Monday, July 28, 2014

Justin Lassen Presents First Official ‘My Little Pony’ Remix Album: Coming This Fall!


I’ve been working the last year on producing a fantastic project, that Lakeshore Records and Hasbro Studios finally announced to the world last week after SDCC 2014! Songs from the “My Little Pony” remixed into cool Electronic Dance Music of many exciting genres. Stay tuned!

I’ve hinted at the project at PreSonuSphere 2013, CES 2014 and GDC 2014, but nobody picked up on the clues, so I’m happy that Hasbro Studios finally announced it! I’ve been wearing DJ Pon3 shirts, beanies, patches, buttons, stickers, lanyards and stuff at different events throughout the year to represent my pride in producing this project. It’s been cool to keep it a secret until now. We’re all excited to show the world this cool stuff!

From the Press Release: Coming This Fall: Lakeshore Records & Hasbro To Release First Official My Little Pony Remix Album, DJ PON3: MLP Remixed

Lakeshore Records, in collaboration with Hasbro, Inc., is pleased to announce the forthcoming DJ PON3: MLP Remixed soundtrack album.  With music produced, remixed and arranged by Album Producer Justin Lassen (I, Frankenstein, Underworld: Awakening), this is the first official Hasbro Studios album of EDM remixes, inspired by the wildly popular DJ PON3 (a.k.a. “Vinyl Scratch”) character from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series (watch it on The Hub).

“DJ PON3 started out as a background character who never actually speaks on the show.  As an electronic music DJ, she lets the music she spins speak for her,” says Matthew Proulx, director, brand marketing & business development of Hasbro Studios.  The album will feature original remixes by various artists from a selection of the series’ own music, originally written by Composer Daniel Ingram.  Stay tuned for the full roster of album artists and track listingDJ PON3: MLP Remixed is expected to release this fall.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Justin Lassen Presents Somniferious featuring John Angelo Cramer!


After months of work, from November 2013 to July 2014, I am very proud to present to you the first part of maestro/violinist John Angelo Cramer’s musical journey. Pronounced “Som-ni-fare-e-us” (Somniferious).


"Somniferious is that “in between” state of consciousness where one is not fully awake or fully asleep. It’s the borderland of sleep, a place where solutions and answers meet the questions that fill our own lives. A state of mind where we meet our fears and our fantasies, where physical reality intersects with the expansiveness of eternity."

It is ambient, orchestral, epic, meditative music with emotive solo violin based on ancient chants from the 12th century. A passageway to another reality. Part I is a brave introduction to this world we’re creating, and it includes a re-interpretive cinematic remix as well.


I met John Angelo Cramer at PreSonuSphere 2013 in Baton Rouge, LA last year. He contacted me and wanted me to produce him and work with him in a colalborative way, and we’re both extremely happy with the outcome. There are physical print CD’s that you can exclusively order through Nimbit’s store, for only $5.99 from and you can check out John’s blog at :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Technology Amplifies Music Production with Justin Lassen


Technology Amplifies Music Production: Noteworthy Insights from Justin Lassen by Dominic Milano (Intel)

I was featured in the latest Intel Software Adrenaline magazine series. It was a really fun interview, to talk about all the high tech stuff I’m working with and all the cool people that I am lucky to work alongside on changing the world!

Mobile computing set off an unstoppable chain reaction that revolutionized a lot of things, including the way people listen to and make music. For many, streaming their favorite tunes from the cloud or off the smart gizmo tucked away in their pocket was revolution enough. For others, being able to express their creativity wherever they happen to be—using gadgets that keep getting faster, smarter, and smaller—was a dream come true. For musicians like Justin Lassen, getting professional results on mobile devices was just the beginning. Next-gen tablets, 2-in-1s, and all-in-ones with Intel® Inside™ are blurring the lines between mobile and desktop PCs. And innovations such as Intel® RealSense™ technology, which gives computers the ability to see, hear, and feel the world around them, are redefining the way people interact with their gadgets. Together, these advances are reshaping music technology at home, on stage, and in studios.

Justin Lassen is a composer, remixer, and sound designer. His youthful looks belie his extensive experience in creating soundtracks for games, composing music for films, designing sounds for the latest synthesizers and sample players, and remixing tracks for a who’s who of music hit-makers. He has collaborated with artists known for being “dark and edgy”—Apocalyptica, Nine Inch Nails, and Linkin Park, to name a few—but he has also worked on lighter fare. One of Lassen’s recent projects, for example, brings electronic dance music to Hasbro’s My Little Pony* franchise. And on a work-in-progress, Lassen wears yet another hat—that of audio lead for an immersive 3D project that utilizes Intel RealSense technology, giving visitors to an interactive aquarium the ability to create music using hand gestures.

