Saturday, October 31, 2009

Out of Hell horror-survival-zombie game released on Halloween 31st!

outofhell_halloween2009Long time friend and collaborator, Long Nguyen, creator of one of the most highly anticipated FPS mods on the indie scene, after over 6+ years of development by one person (him), has decided to launch his horror survival zombie game “Out Of Hell” today on Halloween 2009 to his supportive fan base around the world, free!

So there it is. I have decided to return to my original plan of releasing Out Of Hell as a completely free Total Conversion for everyone...the way nature intended!” – Long Nguyen’s Blog


As you may know from interviews and press, Justin Lassen wrote the entire score for “Out of Hell'”, a worldly and haunting 27-track ambient horror experience crafted to fit the game perfectly. Get the game today!