Saturday, September 26, 2015

Justin Lassen at Sony Pictures Studios for Mix Magazine’s Sound in Film conference!


Me and Zach Winterfeld doing some serious mixing on a big serious production on an even bigger and more serious mixing console. I look at this console and think “wow that could easily just be a virtual session and be fine). We’re doing our best impression of John Rodd! (just kidding, love you John!) :)


Firstly my biggest special thanks goes to Karen Dunn the mastermind behind this event. Thank you so much for inviting me out. Every time I get to see her I feel lucky to know her.


Me with the one and only Bob DeMaa! A mix engineer extraordinaire at DTS! I heard his work on the Cymatic piece from Nigel Stanford and it’s totally breathtaking and amazing mix to experience in a proper theater. I’m working on some stuff for DTS and I am honored that he will be mixing my tracks in surround!


Here I am with the events/experiential person for DTS Tera. Let the brainstorm sessions begin! She’s got so many great ideas and an awesome personality and just rocks.


Me walking around the Sony Pictures Studios lot checking things out. Look I don’t even have a name-badge? Just a blue bracelet of awesomeness!


This is a pretty cool mixer. I think it’s something Hans Zimmer might like because it’s Yamaha’s first controller for Cubase. Each 16-track section is 13k. So basically a big mouse for Cubase, the same way Avid makes controllers for Pro Tools.


One of DTS’ amazing surround demos about some frogs.


checking out Dolby’s ATMOS demos with a room full of experienced engineers.


The Nigel Stanford surround piece is mindblowing. Even in stereo its amazing, but in DTS surround its mindblowing. Bob DeMaa is the man!


Fred Maher, another completely bad ass amazing mixer from DTS, showing a group just how fun and cool and intuitive the surround tools are at DTS. I’ve seen them both, and they really are something special.

Mostly this was a great chance to meet a ton of engineers and audio professionals. the keynote was amazing and everyone at the show was really great to talk to and meet. If we took pics, feel free to send them to me. Thank you all for a fantastic experience!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Justin Lassen at Oculus Connect 2 in Hollywood!


A zen moment before the show in VR.


Hey all, at yet another Virtual Reality event, this time the Oculus Connect 2! Over the last few years I’ve been invited to check out, consult for and work with some of the top VR talent and companies all over the world.


Here I am checking out the new Oculus Touch games, my friend Lee Perry was showing off his game Moon Strike which was really fun. I also enjoyed Bullet Train from Epic and several other cute games worth checking out.


Me, Lee Perry and Dave Taylor. Notable game developers and family.


Me with Tai Crosby, the CEO of SilVR Thread.

I was at this event thanks to SilVR Thread, which is a stereo 360 immersive VR video company. They specialize in a video experience that allows you to look down and see your body interact with the environment. Most of the VR video content on the market is Hero 360 stuff that is monophonic and various resolutions. Seeing your body allows you to feel more in tune with the scene as a participant and not just a fly on the wall. This is particularly useful for training situations. Samsung’s VR guy made a statement in the press after our meeting bringing up one of our examples (training and surgery).


If I had to describe a Virtual Reality conference in a picture it would be this. Everyone has some sort of HMD on their face and they are checking out something cool. In this situation we have a bunch of amazing bad ass luminaries and companies checking out the SilVR Thread VR experience that we brought to the show. From the Left we have Brandon Gass (DTS), Emmanuel Marquez (CTO, StarBreeze StarVR), Tim Sweeney (Founder, Epic Games), John Carmack (Founder ID Software, Oculus), Jim Wilson (Samsung VR Director), André Lauzon (Producer, Cirque Du Soleil VR), etc. Not a bad group to be showing off VR to. :)


Childhood hero and inspiration. John Carmack (Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, etc.) All the way back to the Commander Keen days. I’ve met most of the ID Software guys over the years, so this was a happy happenstance. Thanks John for the insight and checking out our stuff!


Cymatic Bruce showing me his Altspace VR experience. Very cool VOIP VR chat client for Gear VR.


Brandon Gass, my family from DTS.


Sydney Crawford, our VR representative for the show.


Me and Erix Arocha, producer and director. He’s a bad ass working with all kinds of radio charting artists like Walk The Moon, Small Pools, Neon Tree’s, Tove Lo, etc. Lots of magical collaborations in the future!


This is James Green, developer of AirMech games, which you should all check out. Front Line Assembly did the score to his game and I will be doing some remix content with FLA thanks to James!


Marton Varo, creator/camera/artist and fellow Tea drinker.


Ben and Joel the audio leads for SilVR Thread!