Through it all, mobile devices have been at the heart of Lassen’s creative workflow.


Mad shout out to my Roland guys! To this day Jupiter 80 is on just about everything I do! I’m so happy they made it into this cool Minority Report style imagery they created of me commanding the tablet starship enterprise. :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Adventure’s in LA, Game of Thrones, Lindsey Stirling, Recording Industry Golf Tournament and Eastwest Studios


I had a pretty eventful last two weeks. I came out to LA to work on a special remix of the “Game of Thrones” theme mixed with the Lindsey Stirling track “Crystalize” for a special remix/mash-up for a client event. Here I am checking out several of my mixes and projects on at the legendary EastWest Studios.


The one and only Candace Stewart and I after our meeting at EastWest Studios. Wonderful lady and we’ve got some cool things planned. (thanks for also inviting me to the birthday party!)


Chilling in the backseat while my mix engineer buddy Zach checks on some of his mixes we worked on during the trip. At eastwest studios.


Hollywood sign. :)


I had a cool meeting with Avid, and got to check out the new S6, which looks pretty killer at their studio.


Thomas Graham, WW Marketing Manager for Post at Avid. Wet met at the 2014 Recording Industry Golf Tournament in Malibu. We’ve got some great stuff planned too! :)


Nice day at the Malibu Country Club. Basically a wonderful gathering of some of the biggest people in the music industry of all time. It was an honor to be invited.


I invited the singer/songwriter/artist from Hungary, that I met at ASCAP Expo 2014 last month to the Golf Tournament with me. We’ll be doing some television and movie themes and tracks this year. She’s working alongside some pretty big people in the industry… world look out!


Before that, we gave her a tour of the Blue Microphone’s facility where she picked up her Yeti Pro. She’s now a Studio One user too! :)


Overlooking the ocean at “Studio Malibu”


Here I am with David Levy, owner of “Studio Malibu”. Both of us are big EDM supporters and creators, so we hit it off instantly. He just had Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth over before I got there, and Zedd is working there on new stuff right now.


The view!


I was invited by my good friends Samara and Zach to this fancy dining in movie theatre 3D experience of “Maleficent”. It was totally awesome!


Samara and Zach also treated me to Universal Studios! I loved it! I’ve never been to Universal Studios Hollywood before.


It’s me with a “minion” from Despicable Me 2.


A beautiful bike ride I did while at the Malibu park.


I had to do a dorky picture of my visit to DTS. I caught up with my friends there about our projects, Fred, Christy, Elicia, Brandon, etc. All awesome people! HPX 11.1 continues to impress people. They launched the 20th anniversary Soundgarden 11.1 app while I was there!


European dark chocolate bunny!


The cover for the “Game of Thrones” and “Crystalize” mash-up! It was a fun mash-up because one of the tracks is in 3/4 and one is in 4/4, so it was cool to checkerboard them. I also used a million instances of the Play engine for all the orchestral parts.


Believe it or not, it did not include a single sample or stem from the original tracks of either artists. It was all created from scratch without masters of any kind, yet sounds awesome.  :)


Of course we used some of the new tools from my friends at Air Instruments, which we’re all really proud got released!


Zach took my Studio One session into Pro Tools and used the Universal Audio plugins and things on it. It was cool having him mix my remix.


Zach got m this cool bunny picture! :)


This is one of the remixers/artists I’ve worked on with a few projects. I’ve hired him for a couple things in the past, and he continues to always do top notch work, always delivers and has a fantastic attitude and humble spirit. Very rare, actually. He was in town to be on a game show, so I took him out to eat. I even had vegan food! :)

I did a bunch of other stuff on the trip that I wish I had pictures of, but more stuff is on the way. I also stopped by Lakeshore to drop off some project files for some cool upcoming stuff, and was invited to Grammy/Oscar winning AR Rahman’s studio in Hollywood, one of the coolest indian composers in the world. No pictures allowed, but it was a very awesome studio! I got to see and hear a lot of fun projects he’s working on. I also caught up with my good buddy Kevin who works with him and many other projects, from Steinberg. More adventures soon!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Intel Presents “The Intern’d”–3 Episodes


Cool!!! Intel asked me to be in a web series called “The Intern’d” about “Three interns, trapped in a room, tasked with writing marketing copy for apps using a variety of Intel based Ultrabooks and mobile devices.”, I wanted to take the challenge even if I am not an actor, (and perhaps especially because I am not an actor), I actually use this stuff in my actual day-to-day work for films, games and music projects and I love showing the world what can be done with todays latest devices! I had a lot of fun working with those talented actors and crew and the wonderful people at Intel! Thanks everyone!


