Saturday, November 21, 2009

Win a signed copy of Justin Lassen’s Synaesthesia in the Out of Hell screenshot contest!

contest_ooh2009The scary zombie total-conversion UT2K4 mod Out of Hell has been doing extremely well in the press and with the fans! In just a week of it’s Halloween release it has had over 10,000+ downloads (Earlier this week Justin posted on the OOH Forums an announcement of a contest sponsored by Valve Software, Epic Games, Nihil Records and Creative Labs!)! Long’s Post (announcement)!

The contest is live now! You can win some great prizes from all those companies, including 1st place winners get one of the first limited collector’s edition copies of Justin Lassen’s Synaesthesia 2-Disc digipak, signed!

Download and play the game (free) (Long has also released the first patch!), make screenshots for 3 categories, and submit them to The contest and the game are free, you having nothing to lose, and a chance at something to win! Have fun!

 The Prizes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd:prizes

Out of Hell has been featured up on everything from, to, etc. Long Nguyen and Justin Lassen have been getting a lot of attention and praise from fans and industry for both the game and the original soundtrack.

"One-man attic coding endeavor puts majority of big budget shooters to shame." -

"After seven years in development UT2004 horror mod Out of Hell has finally been released, and it looks like it's well worth the wait!" -

"Out of Hell, a true dinosaur of an Unreal Tournament 2004 zombie mod – from times before Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor, or even Zombie Panic or Brainbread for that matter – is one of those interesting projects that simply refuse to wither and go away. After all, most hobby mods such as these rise and fall over the course of mere months, but not Out of Hell: This particular game has been in the making, without a public release (sans one antiquated preview demo), for more than six years!" -