Monday, April 3, 2017

Justin Lassen featured at Intel website!Networking & Collaboration Among Intel® Software Innovators


Elizabeth Warner from Intel wrote up a fantastic blog entry about how us Intel innovators collaborate on projects and partner on activities and shows! Read on!

From the article: Justin Lassen


“Three years ago I was asked to show off some music technology at SxSW and Intel put me up with Intel Software Black Belt Jacob Pennock of Livid Interactive and Intel Software Innovator Ryan Clark of Chronosapien while we did that event together. We all hit it off instantly and I kept seeing Ryan at different events after that. I later partnered again with Jacob on a side scroller platform action game. They also brought me into Helios Interactive to consult with them on projects. On one of my visits to their HQ in San Francisco to check out the Microsoft* HoloLens, Justin Link was there as well also checking out the HoloLens. We knew of each other through reputation and osmosis through Ryan Clark trying to get us to finally meet. At Google I/O last year, Bob Duffy was impressed with another audio demo I was showing off for Intel and he said he had the perfect project for me, a way for me to use my audio tech and skills and work on some VR stuff. He told me about the early alpha demo of Shapesong at the time and suggested we meet! It wasn’t until SIGGRAPH a couple months later that Bob and Josh Bancroft made sure that we got to hang and meet up. I checked out Shapesong’s early demo at the show and having already had great experiences with Ryan Clark, I knew I wanted to work with them! They brought me onboard to work on all new audio for the experiences for the next few shows. We started becoming known as the tilt brush of audio, and I proudly consider Ryan and Justin brothers, even outside of Shapesong. After we started partnering on it, Shapesong started getting more recognition and awards and exposure. We have now branched it off onto its own company, separating it from our other products and projects.”


“Outside of Livid Interactive and Chronosapien, I’ve befriended and partnered with Tim & Alex Porter of Underminer Studios, another Innovator duo within the program, and I continue to advise and consult with dozens of innovators. I’m always at their service and happy to help in any way that I can.”

“I’ve always made it a point to befriend, take pics, and hang with new developers no matter what shows I go to. So even if Intel just wants me to do a keynote on stage, in my down time, I always check out other developers in the booths and get to know them and their projects. I think to be a success in this world today, you have to ask people not what they can do for you, but what you can do for them. So I’ve always been friendly and helpful to other developers (even outside the Innovator Program) whether I get something out of it or not, I just want to see people succeed.  I want people to innovate, and not just for a pat on the back but for the act of innovation itself - that is what inspires me, and gives me hope for humankind. We need hope in this world and I find that I get the most hope when I’m surrounded by heartfelt, friendly, motivated, amazing, innovative people from all over the planet. “

Read the whole article!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Justin Lassen invited to launch a payload to space with ASAN space group!



This isn’t a galaxy far far away… I recently went to the optometrist and had my eyes scanned. The doctor said I have unusually very healthy eyes! Cool! I think it’s so cool that our eyes look like little universes with galaxies and nebulas. Go science! Speaking of science, I was invited by ASAN to come launch a payload to space!



The Scientists that started this Aphrodite set of missions for ASAN space agency.


Working on the hardware that will be going to space!


Corps of Engineers - US Army satellite calibration! #asanspace


The satellite calibration target the device used to help track the launch! #usarmycorps #engineers #asanspace


Me, Cornelius and Cranston from #ASAN heading to the launch site this morning!


Arizona road trips, you run into this stuff.


A giant #helium tank! On our way to launch a balloon!


The payload.


Preparing the chute.


The tools and helium!


Untangling. :)


Filling the balloon!


Chasing the balloon after 3 years of flight, to find its crash site.


Found it! The agents now trek through the desert to recapture the hardware.


X-Files and Sun shot from the morning of Cranston!


It landed EXACTLY where the GPS said it would. Technology is amazing. We were far out deep into the desert.


A space capsule? or Art?




I shot most of the documentary footage from this adventure! Thanks for having me tag along to use my photography and videography skills!


Celebration after successful launch of payload to space today!!!!


