Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Revived Justin Lassen interview from Billboard Author and industry book!

Recently Justin was featured in a music industry newsletter from talented author and writer Daylle Deanna Schwartz. It was revived from a fuller interview (13 pages) he did for her for the 2005 Book: “I Don’t Need A Record Deal!” published by Billboard Books. Thank you Daylle! Sign up for her newsletter today! She has got a great blog called “Lesson’s from a recovering doormat”.


An excerpt from the newsletter/interview:

How do you stay centered? "I stay away from the industry as much as possible, for clarity and productivity. Sometimes you can get swept away in all of the bells and whistles of the industry and forget what you are doing, or get discouraged. I've been rich and I've been poor. I've been wined and dined, and I've been treated like #!@#, from both the 'big wigs' and 'little wigs'. It is very important to stay un-jaded and positive. Always have hope. I heard in a war movie that "once you lose hope, you're dead anyway." It is most important to stay inspired and never relent. Be a good person, and work hard. The industry sorts all the posers out." - Justin Lassen

"When you read this, keep in mind that Justin only just turned 28. He's accomplished more before reaching 30 than many artists do in a whole lifetime!" - Daylle Deanna Schwartz