Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Justin Lassen & SOL Republic Create Surround Audio Experience with Control VR at Virtual Reality Event in Hollywood!

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From 6pm-1am, Control VR along with Justin Lassen and SOL Republic, presented their cutting edge full body motion capture suit at the TechCrunch Virtual Reality Event, just before the Oculus Connect Conference. While all the other demos were packing up at 9:30pm, Control VR had consistent lines of people wanting to try wearing the suits themselves, until 1am! It was the star of the party. Once you experience Control VR yourself, the possibilities are endless…


A stereo approximation of the surround experience. This is a snippet of the musical part of the experience I have uploaded to Soundcloud. Enjoy.


The code name for this particular demo I helped create audio design for is “Ambient Blue”. Oculus Rift is a pretty cool technology and is quite impressive, but it can also be dizzy and disorienting alone as you have read about in the press. Not because of the graphics, but because of the way Oculus designed the experience with traditional game pad controllers and joysticks. You want to reach out and touch things but you can’t. You are traditional confined by the concept of moving around with your thumbs on game pads + holding a controller with just a head-set alone. This is a totally unnatural way to experience “Virtual Reality”.


Control VR technology changes the experience completely, because with the suit on, you can actually interact with your environment, walk around, move around, pick up objects, and all of your fingers move! It’s actually quite eerie, to look down, and see your chest, your body, your arms and legs as if you were really THAT character.


This particular glove has 12 censors on it. With a combination of compasses, magnets and other tech, you are able to literally be IN the virtual experience! These are the same various kinds of suits that help people like James Cameron create Avatar captures, but run in real-time, for a surreal, yet virtually-real experience!


This was me working with the lead developer, to position the audio, with the help of the head-set, plus the headphones. We had a pretty cool surround experience based on several layers of atmosphere, effects and even surround music that made you feel like you were in some neat future of hope.


This is Saji, he’s another one of the lead developers of the Control VR technology, and he worked hard putting together all the demo experiences and layouts. He’s rocking a couple pairs of SOL Republic, which Control VR proudly uses in their demo kits now!


Saji testing out the suit, making sure everything is just right before the demo.


They were developing on Intel Core i7 Ultrabooks. This one was an Acer Aspire S7! Behind it is a maker bot, yep they 3D print all their body suit pieces in the lab.


This guy is the Technical guy at Control VR. Extremely intelligent, and taught me a lot about suits, virtual technology, and showed me some pretty cool different gadgets. They were preparing a demo to give at USC the next day.


Skybar shot. Doing my best impression of Mark Zuckerberg.


This is Wolf, from Air Instruments, audio industry, fame. A 6’8” (VERY TALL) awesome German guy! I invited him down to the Control VR offices to check out one of the suits. he took the mask off when it was time and said “I just want to go back in!!!” with a big smile on his face! He’s now working on amazing uJam technology, which is amazing HTML5 portable cloud based audio technology. He gave me a demo of a few of the technologies. We brainstormed on this day and came up with some pretty amazing, and dare I say it, revolutionary ideas which we hope to start working on.


Hanging out with Laura, from AnarchistVR, at the tech event. She was in the Control VR offices, they wanted to check out the suits. Her company has some cool leapmotion projects.


me and Saji towards the end of the night, after having a very successful demo run at the event. Little did we know, we were going to go have some awesome hamburgers later. :)


Some optics from the DK2.


One of the people wearing the suit, grabbing at virtual objects in the demo. The happy guy sitting in the back is my good friend Zach Winterfeld, from Trans Audio Group whom sponsored our audio experience with some high end monitors for the rest of the people waiting in line to check out the more personal headphone surround demo.


Reach for the sky!


Touch those buttons!


Answering questions, rocking out to cool music, letting people enjoy their 5 minutes of virtual bliss.


A very special thanks to my sponsor SOL Republic for enabling this surround experience for everyone at the party. We got a lot of compliments on the sound quality, the surround quality and the music and sound design itself. I believe a virtual experience needs to have a solid audio experience too. Sound is 50% of any experience (or more). I had a lot of fun composing the tracks and designing the surround with the team.


For their travel Virtual Reality kits. fits nicely. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Intel Presents “The Intern’d”–2 new Episodes! + New Symphonic Composition!

Hi everyone! If you remember a few months ago, I acted in 3 episodes of an app commercial thing for Intel. Well, guess what? There are finally 2 more episodes. This time, it is about Magix Movie Edit and Magix Music Maker. Both are multi-platform (Android and Windows) applications for mobile and desktop.


