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Justin Lassen’s 9 Favorite Highlights of Two Thousand And Nine


Justin Lassen’s Nine Favorite Highlights of Two Thousand Nine

We asked Justin Lassen what his favorite creative and career moments were for the year of 2009, so without further ado and in his own words (and in no particular order):

  1. The opportunity to remix a handful of Indie and Major label artists this year, including: Lady GaGa, The Killers, LowHero.DLL, Zach Ashton, Wendy Starland. A few of these became extremely popular all around the world throughout the year, and gained me a lot of new fans. Listen to some.

  2. I had the honor of being invited into the IAA (Intel Audio Alliance) by Steve Pitzel and Michael Rivet at Intel. I was also invited into the Advisory Board of the Game Audio Network Guild (Tommy Tallarico’s G.A.N.G.), by the amazing and hard working Dave Chan and Paul Lipson! Such an honor to be co-advisory buds with all those wonderful game audio industry people!

  3. I was featured in 2 respected industry books (print) this year. “Music To Die For” published by Cherry Red (UK) by author Mick Mercer, which humbly credited me as one of the early pioneers of the kind of music and audio editing I’m known for. "DDH was doing modern glitch-tech edits (by hand) over Goth soundscapes before it had a name (before Linkin Park, etc.) DDH was the initial career launching-pad for Justin Lassen." – Music To Die For (2009)

    I was also featured in the infamous #1 music industry book “Confession’s of a Record Producer” published by Backbeat Books by author Moses Avalon. It was a huge honor because this was one of the primary books that influenced me in the 90’s. Not only that, I was on the very first page of this 10th Edition! I thanked him for that, and putting me before some of the other much bigger names, and he said "Thanks Justin. You deserve it." – Mo (2009) :)

  4. I contributed to my industry (audio) in 2 very cool, very fun, and very creative ways. Firstly, I got the brilliant opportunity to design special presets for iZotope Alloy™ in August (Thanks to Nick Dika)! I got to test this audio plug-in and create some really great starting points for producers, remixers, composers and engineers. Even created iZotope’s favorite preset “Squiggly Fish Frequencies” :)

    Lastly, but not least, from March – November, I worked on my own Justin Lassen signature loop library for Sony! It is under their 24-bit Premium Collection series, and will be out early next year. (Thanks to Steve Foldvari , Rich Thomas and Mike Scheibinger) It is called “Justin Lassen Presents White Rabbit Asylum”. I sub-title it “those amongst us with broken hearts, hide inside the darkest arts.” – J. Lassen*

    *It also doubled up as almost a “journal” through my own sadness, heartbreak and other such nonsense this year. 2 CD’s worth of creative starting points, and a chance to “compose like Justin”.

  5. On 09.09.09 I ended my extremely successful LiveJournal blog (2005-2009), which lasted for 4 years and was one of the most successful writing achievements for me, to constantly document and archive my adventures around the world, in and out of the industry. It didn’t capture everything, but it came pretty close. It had tons of dedicated readers all over the world giving me millions of unique hits a month. It was time to kill it, for new mediums to come. After that, I wanted a fresh start and decided to “tweet” and “facebook” instead. I’m proud of what that blog represented, and met a lot of visionary people in the past 4 years and personally, I think it showed a lot of growth. Took a lot of guts to end it. I’m also thankful for my new assistant who watches over the sites and blogs for me now. 

  6. A lot of press and exposure this year on a HUGE international scale. I have done dozens of interviews this year, in magazines, websites, videos, blogs, top-tier ad-campaigns, reviews, brochures, newsletters, in-stores, catalogs, sponsorships (full page JL ads in a bunch of top audio mags), shows, radio, conferences, stages, talks/lectures, etc. I was represented very well at several of the key tradeshows in my worlds, such as NAMM 2009, GDC 2009, ASCAP 2009, E3 2009 an Siggraph 2009. Some of the feature highlights include being main featured in Remix Magazine, 2DArtist Magazine, Intel Visual Adrenaline Magazine (twice!), Dave Graveline Radio Show, and more than I can list here. Hits and eyeballs numbering in the dozens of millions (~36M in 2009), globally! Insane amounts of fan mail and business mail to boot. I also got to write articles, reviews and tutorials for respected magazines like Studio Monthly and Remix Magazine!

