Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Justin Lassen judging Intel® RealSense™/Atomix Virtual DJ creative invite with DJRaviDrums!


At CES 2016 this year I had the honor and priviledge to meet and work with the one-of-a-kind extraoardinary DJRaviDrums! if you haven’t heard of him, go watch his sizzle reel! The man has been doing mind blowing musical things around the world! He rocked a packed house on the Intel spotlight stage to the amazement of the crowd! (us pictured above backstage at CES 2016 at the show!)


Since then we’ve become friends and collaborators and we are proud to announce we’ve partnered with Intel RealSense and Atomix DJ software to bring you a very unique and very special video challenge. Check out this website on the TalentHouse platform for all the details about how to get started with this amazing opportunity! (above pictured together at NAMM 2016!)

Hear DjRaviDrums explain it for you here!

From the challenge:

Intel® RealSense™
and Atomix invite visual DJs, filmmakers, animators and artists from around the world to create a short video for Atomix Virtual DJ that brings the theme of "hands free" to life.
Things to consider:

  • Submissions must be no longer than 60 seconds
  • Bring the theme of "hands free" to life, and creatively show what is possible when your hands are free
  • Artists must include DJ RaviDrums' track in their video; the track and stems can be downloaded here
  • Watch the call-to-action video by DJ RaviDrums for inspiration

Five Selected Artists will each receive $1,000, an Intel based system with RealSense technology and promotion for their work across Intel and Atomix social profiles. Artists are encouraged to look at Virtual DJ's website.
Please note, the Selected Artists may be asked to create a 15-30 second video reviewing their Intel based system with RealSense technology once they have received the system.


ABOUT Virtual DJ

Atomix Productions is the leading company on the Digital DJing market. Virtual DJ has been downloaded more than 150,000,000 times, and is currently being used by more than 6 million different people EVERY DAY. It is incontestably the most used DJ software on the planet, by far.
Download Virtual DJWebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram


about intel realsense

RealSense from Intel is about perceptual computing – facial recognition, gesture based controls, multi-lens cameras, powerful processing and integrated graphics working together to deliver some seriously next-gen experiences.


The career opportunity:

Five artists, as selected by Intel and Atomix Virtual DJ, will each receive:

  • An Intel based system with RealSense technology
  • Promotion for their work across Intel and Atomix social profiles
  • $1,000

For more information, rules and submission guildlines about the creative invite, please head on over to the official website!

Screenshot 2016-04-13 06.29.38

Let’s see what you can make!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

What’s Going on in Justin Lassen’s World?–GDC 2016 featurette/interview!

Short interview with Justin Lassen live at GDC 2016 in San Francisco, CA!

From Intel Corporation:

“Justin Lassen takes some time out of his crazy schedule at GDC 2016 to let us know what he's got going on! Justin is showing off a game called Shattered Might in the Indie Games area. Justin created the soundtrack using a tool called Stagelight.”

”Justin talks a little bit about why Intel RealSense Technology is exciting to him, and about Intel 750 Series SSDs.”

”Keep an eye out for his new album and his new sound library which are all being release soon.”

Check out Justin Lassen's site: http://bit.ly/1ZuwGPF
Listen to Justin's music: http://bit.ly/1Rm1Sxv

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Justin Lassen with Stagelight at SXSW | Intel DevTech Mixer 2016

A short featurette with Justin Lassen and Stagelight!

Thanks OpenLabs for coming by and featuring me with your amazing software ‘Stagelight’!

OpenLabs Says: “The Intel ‎DevTech mixer was fantastic! Big thanks to our partners Intel and Producer/Composer Justin Lassen for showcasing our software ‎Stagelight to SXSW 2016 ‎interactive. Watch the video and download your free copy of Stagelight today at www.openlabs.com

Justin Lassen Open Labs SXSW 2016

“Open Labs and ‪#‎Stagelight‬ are here at ‪#‎sxsw2016‬ for the ‪#‎devtechmixer‬ alongside Justin Lassen and Intel Developer Zone showcasing the latest in cross platform music technology.”

Justin Lassen OpenLabs Team 2016

“The Open Labs team with Justin Lassen and Raj Puran from Intel. — at SXSW- Downtown Austin, TX.”

Monday, March 14, 2016

I’m proud to announce Monthly Music Contest II with Linkin Park!


Woohoo! Hey everyone! Just launched! We announced at #SXSW2016 this year! We are proud to announce the ‪#‎Stagelight‬ ‪#‎MonthlyMusicContest‬ II! (Yes you read that right, monthly!) We teamed up with our friends Linkin Park to make this ‪#‎contest‬ extra special! Enter your songs and compete for over 3k in gear from ‪#‎intel‬ and ‪#‎lenovo‬! And a chance to spend a day in the studio with ‪#‎LinkinPark‬! ‪#‎sxsw2016‬ StageLight is amazing because it works on PC and Android and is truly innovative, easy and most importantly fun!! ‪#‎touchscreen‬ ‪#‎vstsupport‬ ‪#‎intelsoftware‬

Check out the video!

Screenshot 2016-04-14 13.00.41

Open Labs, Intel and Linkin Park have teamed up for a year long contest to give everyday music creators and listeners a chance to win amazing prizes – including a day in the studio with Linkin Park!

Check out some of the prizes below:




For more information on how the contest works, please check out the official OpenLabs website for all details! Have fun!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Justin Lassen in ‘Noa Neal’ CES Documentary ‘Behind the Scenes’ for Fox in Europe!