I actually created all of the music and audio for both episodes using ONLY Magix Music Maker. Since I am a professional musician and composer, If I am being asked to promote some software, I want to be sure that it can actually deliver what it says it can deliver. I think Magix Music Maker is pretty close to being the “GarageBand of PC” in it’s simplicity and yet-still-advanced features.


(This is the “dancey” track that my character creates)

I created all the music while on the go, in hotel rooms and airplanes, with a portable midi keyboard and headphones. In fact, in one of the commercials, you see the actual keyboard (M-Audio Keystation Mini 32) and actual headphones (SOL Republic) that I used to create the various tracks of music for these two commercials. The music was created on a Sony Vaio Tap-11, Intel Core i7 touch-screen tablet. So each of the tracks, the transitional music, the scene music, the funny music and all the genres, are capable of being created with Magix software in a real-world broadcast quality commercial like this! :)


There are more “bunnies” in each episode. Keep an eye out. as usual… big ones, small ones, drawn ones, etc.

“Magix Music Maker” Episode
“Magix Movie Edit” Episode

Overall, it was a fun experience again to work with Opus, Intel, and my amazingly talented co-stars Chip and Katie. I also loved my new costume in the latest episodes, so thank you writers and company for stylishing me up a bit. :)

Oh yeah, and I also wanted to share with you a “period piece” styled composition called “A Thousand Goodbyes To The Kingdom of Hungaria” I created using ONLY Magix Music Maker’s built in string ensemble instrument. It was inspired by some of my memories of when I lived in Budapest! It was actually pretty damn awesome. I created it at a time when I was inspired by the TV Series “Mr. Selfridge” and well, the typical Justin Lassen dark classical sound tends to sound like Fairy Tale meets Period Piece, if I was to make a guess. You know me. :)


Please Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly–Eleventh Anniversary!

Here’s to the chamber suite that helped put me on the map in my European adventures. Time flies, but some things stand the test.

"Justin does "noir" symphonies. His music consistently surrounds me without really trying. When I listen to the music, it doesn't take long for me to feel something. The best way I can describe it is a dream. I don't experience it as noir, I experience it as beautiful. His music is real and exists at the level of genius." – Tim Taylor

"And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly" is the set of dark chamber classical music that helped put me on the map and gained me a ton of fans. It first launched in 2003, selling out instantly, and then became a download staple of the pirate community with millions of downloads around the world. After a while you lose count. This symphonic suite was made in a time before VSTs, sample libraries and the ease of technology. This was truly a hybrid live orchestra/electronic music, with no cheat codes or plugins. It went on to get a lot of attention by Rolling Stone, Billboard and even Playboy Magazine. It allowed me to perform string instruments, sing vocals, and create a dark but hopeful vision as a young composer. To this day, I am proud of this 35 minute suite of music. 11 years later, it's amazing to know that so many people are still moved and touched by this music. Thank you everyone!


My birthday present today to all my friends is that I've uploaded my first dark chamber symphony from 2003 for the first time on Soundcloud in full, for you to enjoy. 11 years later, still timeless. Very proud of this fairytale dark story (try “goodbye face”) about me as a young composer and even some of me singing (try “in my little box”). Yes there was a time when sample libraries, VSTs and virtual instruments didn’t exist the way they do in abundance today. This was created with hardware and real instruments. A truly hybrid electronic/orchestral concert for your mind. This was my first symphonic contribution and taking a stand as my own artist, for the first time in my life and earned me a reputation with classical societies in Europe and got me my start over there, I put my heart out there and made a statement as a string player (try “a broken timepiece”) and a pianist (try “they’re finally seeing through you”). which gained me amazing fans and notoriety around the world. Thank you all!!! It’s meant to play out as a story, so enjoy the ride (try “nightmare’s come alive”) The final track is pretty intense and thought provoking and has over 40 layers of my vocals as a younger kid (even the falcettos) (try “what’s behind us and what lies ahead”).

Monday, July 28, 2014

Justin Lassen Presents First Official ‘My Little Pony’ Remix Album: Coming This Fall!


I’ve been working the last year on producing a fantastic project, that Lakeshore Records and Hasbro Studios finally announced to the world last week after SDCC 2014! Songs from the “My Little Pony” remixed into cool Electronic Dance Music of many exciting genres. Stay tuned!