  7. After getting my massive Core i7 studio workstation and decking out my studio with new gear, I was able to stay quite productive on my musical work in new ways. I re-mastered my 2003 Symphony, as well as the famous Synaesthesia compositions. "Justin Lassen Presents Synaesthesia" was released finally after 5 years of work, world-travel and a princely life of jet-setting. It's a culmination of my love for art, in a beautiful 2-CD set. I'm very proud of it!

    Other releases that happened this year besides the usual, "Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train" came out earlier in the year on DVD and Blu-Ray, which created new interest in my cult-classic soundtrack that I created for Lakeshore Records for the film last year. Lakeshore posted up a ton of great reviews and highlights I got on that release! (14 exclusive Justin Lassen Remixes, with my favorite bands like Apocalyptica, ALU, Iconcrash, etc.)

    While this I see as more of an accomplishment for my dear friend Long Nguyen, I am also very proud of it... the Total-Conversion MOD for Ut2k4 called "Out of Hell", finally came out on Halloween of this year, after 7 years of development. The trailer did very well too. The game, In it's first week had over 10,000+ downloads, and by the end of the year, it has topped over 30,000+ downloads, and is up for mod of the year, and has garnered much industry support, review and attention by game press and respected developers around the world. My music has been compared in kind ways to legendary horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. It's 27-tracks of hellish soundscapes that brought the Out of Hell universe to life. Long said it gave the game it's "soul". The Out of Hell fans are extremely wonderful people whom have said countless amazing things about the game and my soundtrack. Thank you all!

  8. Produced a lot of rap and hip-hop tracks this summer with my little brother 5mm as well as for a few other friends into that sort of music. Though tons of my hip-hip/rap community friends say my "beats" are dope and should be in the Top 40... I like that. :) I won't drop any names. :) I also mixed and mastered 11-tracks for another friends debut "Reggae Massive" CD release (Synrgy – Live and Love Album coming out next year!) These are 2 genres I am not normally interested in, but this year was a great year of exploring outside my comfort zone, and taking on a more active role than just remixing or orchestrating. Much fun.

    I scored a short film in India earlier this year called “First Rain”! That was a lot of fun, I have worked with The Kapoor Brothers before on an international commercial campaign for Shuttle PC a few years back, so to be asked to work with them again, this time on a heart-felt film, was a great humbling honor.

    I also wrote tons of lyrics, poetry and recorded an arsenal of new vocal demos, collaborations, soundtracks, concepts, oddities, classical stuff, unreleased stuff, sound designs, for myself and others. I also released more free music this year than I have in any previous year, on a plethora of social sites and music hubs, gaining tons of new fans in so many different genres of music. I'm really proud of all the collaborations I've done this year, and happy to have got to meet so many people in so many different countries. Tons of listens, tons of new fans.

  9. In previous years, my usual cup of tea each year, has been to travel around the globe, to far off lands. This time, and this year, I stayed in the United States for most of the year. I got to go to the east coast (NC, SC, GA etc.) for a bit, to Vegas, Colorado, etc. Everything from famous haunted dungeons below historical revolutionary buildings in Charleston, SC to great heights off-roading in Colorado above 13k feet. Fishing, camping, road trips, etc. The big geographical change for me was getting out of California though. I'm glad I did that.

* These are career and specific notable highlights, and do not go into detail of Justin’s personal life. Justin would like to thank everyone who has believed in him and his work this year.

“To everyone who continues to bring me opportunities, listens to my music and want to see me and help succeed. Thank you all so much! While this might not seem like a big list, for me, it was huge. I hope the new year brings many more successes for everyone.” – J. Lassen

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Justin Lassen Presents Synaesthesia 2-Disc Collectors Edition Released!

Click Here To Buy Now!

5 years in the making, Justin Lassen's groundbreaking Synaesthesia Series is finally here in a gorgeous, limited edition 2-disc collector's set. Composed and created on two continents over the course of the past half decade, Lassen's Synaesthesia project combines music, story, data, and artwork in a sublime experience that transports listeners to unimaginably fantastic worlds.

