Friday, January 9, 2015

Justin Lassen featured on the Intel Stage at CES 2015


This year I had the honor to do some speaking and demonstrating and even performing at the Intel stage again! It’s amazing to be a part of the demo picking process and even more amazing to work with everyone at Intel to make it shine! The future is so bright and the tech that is coming out, is mind blowing!


Thank you everyone at Intel who made my experience at CES nothing short of amazing! We killed it this year! Intel got the best booth of the show! and we won the favorite spotlight position with our demonstrations! We had standing audiences during all of our shows and talks!

I was also asked to do all the music, ambience, audio, and experiential soundscapes for the entire booth! (so I got to hear my sound design every day!), videos and tunnel walkthrough, featuring Intel’s RealSense gesture based interactive camerea technology! And I may be doing some stuff for DreamWorks using similar technology, thanks to my dear friend David Brebner!


Wear it proudly! :)


These lovely and talented musicians are the ladies I performed with on stage this year. We are in the green room. Lindsay Cuff (left) is a brilliant songwriter, singer, violinist, multi-instrumentalist, and Ameria (right) is a lovely and talented singer from Budapest! She was even written up on the biggest hungarian news website for it! I couldn’t have done it without these girls! Thank you Lindsay and Ameria!


Giant screen, first day of rehearsals! StageLight software up on the big screen!


getting all the sounds just right at another rehearsal day!


rehearsing in the hotel! yeah we were awesome, making sure all the tech was just right.


We were showing off some amazing software called StageLight. StageLight is a fun and easy to use music creation software that works on AIO’s, 2-in-1’s, Ultrabooks and Tablets! It has presets and loops designed by Timbaland and Linkin Park and loads of amazing content. It has touch screen drum pads and a touch screen keyboard for midi input, as well as “key lock” which allows you to play in tune to whatever key you want, even if you aren’t a musician!


I’m using the Lenovo Yoga 2 device with an Intel Core i7. I was using the Core M Yoga 3 processor for some of the demos. Thanks Lenovo!!


Phil and I doing Q&A, on the technology for the audience!


Angelic face, playing some angelic G# (not flat!) :) (inside joke between me and Lindsay)


Ameria singing her heart out! Here we go again! I want some more! :)


We did a cover of the song “Animal” by NEON TREES, and we were fortunate to have my friend Chris Allen (guitarist for Neon Trees) in the audience watching us! Thanks for letting us use your song! Thanks Dani and Chris! They introduced me to a coo guy named Scott Lazerson! Amazing guy!


My dear friend Mike G from Intel brought me back this amazing Bunny from China! hand carved! And this wouldn’t be a Justin blog entry without at least one bunny after a show!


Hanging with the global events manager for Gibson! This guy is awaesome, we plan to do some amazing things together! The Gibson booth looked awesome this year! So many new technologies and partners!


My long time dear friend Craig Anderton, EVP, GIbson, the one and only. I’m so happy for him and he is rocking his job at Gibson now! He’s the guy who is a firefigher and a cheerleader. I’m excited about the projects and stuff we’re working on! This man deserves the respect he has earned in his career and I am honored to know him!


Two of my dearest friends, Shannon and Vincent! You don’t know them, but they’ve touched and shaped some of the best technologies and companies in the world! At the end of each of my shows, a lot of people would come up to me and propose ideas to me, and their idea was amazing, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! :) SOL REPUBLIC headphones I represented at all the shows this year, mad props to you guys!


This is Joshua Davis, he does all the artwork and visuals for Deadmau5 (even the SOL republic deadmau5 headphones) and many other companies and stars! He does algorithmic art! Super awesome guy, gave a great TED TALK, and he had a fantastic demo/spotlight on the Intel stage, showing off a cool new art computer from HP! We are going to do some cool stuff together! That’s us chilling in the green room.


My other dear friend Ryan, the Brand Manager at InMusic Brands, who it feels like they own everyone, as they’ve become quite the mega empire of brands! (Akai, Air, Alesis, M-Audio, etc. etc.) I worked on some product stuff with him last year, and looks like we will be working on some more too! Cool events too! Can’t believe NAMM is next week!


My good friend Zach from ATC Audio. They were showing off some pretty amazing and far too expensive for us normal folks, speakers. He was hanging with Steve Aoki, Rick Rubin, etc. They had a good CES this year! I can’t wait to do more stuff with him!


This is my new friend Christopher Coppola! We hung out most of the week at different dinners and parties and even a film shoot! Really an amazing guy, cares so much about his students, and education and creativity in filmmaking. He wants me to do some music for some of his films, which is an honor to me! And he wants me to be involved in his world-wide festivals and events as an advisor! Thank you Christopher for being so cool all week! They were showing off 4K video demo’s at the Intel booth too! Intel is lucky to have these guys involved! Thanks Mike G! :)


An impromptu film shoot with Christopher Coppola, who is doing his own lighting! ) hahah This was a gangster scene! and Lindsay and Ameria were playing gangster wives!


This is Christopher’s son Bailey (who looks like a young Nicolas Cage) btw. and Mike G in the red suit! I can’t wait to see how this 4k film turns out!


This bunch couldn’t be happier!!! This was the final celebration drinks for an amazingly successful CES for Intel together! Katharine (produces the show) and Victor rocked it this year (he puts on the show), and all the demo’s were just perfect!! We are already excited about future events together and of course CES 2016! :) Philip is in this shot!!! He’s the MC for Intel, and has been for 15 years! Always owns that stage! And Ameria showing her wonderful smile!