Noa Neal / Justin Lassen–Behind The Scenes at CES 2016 #Intel

CES 2016 was absolutely amazing, I love that I get the chance to work with artists from all over the world every year at Intel, and I’m so grateful to be chosen to represent music technology for Intel world-wide! In Vegas, pop star Noa Neal had a documentary crew following her around the show and behind the scenes of getting ready for the event, there’s even a shot of Nicholas Cage in the audience watching us rock a packed house! Thank you Noa Neal for all your great work in our collaboration this year!

Enjoy the documentary everyone!

Belgian artist Noa Neal performing at Intel Main stage during CES , the biggest technology expo in Las Vegas. Check out the behind the scenes documentary.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Justin Lassen featured on Engadget’s ‘Dear Veronica’ Episode “Do you have a minute for beats?”

Screenshot 2016-04-14 13.18.25

Shoutout to my friends at Sony Creative Software (and the original remixing platform that all other platforms copied), where I had a tiny little tutorial on finding BPM in music for Veronica's cool show! The software is classic and originally from the 90's but still stands the test of time today as one of the greatest. Thank you Veronica!

From Veronica’s Blog:

A music lesson with producer and composer Justin Lassen.

This week on the show, we get super music-nerdy with producer and composer Justin Lassen, coming to us from the floor at NAMM. He explains to us how music software figures out BPM (beat per minute) in songs and samples. Having worked with some incredible musicians (and creating some amazing works of his own) Justin knows and thing or two about the process!

Click here to read her blog and check out the episode now!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Dave Graveline Radio Interview: We Discuss Music And Virtual Reality With Nihil Studio’s Justin Lassen!

Check out this cool radio interview I did with the one and only Dave Graveline at CES 2016: We talk music, technology, virtual reality, and yes, bunnies... etc.


“Dave chats with Justin Lassen, Composer, Producer, and Music Designer at Nihil Studios about music and virtual reality at CES.”

Please head over to Dave’s radio website to listen to the radio interview!

About Dave Graveline:

Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

Dave is also a trusted and familiar voice on many national commercials & narrations in addition to being an authority in consumer tech since 1994. He is also a former Police Officer and an FBI Certified Instructor.

Dave thrives on audience participation!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Justin Lassen invited to innaugural Cirque Du Soleil Kurios VIP opening show!


It’s been amazing working in VR, because of it I have gotten to meet all kinds of wonderful creators, inventors, companies and exciting people trying to change the world. During Occulus Connect this year I got to meet a very special producer from Cirque Du Soleil and we’ve had a bunch of awesome meetings and dinners since knowing eachother. He put me on the VIP list to check out the first showing of the new KURIOS show in Los Angeles! I first got a peak of it in the Samsung Gear VR experience at the conference.


Here I am with the president of Cirque Du Soleil media Jaques!


I also had the most awesome honor of meeting the woman who motion acted a bunch of stuff for Robert Zemeckis as well as the Navi people in Avatar! Her name is Julene Renee and I feel lucky to have met her!


And this most amazingly wonderful woman Jacquie Barnbrook who is a VR producer, motion capture actress and really a truly happy happenstance of a meeting! She was sitting next to me! She produces for The Virtual Reality Company, whom I have been working with several of the advisors and people from that company! (Steven Speilberg is one of the advisors for that particular VR company!)


Cool tent with tons of neat merchandise and lots of interesting conversations!


special edition KURIOS clown noses!!!


The amazing stage under the tent!


Cotton candy, soda pop and treats! Yep i’m at the circus!


My good friend Andre from Cirque Du Soleil (us having sushi in Santa Monica) at the 3rd street promenade!


One of the Kuriosities!


I brought my friend Ben as my VIP guest! He’s at 2 Bit Circus working on amazing VR stuff these days! And because Kurios had sort of a steam punk vibe, I think him and his had fit right in!


Some of the actors and cast! In the tent they had all these wonderful actors interacting with all of us! Also this tent had so many famous people in it, you wouldn’t believe it!! :)


The live musicians for the show! This music was glorious and made me feel happy to the core of my heart! Fantastic score! I’m excited because I will get to do some music for some future Cirque projects coming up! More on that later! shhh. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sharknado 3 + My Little Pony DJPon3 Remixed officially released on Vinyl records!


I had the most amazing news told to me by my label Lakeshore! The MLP DJPon3 album I produced this year was released on real actual vinyl! And very very pretty blue vinyl too! They even put a bunny on the back of it for me!


Respect goes to all my collaborators and team on this one!


Looking sweet!


Liner notes are huge and brilliant! Thank you to EVERYONE who made that album the success that it is!


My vinyl collection has been growing a lot this year! It’s so heavy!


It’s such a huge honor that my official John Williams remix to the theme song JAWS is on vinyl now! Thank you Lakeshore!


Thank you to everyone who supported this entire process! It was a trip!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Los Angeles, San Diego, Disneyland, City Adventures!


First stop on my journey was of course Disneyland with my friend Brian from PCAudioLabs! He’s fashioned a new line of computers named after me at his company so we had to celebrate together!


I actually went to Disneyland about 8 times from Nov-Dec because i’m an annual pass holder now!


Just checked out the new Star Wars ride!


Down in San Diego near a cool halloween tree! :)


Disneyland has been very healing for me this year, when I was down, it cheers me up. Thank you Disney!


and what a huge honor it is to have my favorite Disney Imagineer Jerry Rees send me these amazing words! Amongst more things than I can list here, he also produced/write/directed my favorite childhood cartoon “The Brave Little Toaster”.


I did a lot of soul searching walking up and down and all over Los Angeles trying to find a new place.


Getting ready for Cirque!


Cool right? This post is actually just here for posterity to remind me of the weeks I spent searching in LA to figure out some exciting next steps!