We’re not even sure if it works.” [security cam] :)


My best Jack Nicholson impression. My co-stars, kick ass! Chip and Katie you guys rock!

Luckily for me, my character was named “Justin” too. And luckily for all of you, there are #bunnies too! Poetic, and cool. The first three episodes are about “Starchart”, “ooVoo” and “Teamviewer” apps which work on Windows and Android devices, ultrabooks, etc.


I’m a techno geek that loves computers, technology and music. I use Core processors, SSD drives, desktops, ultrabooks, 2-in-1’s and tablets and other amazing technology (released and unreleased). I get to help create the sounds of the future, sound design used by thousands of film, game and music composers and musicians the world over, and thankfully, I make an influential impact on the world around me on daily basis.

I feel lucky that I get to be a part of a lot of exciting and different projects around the world and consult and work on the future of many technologies with many great people and shared dreams.

I hope you enjoy these episodes! We had a lot of fun making them!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Justin Lassen sings on EDM artist Arkasia’s new album “Electronic Symphony” out today on Beatport! #dubstep


My good friends DJ Shortee and DJ Faust, have a fantastic leading label called Heavy Artillery Recordings, and they have a lot of cool artists, tracks and content that is played globally by DJ’s all over the world in clubs, festivals and venues. I have a long friendship with both Faust & Shortee (Urban Assault), and I was honored to be able to sing on their artist Arkasia’s latest album “Electronic Symphony” which you can find on Beatport. I invited my friend Chadington Von Lichtenstein from The Pattern Interrupt to add the screams and extreme metal vocals. Together with my singing and his metal vocals we made a pretty cool listening experience. Super proud of the outcome! Thanks brothers! We hope the album does awesome!

Arkasia's rise to the upper echelons of the EDM world has been nothing short meteoric. One of the brightest shining lights to emerge from the electronic music scene in recent times, his music has earned him critical acclaim from all corners of the globe and a quickly growing die-hard fan base. Arkasia's music fronts a level of maturity and understanding all too rarely seen in the EDM world. A sublime sense of space, structure and flow gives his sound a refreshing point of difference. His monstrous compositions are moving, powerful and uplifting, enchanting and haunting, and touch the very depths of your soul. Arkasia's musical calling came at the tender age of five when he mastered the violin, and continued well into his teens, where he was composing mini-operas by age 15. His broad musical roots and experience playing in both orchestras and metal bands is evident throughout his compositions, however his creations reach far beyond the realms of Classical and Metal, IDM, Dubstep and Drum&amp;Bass into uncharted territories! Coming off the heels of a feature song in the movie Elysium and the his recent smash EP "Orbit EP", Arkasia is back with "Electronic Symphony", a 12 track album which exemplifies his diverse grasp of powerful composition, rich textural depth and an unrivaled vision for new electronic music with no limits!

Arkasia, Justin Lassen, Chadington Review: 05.05.14

“…On the other end of the spectrum, ‘Digital Spirit’ makes use of Arkasia’s time as part of a metal band. Featured vocalists Justin Lassen & Chadington Von Lichtenstein lend a certain degree of anger and genuineness to the production. Highly modulated, carefully crafted guitar riffs are laid over the dark bassline and thundering drums as the screaming begins. Certainly, the combination of Lassen and Von Lichtenstein’s voices in the track create an interesting dynamic when juxtaposed with the rest of the album…”

Chart Update from Arkasia:

“So .... O__________O #ElectronicSymphony is now #14 in the general release chart on Beatport, #2 in Dubstep, #5 in Dnb, Glitch hop, and electronica 0_____0 Amongst Skrillex, Never Say Die Records and many other BIG names 0_______0 In one day !!!! 0_________________0 You guys are the best i could ever dream “

Beatport Update (charts):


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Justin Lassen speaks at ASCAP Expo 2014 in Hollywood, CA!