This shot is pretty cool lighting and the most vegas stage looking! I met up with these vr camera guys. I first met Tai at an event in LA, and they were shooting some cool footage with their cool device! His new crew is super nice! Thanks guys!


Yes, I was this happy all week! I think I got 4 hours of sleep each night, and we hung out with so many celebrities, famous people, engineers, marketing people, etc. It was an eventful week, with wayyyy too much to write in one blog post! I just wanted to get something up here!


There was just too many pictures to put them all here, needless to say, it was the most epic CES ever. and I haven’t even begun to tell you about all companies I met with, new partners, new brands, amazing dinners talking about amazing things, and just incredible people that want to work together to change the world! CES is something special, and it’s so beautiful to watch it all come together like this! Thank you everyone for your continued support and let’s keep changing the world!


I was also a special guest on Dave Graveline’s show, along with a whole bunch of other amazing people! Thanks Dave!

I’ll post links to videos, interviews, press, and all that stuff as it arrives to me! stay tuned!

Friday, October 10, 2014

LA, Malibu, Adobe Max 2014, IndieCade 2014, EngadgetLive 2014, AES 2014, GameSoundCon 2014, EastWest Studios, Adventures!


Sorry for the lack of updates this year, it’s been an incredible journey as the next chapters in my career and life develop. So many wonderful new people I’m meeting and exciting opportunities. I’m feeling a sense of changing the world in a good way all over again. Everything up to now feels like practice for what is ahead. I’ve worked on a few dozen product releases this year in the audio industry, and I’ve been blessed with a ton of amazing new meetings and talented people and companies wanting to work with me on the next exciting steps into the future! This is sort of a mish-mash random blog entry with just random photos from different things.


I started working with an amazing Hungarian pop star singer songwriter on an incredibly cool EP. We recorded up in Bel Air for a few weeks.


The scenery behind us. :)


Inspirational writing tree.


LA adventures.


A writing session with Ameria.


We setup a make-shift writing studio on top of the only Hungarian restaurant on Sunset Blvd. We were kinda moving the writing sessions all over town.


Overlooking the edge of 20 million dollar home. :)


On top of all the LA adventures, I actually went to 4 trade shows and conferences all in one week! This is my good friend Michael Csurics, one of the most respected audio directors in the game industry, and he asked me to engineer his talk at GameSoundCon 2014!


Our captive audience of game industry audio people.


the myth, the man, the legend, directing audience members to read dialogue, as we recorded it live in Pro Tools on the screen behind us.


Action part? :)


Meanwhile, at Adobe MAX 2014, I met up with Jerry at Intel, which is the start of some amazing new projects together. Amazing man!


Peter from Intel, talking about next gen HSW-E stuff with me and they showed me some cool new technology at the show and Iris Pro graphics!


People checking out the new goodness.


Hanging out with Raj from Intel at AES 2014 near the stage demos. We were dreaming up awesome future projects on this day. Seriously one of the coolest people I’ve met. Has the soul and vision and support for us Audio and music guys!


Long time buds and working partners. I have learned so much from working with iZotope over the years on their various products. This is Mark Ethier the CEO, we get to see each other every once in a while at tradeshows like this. It was so cool catching up. I was hired to do stuff for Iris 2, which has been released by now. :)


This is Sean, the new AR at iZotope, super rad connecting with him at the show!!


One thing I love about tradeshows is the chance to meet new people too. This is Thor Legvold, a mastering engineer, whom I plan to work with on some projects. He came all the way from Europe and has a cool name to boot! :)


One of the most exciting things at AES 2014 this year was actually from PreSonus. StudioLive AI, a touch-screen mixing console. This one is running on a Lenovo Horizon AIO device from Intel.


A fellow sound designer friend from Europe. This is Nikola Nikita Jeremic, we were originally introduced by Doyle W. Donehoo (Warhammer, etc.)


Playing piano at EastWest Studios for the big AES get together we planned. It was so cool catching up with everyone and meeting so many wonderful people.


Testing out microphones with Ameria. Bock Microphones.


Rocking some a cappella.


Take that game of thrones. This is the EastWest Throne.


the cool neo hallways of EastWest with Ameria.


The ceiling performers at EastWest during the party. Very sci-fi futuristic circus feeling.


I brought Duy and Tudor from Control VR up to Intel to demo their technology in Santa Clara. I also started doing strategy stuff with Control VR, so stay tuned for more stuff about that.


Two of my best friends. Samara and Zach. Thank you for all that you do for me. I am lucky to have you in my life.


People checking our Control VR at EngadgetLive!


A fun selfie of me and Duy Tran from Control VR that Engadget re-tweeted to the whole world!


My friend Alex’s mom at EngadgetLive checking out the show.


Me doing some fun duties for Control VR at IndieCade 2014 this year. Seriously love these guys!


Randomly ran into Alex Ball (composer/violinist) for video games and other media at IndieCade 2014. It was actually pretty cool to meet tons of people there.


My long time friend from France, Luc Bernard’s new game Desert Ashes, at the PlayStation booth at IndieCade 2014. I had to show some support!


Hanging out with my friend Tudor in Malibu.


At some creepy gangster location in Malibu.


Pretty Malibu land.

I hope to update my blog a little more often in the new year!