expo 2010 and SecondLife!

Justin Lassen Presents Synaesthesia continues to get massive exposure and recognition on major websites, blogs, in magazines and now at the World Expo Shanghai 2010 and SecondLife for his pioneering work in CG/Music! Most recently an interview with Justin from Steve Pitzel was featured on the front-page of the wonderful CGW Magazine (direct link).”


This year, The World Fair is being held in China at the host city of Shanghai. A truly global event, over 250 countries are represented in this festival celebrating culture, arts and music with at least 70 million visitors expected to attend ensuring the widest possible participation in the history of the world expositions.” (brief)


Select tracks from Justin's CD (Synaesthesia) are being used in short films that appear on massive 4 meter screens at the Expo in the Spain Pavilion guaranteeing a great rush of new listeners and viewers alike. (video news)


Aino Baar convinced the Spanish officials to give OPEN THIS END a venue to showcase Second Life machinima and artists, for Worlds Fair Shanghai 2010.” (blip)

"...Lady Carmagnolle was a performing robot at the theatre on the island. She was fitted with strings to make her resemble a marionette, but they were merely ornamentation for her last show. After the theme park was abandoned she remained on the stage with her lighting robot. Slowly the theatre collapsed with age and her strings rotted away. She would climb up and retie the strings in an attempt to keep the only identity she had ever known intact..." (read more story here) - Bryn Oh (SecondLife Artist)

"The music for this machinima was created by a very talented composer by the name of Justin Lassen. He very graciously let me use the track. And some very good news for Second Life is that Justin has come in world as the avatar DarklyInclined Hummingly (thanks to ColeMarie Soleil) and has been inspired to compose work by Immersiva and Straylight sim. Our virtual world art inspiring first life artists?  Professional curators like Aino Baar bringing our work to the World Expo?  Now if only some other curators would use some vision.  My previous post showed the effect that professional sound composition had on 7 days magic bakery, so imagine a sim owner commissioning Justin to create a custom soundtrack. It would be stunning." - Bryn Oh

Photographer and videographer Hal Bergman, whom is responsible for some of Justin's most iconic photo shoots, went on an expedition around the US armed with a camera and a spirit for adventure.

"I spent four hours shooting photos and videos of windmills in the Altamont Pass, 50 miles East of San Francisco. Justin Lassen contributed the music. This track, called "Hajieelkhe (Renewed)", can be found on his new album, "Synaesthesia". Shot entirely on the 5D Mark II with a 70-200 2.8L lens." - Hal Bergman

These are some examples of Justin’s Synaesthesia music going new places and art around the world. Justin would like to thank all artists involved for keeping Synaesthesia going strong! If you would like to purchase a copy of the Special Limited Edition click here to goto the store!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NAMM 2010: Justin Lassen’s White Rabbit Asylum Sonar8.5/Apro800 Demo

From Roland Cakewalk: SONAR User Justin Lassen is a well-respected multi-instrumentalist, composer, remixer and producer. He has produced remixes for artists such as Madonna, Garbage, Blue Man Group, Lenny Kravitz, The Killers, Lady Gaga, NIN, Evanescence, as well as numerous projects for the film and game industries. In this video, Justin takes you track by track through his latest project, as arranged in SONAR 8.5 Producer.

"Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum" is Justin's premiere Signature Sony Premium Collection Loop Library about Sorrow, Heartbreak and most importantly, Hope. It is a 2-Disc collection of samples, loops, sound design and performances that Justin composed and sampled / collected / created over the past several years all over the world on his many adventures.

"Sonar 8.5 really is like a whole new version, Step Sequencer, Groove Clips are some of my absolute favorite features that really came in handy on this new project. A-PRO 800 is a fantastic Roland board that reminds me of my treasured Roland XP-30 in a lot of ways. I adore that." – Justin Lassen

Justin has journeyed to places like cathedrals, basilicas, World War II crawl spaces, catacombs, forests, mansions, castles, asylums, opera houses, concert halls, empty stages, hospitals and abandoned buildings in the USA, UK and Europe for inspiration. It even contains some of his lost live orchestral sessions and magic treats. It is rich with ideas and concepts that will inspire you to step into the world of Justin Lassen and see and hear through his eyes and ears.

Part 1: 9:02

Part 2: 8:25

Part 3: 8:52

Thank you Roland/Cakewalk!

Click Here to listen to the Full Version of the Song from the demo!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lassen’s Synaesthesia on Oasis Classical & Instrumental Radio Sampler 2010


Congratulations! Enclosed, I am delighted to say, are your copies of the latest Oasis Classical & Instrumental Sampler(tm). The Sampler will go out to our special list of radio stations within the next week. It also goes to a fantastic “secret” list of industry insiders who may contact you if they like your track, but have asked us not to make their names public for fear of being swamped with inquiries.” – Oasis CD Letter


Track 19 is Justin Lassen’s “Hajieelkhe (Renewed)” a dark classical, epic cello suite, which was the track that accompanied Linda Bergkvist’s CG painting/portrait of the same name in Lassen’s first Synaesthesia series on CGSociety. An interesting number because each Disc in the Synaesthesia Collectors Edition release have 19 tracks each, with 2 hours of music. Check it out for yourself at the official or Buy the CD and own it! Paul Hellard, editor of CGSociety is also mentioned in the booklet of the sampler with his quote:

I recommend everyone to close their eyes, listen to these tracks and see the inspired art inside.” – Paul Hellard,


Thank you very much for participating in our Sampler program and, again, congratulations! Best wishes for your continued success – enjoy the music!” – The Oasis Project Management Team


Friday, March 19, 2010

Justin Lassen at Game Developer’s Conference 2010

"Digital Arts at GDC 01 - Justin Lassen - A special episode recorded at the 2010 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco."
– ISNTV (Broadcast on Thursday, March 11th, 3:30pm-4:00pm, Moscone Convention Center, GDC, 2010)

Justin Lassen made his annual trek over to GDC 2010, in San Francisco, CA. Amongst the usual pitches, publisher meetings, dinners, lunches and catching up with old friends and meeting tons of new ones from around the globe in the video game dev world, he also was interviewed by ISNTV’s “Digital Arts” program, which was live broadcasted from Booth #1212 on the show room floor!