I’ve hinted at the project at PreSonuSphere 2013, CES 2014 and GDC 2014, but nobody picked up on the clues, so I’m happy that Hasbro Studios finally announced it! I’ve been wearing DJ Pon3 shirts, beanies, patches, buttons, stickers, lanyards and stuff at different events throughout the year to represent my pride in producing this project. It’s been cool to keep it a secret until now. We’re all excited to show the world this cool stuff!

From the Press Release: Coming This Fall: Lakeshore Records & Hasbro To Release First Official My Little Pony Remix Album, DJ PON3: MLP Remixed

Lakeshore Records, in collaboration with Hasbro, Inc., is pleased to announce the forthcoming DJ PON3: MLP Remixed soundtrack album.  With music produced, remixed and arranged by Album Producer Justin Lassen (I, Frankenstein, Underworld: Awakening), this is the first official Hasbro Studios album of EDM remixes, inspired by the wildly popular DJ PON3 (a.k.a. “Vinyl Scratch”) character from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series (watch it on The Hub).

“DJ PON3 started out as a background character who never actually speaks on the show.  As an electronic music DJ, she lets the music she spins speak for her,” says Matthew Proulx, director, brand marketing & business development of Hasbro Studios.  The album will feature original remixes by various artists from a selection of the series’ own music, originally written by Composer Daniel Ingram.  Stay tuned for the full roster of album artists and track listingDJ PON3: MLP Remixed is expected to release this fall.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Justin Lassen Presents Somniferious featuring John Angelo Cramer!


After months of work, from November 2013 to July 2014, I am very proud to present to you the first part of maestro/violinist John Angelo Cramer’s musical journey. Pronounced “Som-ni-fare-e-us” (Somniferious).


"Somniferious is that “in between” state of consciousness where one is not fully awake or fully asleep. It’s the borderland of sleep, a place where solutions and answers meet the questions that fill our own lives. A state of mind where we meet our fears and our fantasies, where physical reality intersects with the expansiveness of eternity."

It is ambient, orchestral, epic, meditative music with emotive solo violin based on ancient chants from the 12th century. A passageway to another reality. Part I is a brave introduction to this world we’re creating, and it includes a re-interpretive cinematic remix as well.


I met John Angelo Cramer at PreSonuSphere 2013 in Baton Rouge, LA last year. He contacted me and wanted me to produce him and work with him in a colalborative way, and we’re both extremely happy with the outcome. There are physical print CD’s that you can exclusively order through Nimbit’s store, for only $5.99 from www.somniferious.com and you can check out John’s blog at www.johnangelocramer.com. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More commercial shoots with Intel in Portland!


I got to visit Intel JF campus in Hillsboro, OR. This is my good friend Roy who travels the world doing amazing events with Intel!


Hipster hotel I stayed at! :)


There was nothing satanic about this ‘999’ baggage claim check number I got at the 100 year old hotel. :)


I worked on the music for the commercials wit MAGIX Music Maker software running on a tablet, with a portable USB powered MIDI controller at the hotel! Winking smile


Overlooking part of Portland.


Great city, lots to eat! :)

We shot a couple more of the intel commercial/videos, this time about some cool creative software.




Cops and Bunnies?




Behind the Scenes magic! :)

That was all the sneak peak you get. at the next 2 episodes. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Technology Amplifies Music Production with Justin Lassen


Technology Amplifies Music Production: Noteworthy Insights from Justin Lassen by Dominic Milano (Intel)

I was featured in the latest Intel Software Adrenaline magazine series. It was a really fun interview, to talk about all the high tech stuff I’m working with and all the cool people that I am lucky to work alongside on changing the world!

Mobile computing set off an unstoppable chain reaction that revolutionized a lot of things, including the way people listen to and make music. For many, streaming their favorite tunes from the cloud or off the smart gizmo tucked away in their pocket was revolution enough. For others, being able to express their creativity wherever they happen to be—using gadgets that keep getting faster, smarter, and smaller—was a dream come true. For musicians like Justin Lassen, getting professional results on mobile devices was just the beginning. Next-gen tablets, 2-in-1s, and all-in-ones with Intel® Inside™ are blurring the lines between mobile and desktop PCs. And innovations such as Intel® RealSense™ technology, which gives computers the ability to see, hear, and feel the world around them, are redefining the way people interact with their gadgets. Together, these advances are reshaping music technology at home, on stage, and in studios.