Uniting the talents of a cadre of legendary CG artists, Lassen brings their visual work to life with an amazing score of dark classical and ambient music, richly composed, flawlessly performed, and beautifully mastered. 'Justin Lassen Presents Synaesthesia' has a clarity of vision that is undeniably brilliant in its creative marriage of art forms, and Lassen's audio-scapes have a raw and fundamentally visceral quality that will leave listeners at-once breathless and energized, transported and transfixed.

Never-before-released on CD, this amazing set features nearly 2 hours of ultra-high quality music on 38 tracks over 2 discs. It is released in a limited edition, one time printing -- once it sells out, it's gone. *The first 200 copies will be hand signed by Justin Lassen.

-Josh Catone

Purchase at Nihil Records/Big Cartel Now!

"I recommend everyone to close their eyes, listen to these tracks and see the inspired art inside." - Paul Hellard, Editor of CGSociety (Australia)

“Art is a power. Music is a power. And when these two forces combine in Lassen's Synaesthesia projects, truly wonderful things happen – not only visually, but you will find each and every one of your senses come to life as you sink into Lassen's symphonies whilst indulging in the hypnotic works of our industry's bests.” - Lynette Clee, Editor of 3DTotal (UK)

“Ever since, I met Justin Lassen and his music, i’ve never ceased to be amazed by the way he’s integrated digital art in his music to create a whole new universe which opens the gate to unconscious worlds. Listening to Justin's art is not only a journey into imagination but a also a new kind of digital art, collaborative and innovating.” - Patrice Leymarie, Editor of IT’S ART (France)

Learn more about (and listen to) Justin Lassen’s Synaesthesia:
Synaesthesia 1 (CGSociety: May 2006)
Synaesthesia 2 (3DCreative: October 2006)
Synaesthesia 3 (It's Art: June 2007)
Synaesthesia Encore (CGSociety: August 2008)

Justin Lassen's Synaesthesia featured at

Great Review by Artist and Producer Jerry Rees!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Win a signed copy of Justin Lassen’s Synaesthesia in the Out of Hell screenshot contest!

contest_ooh2009The scary zombie total-conversion UT2K4 mod Out of Hell has been doing extremely well in the press and with the fans! In just a week of it’s Halloween release it has had over 10,000+ downloads (Earlier this week Justin posted on the OOH Forums an announcement of a contest sponsored by Valve Software, Epic Games, Nihil Records and Creative Labs!)! Long’s Post (announcement)!

The contest is live now! You can win some great prizes from all those companies, including 1st place winners get one of the first limited collector’s edition copies of Justin Lassen’s Synaesthesia 2-Disc digipak, signed!

Download and play the game (free) (Long has also released the first patch!), make screenshots for 3 categories, and submit them to The contest and the game are free, you having nothing to lose, and a chance at something to win! Have fun!

 The Prizes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd:prizes

Out of Hell has been featured up on everything from, to, etc. Long Nguyen and Justin Lassen have been getting a lot of attention and praise from fans and industry for both the game and the original soundtrack.

"One-man attic coding endeavor puts majority of big budget shooters to shame." -

"After seven years in development UT2004 horror mod Out of Hell has finally been released, and it looks like it's well worth the wait!" -

"Out of Hell, a true dinosaur of an Unreal Tournament 2004 zombie mod – from times before Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor, or even Zombie Panic or Brainbread for that matter – is one of those interesting projects that simply refuse to wither and go away. After all, most hobby mods such as these rise and fall over the course of mere months, but not Out of Hell: This particular game has been in the making, without a public release (sans one antiquated preview demo), for more than six years!" -

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Revived Justin Lassen interview from Billboard Author and industry book!

Recently Justin was featured in a music industry newsletter from talented author and writer Daylle Deanna Schwartz. It was revived from a fuller interview (13 pages) he did for her for the 2005 Book: “I Don’t Need A Record Deal!” published by Billboard Books. Thank you Daylle! Sign up for her newsletter today! She has got a great blog called “Lesson’s from a recovering doormat”.