We stopped by the #xerocraft #tucson #hackerspace


The item went to space and they have the footage on a separate camera, stay tuned and I’ll update this blog later when they go public with that footage!

Phoenix Has A Space Agency.

The 5 core beliefs of ASAN:

  1. Everyone is always already an astronaut.
  1. Outer space is open by definition, and must be democratic and accessible to all astronauts.
  1. Relegating space solely to government actors and corporate interests necessarily creates false and unsustainable divides in the otherwise radically free cosmic environment.
  1. The only sustainable and democratic method of exploring outer space must be rooted in a decentralized network of community-based, autonomous space agencies.
  1. Space exploration without art is not worth the effort. The very existence of autonomous space agencies presupposes a will to creative independence.

Cool adventure, none-the-less! To be continued…

Friday, March 24, 2017

Justin Lassen invited to Mentor @ Emergentech: Hack ASU


From their website:
EmergenTech: Hack ASU is a hybrid hackathon/pitch competition where participants will compete in multidisciplinary teams to apply emerging technologies to revolutionize public and private industries. Over 36-hours, participants will form teams, select an emerging technology for an industry focus and develop their prototypes and business concepts. The event will culminate in a pitch competition with a live audience and an elite judging-panel. Presentations will be judged on technical merits, design and concept feasibility. Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.”



EmergenTech: Hack ASU hackathon and pitch competition
Friday, March 24–Sunday March 26, 2017
6 p.m. Friday– 3 p.m. Sunday
College Avenue Commons (CAVC) third and fourth floors, Tempe campus


The spider robots and dancing robots from #intelsoftware


Me and Doug Davis (Intel) and his son! #emergentech #intelsoftware #asu #hackathon


It's Doug Davis, Senior Vice President & GM Automated Driving Group at Intel! #keynote #emergentech #intelsoftware #asu #hackathon and he was giving thte keynote talk before this event!


Turns out ASU has more innovators and does more innovation than anywhere else in the country. I didn’t know this. Even during a robot event, they beat out MIT. :)


Proudly wearing my Emergentech shirt for the event!


Stewart from #IntelSoftware #IoT brought dev tools and hardware for the hacking teams to work with


Stewart and Moheeb getting the networking all setup for the devices


Hack the planet! #Intelsoftware #NUC


The intel spider robot!


Stewart and Moheeb working with Students and Hackers


Stewart (Intel) and Panch (ASU)


Doug’s son overlooking the audience building up for the talk


Doug giving his keynote


It was cool to learn facts like China will have more top cities than anywhere else in the world, and it’s important for us in the western world to have a say in how those shape, technologically


Food. wow. we waste a LOT of food. between 1/4th and 1/3rd of all food made, is just WASTED. we have enough food to feed EVERYONE on earth, and yet we will waste and we still don’t feed them. :(


Mark and Panch giving their encouragement and wisdom to the student hackers


Hanging in the front row :)


Me and Mark! Cool guy!!


We played with some robots while Dog talked Intel stuff.


Me and my old classmate from back in the day (who also did one of my first-ever digital photoshoots) Taylor Searle now does Business Intelligence for The Wolff Company. #impressed


Me with Brian, Taylor and Edwin from The Wolff Company. We were discussing innovation in general and innovative ways we can create new opportunities for the real estate market which according to their talk is still 30 years behind the times in technology. Deals in that world are still very much done on napkins and golfing. Very mafia. (just kidding)


Innovators and Mentors meeting to help students!


Students Hacking in ASU labs


Seriously cool brain power!


I loved that the different teams had different approaches, ideas and technology choices for this 36-hour hackathon.


Here’s Moheeb’s pet rabbit. Just because.

The following are pics from Intel’s brilliant Stewart Christie!!


Team FindParking win best use of Intel Technology, and 3rd place overall at #emergentech Hackathon at ASU, #intelsoftware #commercialiot


I've fallen and the floor has detected that I can't get up #medicalalert featuring #intel #arduino101 at #emergentech #intelsoftware


Smart parking and car detection using intel gateway, #emergentech #commercialiot #intelsoftware


After 36 hours of hacking the teams gather to hear who's made it to top five. #emergentech #intelsoftware #commercialiot