The interview talks about Justin’s Synaesthesia release, his new upcoming Sony Premium Content Loop LibraryJustin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum”, his infamous hard drive crash and SSD’s, being creative, staying inspired, world travel and other topics. Check it out!

Justin was at GDC representing a few different unannounced (secret) projects, as well as Long Nguyen’sOut of Hell” award winning mod, and met up with Long in San Francisco. “Out of Hell” sound design was also a demo at the Cakewalk area of the Intel booth. A tiny snippet in this video about Core i7 from Cakewalk/Intel.

"Here is one story I'm sure all of the Silent Hill fans out there would appreciate. After our final meeting on the second day, I was completely wiped so I told Justin that I needed to head back to the hotel to rest up for a couple of hours or so. About 30 minutes after I left, Justin met none other than Akira Yamaoka! AKIRA YAMAOKA!!!! Legendary composer and producer behind the Silent Hill series, THE MAIN INSPIRATION behind Out Of Hell!"
- Long Nguyen, Lead Developer "Out of Hell" (Read Long’s full Experience on his official Blog with pictures!)

pics_justinlassen_12 Intel’s coverage of Mr. Lassen was great before and up to the events at GDC. Tweeting all week, and writing several great articles and blogs mentioning him. One was a great blog about Michael Giacchino winning the Oscar this year about staying creative. The other was an announcement about Justin’s interview appearance:

"Justin Lassen - The Musical Side of Darkness: How much time do you have left to create? - Hearing sound, seeing color - composer, musician, artist, Justin Lassen epitomizes the essence of synaesthesia, and his work of the same name, Synaesthesia, a project 5 years in the making that pairs him with some of most gifted CG artists in the world,  so closely intertwines the relationship between sound and visuals it's nearly impossible to separate them."
- Steve Pitzel, Article at Intel

This has got to be the best GDC I've ever attended! I’ve been going for a while now, and this was a real treat. I got to meet so many wonderful people (old and new friends from all over the world). It was incredible!” says Justin.

Amazing people like Paul Lipson, Steve Pitzel, Jordan Thomas, Lorne Lanning, David Chan, Jon Jones, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Akira Yamaoka, Rhianna Pratchett, Martin Nerurkar, Jayson Napolitano, etc. (way too many to list.)

He continues “I Did a bunch of fantastic meetings with developers, tech companies, publishers, creative people, technical people, friends and new acquaintances. It’s the usual mish-mash of badassicalness! I loved every bit of it! Thank you everyone for giving me the best time, and making the trip worth while! Nothing better than the game industry and the hard working people in it and I'm humbled and honored to be a part.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Justin Lassen Presents Synaesthesia Trailer 2010





"Well-connected and in high demand, Lassen is living the dream: creating compositions that play in the convergent space where game industry and music industry merge. To be sure, this is not your father's soundtrack." – Intel

"I recommend everyone to close their eyes, listen to these tracks and see the inspired art inside." - Paul Hellard, CGSociety (Australia)

Teaser Available at YouTube and Vimeo in HD!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Justin Lassen at NAMM 2010 and Intel Feature!


Justin Lassen – NAMM 2010: Thursday 2PM, Friday 5PM
”[[ (January 14th-17th) SONAR user Justin Lassen is a well respected multi-instrumentalist, composer, remixer and producer. ]]”

“[[ In this special session, Justin will be going over some of his latest tracks, dissecting the SONAR projects themselves. He'll highlight features in SONAR 8.5 that speed the creative process and aid in crafting his own particular sound. (prepares) (appearances) (harmonycentral) ]]”

Press: Justin Lassen was also interviewed by several magazines, websites and journalists at various booths during the show. stay tuned! (note: He was also featured in a bunch of the Cakewalk and Intel literature, catalogues and articles distributed at NAMM 2010, and a large sign/pic at the side of the booth!)

NAMM 2010 and Los Angeles 016

Announcements: The Sony Premium Collection “Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum” was announced this year at NAMM 2010! Justin’s presentations showcased some of the content from the library for the audiences as well as the flagship composition of the series!

Meetings: Justin got to meet a lot of famous visionary and legendary artists, producers, remixers, performers, singers, companies and musicians during the 4 days from LA and around the world! Lots of neat new projects, contracts and magical collaborative possibilities. (Justin even got to sign his Limited Edition “Synaesthesia” for David Lynch, and got a signed copy of Mulholland Dr!)

Cakewalk says: “Power SONAR user and well-known composer Justin Lassen discussed his journey to Belgium to record in a 17th century castle.  Justin emphasized that with SONAR 8.5’s virtual instruments, Session Drummer 3, True Pianos and the new A-PRO Keyboards there is no need for hiring a full orchestra to create full-bodied compositions.” [picture]

Justin Apro800

Intel says: “Meet Mr. Industrial: Justin Lassen is living the dream. As a pioneering digital musician, Lassen is well-connected and in high demand. He’s also demanding of himself and his PCs, because creating high-end audio requires tons of raw – and smart – compute power. Recently, Lassen upgraded to the Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition. Read why he was blown away.” [check out the full intel article]


Stay tuned for more photos and videos and some surprise announcements!