An excerpt from the newsletter/interview:

How do you stay centered? "I stay away from the industry as much as possible, for clarity and productivity. Sometimes you can get swept away in all of the bells and whistles of the industry and forget what you are doing, or get discouraged. I've been rich and I've been poor. I've been wined and dined, and I've been treated like #!@#, from both the 'big wigs' and 'little wigs'. It is very important to stay un-jaded and positive. Always have hope. I heard in a war movie that "once you lose hope, you're dead anyway." It is most important to stay inspired and never relent. Be a good person, and work hard. The industry sorts all the posers out." - Justin Lassen

"When you read this, keep in mind that Justin only just turned 28. He's accomplished more before reaching 30 than many artists do in a whole lifetime!" - Daylle Deanna Schwartz

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Out of Hell horror-survival-zombie game released on Halloween 31st!

outofhell_halloween2009Long time friend and collaborator, Long Nguyen, creator of one of the most highly anticipated FPS mods on the indie scene, after over 6+ years of development by one person (him), has decided to launch his horror survival zombie game “Out Of Hell” today on Halloween 2009 to his supportive fan base around the world, free!

So there it is. I have decided to return to my original plan of releasing Out Of Hell as a completely free Total Conversion for everyone...the way nature intended!” – Long Nguyen’s Blog


As you may know from interviews and press, Justin Lassen wrote the entire score for “Out of Hell'”, a worldly and haunting 27-track ambient horror experience crafted to fit the game perfectly. Get the game today!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Justin Lassen at the historic launch of the first Microsoft Store 2009!

The Microsoft Store 2009 Part 2 049

Proud audio geek and composer, Justin Lassen went to the big launch of Windows 7 October 22nd, 2009, at the historic foundation of the worlds first-ever Microsoft Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. A lot of people showed up to this event, including COO, Kevin Turner of Microsoft. Justin got to meet and do pictures with Mr. Turner and share his reactions and impressions with several MS executives and employees. There were generous gift bags at the launch, a lot of fun discussion, the new MS surface table technology with sweet games, a lot of laptops from every major company running Windows 7 systems, and lots of other great stuff to celebrate. Singer/Actor Ashley Tisdale was also at this launch to do a concert and a signing, meet+greet afterwards.

I can still remember Windows 3.1 from back in the early 90’s, which was my first major introduction to Windows, and wow, to see it come this far [7], and be at such a cool historic moment; to have the privilege to meet such inspired people, is so cool! Really makes up for so many things, namely Vista. After playing with the new OS, I can’t wait to upgrade! I’m definitely a PC.” says Lassen.

Monday, October 19, 2009

KMFDM & Angelspit Concert Experience!

KMFDM & Angel Spit Phoenix Concert 044I got to go to one of my favorite and most influential bands of all time KMFDM, for the 2nd time. (I’ve been into their stuff since before the Omnicron days of the mid 90’s’). Both times right here in Arizona! They are so good live, and I consider it quite an honor to have seen this show. 25 years of the ultra-heavy-beat is an understatement. I also got to meet Angelspit as well (both ZooG and Destroyx are super cool, and we talked about a possible remix project.)” – Justin Lassen

KMFDM & Angel Spit Phoenix Concert 035 KMFDM & Angel Spit Phoenix Concert 033

Monday, October 12, 2009

Exclusive Justin Lassen Presets in iZotope Alloy™

iZotope Alloy 003

Justin Lassen was chosen along with 4 other talented producers and engineers to create factory presets for iZotope and their new multi-purpose channel-strip audio plugin Alloy™. There are over 150 included professional presets for almost every kind of purpose, see if you can spot the ones Justin did..

“This is going to become my new go-to plug-in for just about everything. I adore it! I think it's going to surprise a lot of people. For some reason, I enjoy using this more than the channel strip plug-ins I've been using over the years.”
Justin Lassen, Composer/Remixer/Producer (interview)

If you are a musician, composer, engineer, remixer, producer or audiophile, click here to purchase the audio plugin for $249!

The Dark Bunny Returns

Justin Lassen Says: “…Hello again everyone. :) Welcome to my new official home on the internet. It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged anywhere. I don’t miss it. It is what it is, and it was 4 years of my life. This time around, things will be different. For those who care to join me; I’ve been “twittering” or “tweeting” non-stop this month, so please follow me on twitter if you dare.. Learn about my next secret projects.. one tweet at a time. I think it is a much easier, less invasive way to let you into my life and projects, without having to blog and discuss and photograph all the time. I hope you will understand and I hope we can all enjoy the next chapters together!…Many surprises in store for you all…”