3 of the coolest dudes! Brian, David and Tai, the core team of SilVR Thread. Brian the adventurer, David the jet-setter and Tai the visionary. They have a beautiful dream and it’s fun to witness.


You can’t see it very well, but this is John Carmack live coding in front of the audience, creating a VR game for Gear VR on the fly. :)


Me with AndrĂ© from Cirque Du Soleil, he’s the producer of the VR experiences there and what was ostensibly supposed to be quick hello/goodbye turned into a 3 hour discussion about technology, art, music, experiences. Great guy!


Cool Oculus guy who said I was the most exciting person to test out their experiences. What a great compliment. :)


Tai, Justin, Brian and Cymatic Bruce.


#inthepresenceofgreatness (this was on twitter so I am reposting here.)


A chance for the SilVR Thread VR team to hang out and bond a bit more, was a worthwhile trip for all!

There were tons of other pics that people need to send me, but for a quick snap shot of some of the people I hung out with at the show! VR is exciting and I’m happy to be a part of it with so many talented people. Special thanks to Dave Taylor for hooking me up with a Samsung Gear VR headset.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Justin Lassen Presents Somniferious: Part II featuring John Angelo Cramer


About this time last year I worked closely with an absolutely amazing violinist/musician named John Angelo Cramer that I met at PreSonuSphere 2013 the prior year and we released Part I of a new series of music together called “Somniferious”, which lead to great acclaim and reviews! There is a bigger picture here and we have been working all year on Part II of this series and I am proud to say that it is finally released and ready for your ears! Many thanks to world renowned photographer and artist Renee Robyn for the beautiful cover artwork and imagery again. This time we added John’s amazing vocalist and operatic singer daughter Julia to the mix for some of the most heartfelt and darker tracks in this series. I am so proud of the evolution of this project and the way it came together.

"Collaborating with Justin to create the world of Somniferious has been an exhilarating year-long rollercoaster ride for me. There’s been a real give and take throughout the project. I have learned so much from Justin and have been inspired by his imagination and sheer technical virtuosity. At the same time I’ve been able to share my ideas with him and to experiment with my own creations. Often, something new and unexpected emerges which causes us both to say, “Wow!”. It’s that sense of adventure and wonder, which I enjoy as much as the end product itself. In short, we work well together and bring out the best in ourselves and each other." – John Angelo Cramer (August 2015)


"In Somniferious: Part 1 we focused on creating a sleepy netherworld, atmospheric and trance like. The mood was more internal, reflective, intuitive. While there were moments of rhythmic exuberance and explosive hits, the overall tone was more inward, ambiguous, and enigmatic. Somniferious Part 2 is a departure of what we created in Part 1. The tracks are more rhythmic, dramatic and extreme, with lots of driving movement. While there are quiet moments in Part 2, the music maintains a relentless intensity infused with sharp edges, forcefulness, and definiteness of purpose." – John Angelo Cramer (August 2015)

If you haven’t heard Part I yet and are interested in Part II, they are both available in digital format as well as collectors physical digipak format from the Nimbit store (where you can also listen to samples free!)! Each one tells a beautiful piece of the full story. We will have more social media and blog updates to accompany this release so stay tuned for more information as the project continues to evolve!


"Somniferious is that “in between” state of consciousness where one is not fully awake or fully asleep. It’s the borderland of sleep, a place where solutions and answers meet the questions that fill our own lives. A state of mind where we meet our fears and our fantasies, where physical reality intersects with the expansiveness of eternity."

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Justin Lassen at IDF 2015 in San Francisco!


I had so much fun this year at IDF checking out all the new technologies and catching up with my Intel family all over the world working on the coolest things to ever happen on earth in tech!


This is Big Mama, and you can check out the video of her and her offspring dancing on stage to the world!


Hanging with the creator!


Edison chips in the baby spiders :) Big Mama had a Core i7 processor in her though!


Me and SVP Kirk S from Intel! This guy is rad and leads one of the COOLEST groups at Intel!!! I felt lucky to hang with him!


Some of the people checking out the VR experience at our exhibit and live show!


What’s this!? Awesome faces! We go way back to SXSW 2015!


Katherine who does gamer artist relations and stuff at Intel, so happy to meet this cool girl! She’s doing a lot of making and shaking and has a bunch of experience doing events like Comicon International! I sense magic collaborations in the works for us!