Justin Lassen is a composer, remixer, and sound designer. His youthful looks belie his extensive experience in creating soundtracks for games, composing music for films, designing sounds for the latest synthesizers and sample players, and remixing tracks for a who’s who of music hit-makers. He has collaborated with artists known for being “dark and edgy”—Apocalyptica, Nine Inch Nails, and Linkin Park, to name a few—but he has also worked on lighter fare. One of Lassen’s recent projects, for example, brings electronic dance music to Hasbro’s My Little Pony* franchise. And on a work-in-progress, Lassen wears yet another hat—that of audio lead for an immersive 3D project that utilizes Intel RealSense technology, giving visitors to an interactive aquarium the ability to create music using hand gestures.

Through it all, mobile devices have been at the heart of Lassen’s creative workflow.


Mad shout out to my Roland guys! To this day Jupiter 80 is on just about everything I do! I’m so happy they made it into this cool Minority Report style imagery they created of me commanding the tablet starship enterprise. :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Adventure’s in LA, Game of Thrones, Lindsey Stirling, Recording Industry Golf Tournament and Eastwest Studios


I had a pretty eventful last two weeks. I came out to LA to work on a special remix of the “Game of Thrones” theme mixed with the Lindsey Stirling track “Crystalize” for a special remix/mash-up for a client event. Here I am checking out several of my mixes and projects on at the legendary EastWest Studios.


The one and only Candace Stewart and I after our meeting at EastWest Studios. Wonderful lady and we’ve got some cool things planned. (thanks for also inviting me to the birthday party!)


Chilling in the backseat while my mix engineer buddy Zach checks on some of his mixes we worked on during the trip. At eastwest studios.


Hollywood sign. :)


I had a cool meeting with Avid, and got to check out the new S6, which looks pretty killer at their studio.


Thomas Graham, WW Marketing Manager for Post at Avid. Wet met at the 2014 Recording Industry Golf Tournament in Malibu. We’ve got some great stuff planned too! :)


Nice day at the Malibu Country Club. Basically a wonderful gathering of some of the biggest people in the music industry of all time. It was an honor to be invited.


I invited the singer/songwriter/artist from Hungary, that I met at ASCAP Expo 2014 last month to the Golf Tournament with me. We’ll be doing some television and movie themes and tracks this year. She’s working alongside some pretty big people in the industry… world look out!


Before that, we gave her a tour of the Blue Microphone’s facility where she picked up her Yeti Pro. She’s now a Studio One user too! :)


Overlooking the ocean at “Studio Malibu”


Here I am with David Levy, owner of “Studio Malibu”. Both of us are big EDM supporters and creators, so we hit it off instantly. He just had Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth over before I got there, and Zedd is working there on new stuff right now.


The view!


I was invited by my good friends Samara and Zach to this fancy dining in movie theatre 3D experience of “Maleficent”. It was totally awesome!


Samara and Zach also treated me to Universal Studios! I loved it! I’ve never been to Universal Studios Hollywood before.


It’s me with a “minion” from Despicable Me 2.


A beautiful bike ride I did while at the Malibu park.


I had to do a dorky picture of my visit to DTS. I caught up with my friends there about our projects, Fred, Christy, Elicia, Brandon, etc. All awesome people! HPX 11.1 continues to impress people. They launched the 20th anniversary Soundgarden 11.1 app while I was there!


European dark chocolate bunny!


The cover for the “Game of Thrones” and “Crystalize” mash-up! It was a fun mash-up because one of the tracks is in 3/4 and one is in 4/4, so it was cool to checkerboard them. I also used a million instances of the Play engine for all the orchestral parts.


Believe it or not, it did not include a single sample or stem from the original tracks of either artists. It was all created from scratch without masters of any kind, yet sounds awesome.  :)


Of course we used some of the new tools from my friends at Air Instruments, which we’re all really proud got released!


Zach took my Studio One session into Pro Tools and used the Universal Audio plugins and things on it. It was cool having him mix my remix.


Zach got m this cool bunny picture! :)


This is one of the remixers/artists I’ve worked on with a few projects. I’ve hired him for a couple things in the past, and he continues to always do top notch work, always delivers and has a fantastic attitude and humble spirit. Very rare, actually. He was in town to be on a game show, so I took him out to eat. I even had vegan food! :)

I did a bunch of other stuff on the trip that I wish I had pictures of, but more stuff is on the way. I also stopped by Lakeshore to drop off some project files for some cool upcoming stuff, and was invited to Grammy/Oscar winning AR Rahman’s studio in Hollywood, one of the coolest indian composers in the world. No pictures allowed, but it was a very awesome studio! I got to see and hear a lot of fun projects he’s working on. I also caught up with my good buddy Kevin who works with him and many other projects, from Steinberg. More adventures soon!