I had the honor of being invited to give 3 talks at ASCAP Expo 2014 in Hollywood, CA! This is my 3rd time speaking or being a panelist at the ASCAP conference, and each time I get the wonderful chance to meet all kinds of new people, musicians, artists and industry folks. I got told by many people at ASCAP, fellow sponsors and even some big wigs that I had the “most inspiring talk”, that’s an honor!! thank you!


I spoke once each day, and my name was all over banners and signs and posters. We had some great audiences. I showed off tons of tracks I had been working on, including the track I created for the “I, Frankenstein” movie soundtrack, which came out to theatres in January. I also showed off the process by which I create textures and soundscapes from synths and plugins that I created factory presets for. I also showed off some upcoming EDM influenced tracks that I sang on, or remixed for various projects. All sounded great on the PreSonus speakers!


Really receptive and cool audiences, each time, I had a nice line of Q&A people. Everything from people telling me how inspired they were, to people asking me to produce them. It’s always an honor when so many people come up to me after I talk and want to work with me. Thank you everyone for sharing your time with me, and checking out my talk.

I showed off a bunch of cool stuff and hinted at a lot of cool stuff to come… I didn’t get pictures of everything, but I had a wonderful time, caught up with a bunch of my friends from different industries like Tim MacDonald, Jason Hayes (from Blizzard) My Blizzard friends were all giving a discussion on game audio at the conference (as were Zedd, Dr Luke, and many other luminaries), etc. I also spent some amazing quality time with both Jim and Rachael from PreSonus, and I am so excited about what the future brings us, because a lot of good stuff is on the way…. surreal!


I’m really excited about a lot of the new work I am on this year, so many amazing projects in video games, film, solo-ists, singers, remixes and producing for me in 2014! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am lately. There is a lot of work to be done, but I am also happy when I get to come out to events like ASCAP Expo.


Me getting on the plane! yeah, I never took one of these selfies before, so I had to try it once. :)


Here I am with my good friend Byron (left) and new friends Katfyre and Heavygrinder, both Beatport artists, that had a #1 hit release on this day! We went and had sushi to celebrate! We’ll be working on some stuff in the near future!! Smile


I got to meet up with my buddy Anthony Baldino, a wonderful sound designer and other half to our super secret collaboration project. We were all giddy and metal (though my fingers were just bunny ears) about his new modular equipment. He’s working on some tasty stuff, and I will be singing on some of it!


I met up with the REV guys, who were showing off their new sample library of sources put in reverse. Very interesting for pads and sound design textures. Really great guys, super humble, down to earth and well deserving of success in the arena of sound design!


This is me with one of the winners of the Intel Ultrabook laptop giveaway that I was doing! Amongst many other things, she performed the voice of Ariel for The Little Mermaid at Disneyworld. She’s got an awesome voice! I pointed her out in the audience, put her on the spot, and nearly made her tear up! I’m so happy when people who aren’t expecting things, get surprised with cool stuff like free laptops! (look at my DJ Pon3 T-Shirt!)


I went out to eat with friends Eric and Cole at Hard Rock Café, we got some of those frou frou drinks. haha


Found this cool picture on twitter by one of the people in one of the audiences. Really chill guy with some serious skills! I loved how interactive and cool the audiences were each time, really fun people, really inspired, really paying attention and wanting to learn!


the laptops I was giving away! The specs were Intel Core i5, 4GB, 128GB SSD, Windows 8.1, etc. It made a few lucky winners, very happy. I will post up some more pics, but another winner was a wonderful 12 year old guitarist and musician boy with autism, which I was happy that he got it!


Julian, young up-and-coming musician and guitarist posing with his cool new Ultrabook!


Another one of the lucky winners! Good luck with your new machine!


Several lucky people in my audiences also got really awesome INTEL SSD drives free! Intel SSD drives are seriously the best, fastest and most secure Solid State Drives on the market. Special thanks to my wonderful partner Intel for the Ultrabooks and SSD drives!


Super awesome to meet this amazing wonderful and beautiful singer/songwriter from Budapest, Hungary where I used to live! Very down to earth and talented vocalist and writer. She sent me some of her work for various genres and markets, and has even had some #1 hits in Hungary! Awesome! We had a conversation that lasted for hours and have a lot in common, thank you Anna! I look forward to our collaborations!


one of the singer/songwriters that tweeted a picture of us! Thanks Emma! really talented young singer/songwriter with some infectious pop melodies and ideas!


Another cool musician from the audience. His name is Djoser and he was pretty cool guy to talk at the conference, very receptive and chill.