Me and Raj! We’ve been working together all year long on StageLight experiences. It was wonderful to see him at the show this year!


here’s a family reunion that we have done about once a year since I first met her in 2007! :) We are constantly invited to a lot of the same events and social media things. We go wayyyyyy back when we were invited to Richard Branson’s airline launch and she is just as cool today as she was the day I met her. I am so happy to know her and I love seeing all her adventures and her successes! I always cheer her on and I think nothing but good thoughts for this amazing artist, creator and collaborator that some of you know as iJustine :)


WOW! I got to meet so many cool DJ’s at IDF this year. I love that Intel has really starting bringing DJ culture into the technology sphere, and I love that Scott spearheaded this initiative! Thud Rumble makes some amazing things! I can’t wait to work more with these guys! Throughout the IDF show different Dj’s were at different areas but Yogafrog, DJ JE, DJ Killa Jewel, Qbert, Mix Master Mike, etc. were dropping some amazing turntable action being real dj’s! Loved it!!!


and and Rich from Thud Rumble, he’s their CTO and the stuff he’s creating is inspiring! Thank you for hanging with me this year!


Rocking one of the parties!!


The Fray were on stage at the main concert!!!


All these intel people watching a concert together. Good times!


I met this really cool guy, Brian who is an Intel Evangelist!


David Brebner, my favorite Kiwi in the world! Here we are with his new korean fighting robot controlled by Intel Real Sense! He made it dance and move with gestures! Love the work that he does, every single time I see him at these events he’s always working on something exciting and new!


This hand is pretty strong and was cool to see it in action, this was one of the finalists!


I love these ladies and I always feel so lucky to get to see them at events! I am so grateful that to this day I still get to work on so many cool Intel things, and I really love these two in particular always doing great adventures around the planet!


It’s not an Intel Software event without hanging with Amy! Thank you again for the good times, the good stories, the new meetings, the new people, the food, and everything!


Two brothers who travel the world on crazy schedules! You never know where we will end up next!!! I think Mike G is the coolest person ever! I can’t even begin to tell you all the amazing things I’ve gotten to do because of him!


I’m checking out the new Just Cause 3!


I love this train! :) I always feel like I’m in some futuristic movie.


Bill McNabb showing me his area of the show! We’ve got some magic plans in the works! Musician, technologist and friend. #family


Me with Maria Mentzer from Intel’s SSD department! I’ve been a poster boy for SSD technology for 8 years now! I’m so excited that I get to work with this tech and these people all these years! Thank you!!


The one and only Myc Wyse at IDF 2015! Hope your first show was awesome man!


Me and Amy and Katherine and Octoblu! This was a cool 360 image from the show!!!


Speaking of Octoblu, here I am with Moheeb, whom I previously met at SXSW 2015 this year. I love that he’s doing such next gen work on what our future will look like in a world where more and more devices will continue to connect and communicate with eachother.


My new friend, we finally met in person, Felipe from Brazil Intel!


This is the team, the all star team, and the magic we will make will be glorious and fantastic. I am so honored to know Sarah and Bill! Thank you both!


Marmalade and me! Steph is one of the best people I’ve met ever, and I can’t even begin to tell you just how amazing she is and how lucky marmalade is to have her! #respect


This kid is amazing, I ran into him previously on another trip to SF but didn’t have any money, I saw him again and handed him a bundle of cash, because he’s just that cool!! You might recognize his face because he’s been on the Ellen show. :)


I was of course, kidnapped and got to check out the Portal VR experience from the HTC Vive (Valve VR), and it was fantastic! I’m also going to be working on a score/soundtrack for this video game company! More news soon!


Me and Kathy! She runs the blackbelt program at Intel and I think I’m 3rd degree blackbelt ! :)


Me and DJ Tina Turnup! :) We originally met at CES 2015 earlier this year, we are like totally always DJ’ing together for Intel!


What’s this!! This is LIVE CODING, like a performance artist who does coding live on screen and you can watch him creating applications and experiences right in front of your eyes. I think this idea is really fun and really cool! This is JT Nimoy!


I got to see a new world record overclocking happen!


Me and Roy! We’ve travelled the world a few times, but him more than me! Love this guy!!!


Hanging with Nicole Lazzaro, a game designer who created a VR experience called “Follow The White Rabbit” so of course naturally we are friends for life!


Bill Nye? [real sense]


Saying goodbye!!


You get to meet new people at shows. This is Pearl Lee. Cool lady who wanted to write an article about me. That was nice of her.


robot justin.


Thanks for checking out some of the pics. I took pictures with soooo many more people but I haven’t gotten the images from everyone yet! Thank you so much for making this again one of the greatest shows ever for me! I am blown away by how many people remember me from shows around the world and I just want to give a very special thanks to Kellie Bayer for believing in me and continuing to bring me into cool projects working on the coolest technologies. She’s one of the greatest Intel minds I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Much love and respect to Victor who continues to have me involved with shows around the world as well!